Fast Wheel Drive

Post your favorite fwd cars

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I really enjoy my Si. I post it around the threads a lot when it's relevant. Probably one of my favorites in terms of design.

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This is an easy one.

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iit: poorfags

Thank (You) for your input

This has got to be the best

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>6 manual
>tons of under-body bracing and suspension tweaks
>2.4 L I4 from the Camry so decent power
>Toyota build quality and reliability
>flies under the radar since barely anyone knows about them

love V8 rwd cars but definitely want to own one at some point. Might get one as a daily for my commuter

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bmc mini. everything else is playing pretend

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Got the RSX, but feel like this has definitely grown on me over time.

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ford puma is fwd worlds best kept secret.

80s Honda is best Honda.

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That’s like saying “Post your favorite malignant tumors”

Why do I want to make this a 300hp well handling cutie?

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A whopping 140 horses, but still fun as fuck.

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if only this wasnt a jdm car

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Why are all modern shitboxes at least 2 meters tall?

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Based Peugeot

I really want one of these

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I have a hard-on for these things

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They got them where I live, but they're rare as fuck. I don't think there were that many to begin with, practically unheard of.

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Pedestrian safety?

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I'm so tired of this meme.

One of these cars has functioning suspension.

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Safety mostly. Subcompacts are so chubby nowadays, and compact hatchbacks look like minivans.

I parked my '13 Focus (sedan) the other day next to a BMW E34 and it was almost as wide and long and much taller.

Yeah it’s kind of shit, my polo looked like an SUV that got hit with a shrink relay before I lowered it, kind of has a snubnosed minivan vibe to it too

*shrink ray

Celica is a close second

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By far my favorite fwd vehicle

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Keep the 6 speed V6 Accord coupe in mind too
>Honda build quality
>almost nobody knows about them
>shifter is smooth as silk because Honda
>if you decide to sell it, people that want one will pay way more than they’re worth because they’re rarer than a virgin stripper
I owned one and I can confirm that they are god tier, just make sure to get a coupe because the sedans aren’t as powerful

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I thought the XRS gets the 6 speed and the 1.8l 2ZZ that makes like 175hp user?

Buckle up

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only 2003-2006 XRS's. And it was a 2ZZ, not a 1ZZ

Oh didn't realize there was 2 gens of XRS's. I said 2ZZ lol.

*passes every car in this thread*

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>soon on the side of the road with a broken transmission

Fwd is wrong wheel drive

I've owned a lot of fwd cars over the years (SRT4, 91 civic, 01 Prelude, 98 Neon ACR, 98 Del Sol, Talon TSI) but my old 1999 Integra GSR was by far my favorite fwd car.

Pick one up now before they become crazy overpriced

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Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo, it pulls pretty hard and its inline 5 loves to rev.

They have a visco-drive system which works similarly to an LSD so they dont handle all that bad either.

Looks are love-hate but I like its uniqueness.

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2001 focus

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>but its an S3
No its not
Its practically the same but without quattro
yes im poor as fuck and i drive a tdi 130hp comfy daily in northeastern europe
Love that car
Its more reliable than faggots on this board shitpost about it.
5 years, 340k km and its still going strong.

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The GTI is probably the best fwd car all around. Handles great, pretty fast, and practical. The civic type R would be a great car if it was $10k cheaper


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the one true FF godmachine

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My MS3 has been pretty good to me

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fake vents and everything

>not unironically liking the rice

Common first cars in New Zealand.

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god damn, car ads used to be so fuckin aesthetic, i remember inflight magazines with them & cigarette ads and never felt more comfy

>flying to third world shithole for vacation
>tipping $10 will get me treated like a king
>ads for gas guzzlers n cigs everywhere
>mcburger in hand

glory days

nigga you don't even know

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i like mine

it's silver and the v6 makes a nice sound and makes me smile :)

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Do americans even know these?

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never sold stateside. Citroen stopped selling in the USA in the 1970s.

that's RWD you retard.

Not even the best Type R

no it isn't. The Lancia Fulvia was a FWD beast powered by a V4 engine

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V-tak Mini

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Body shape is Mitsubishi don’t know what model. Tell me who she is, user

but it is the fastest and most practical

It's the twin of the 106 GTi/Rallye, same chassis and and engine. The 1.6 16v were nice little cars, smaller and often quicker than civics in rallies.

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I see this often, people preferring stuff like a GSR to a turbo car with torque and 250 hp.

Why is the n/a 165hp car better?

Isuzu something?

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>That's all that matters in a car

What other metrics would you even want from a factory riced civic?

Not mine, but pictured is a Mitsubishi Mirage / Dodge colt. These could be had in the '89 model year with a 4g61t 1.6l turbocharged engine. The 4g63t out of DSM's is a super easy swap in. Cool cars, I want one.

Now we're talking.

Pretty under the radar.

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America never got those either. Peugeot stopped selling in the USA some time in the late 70s/early 80s

Early 90s, we had 405 Mi16s

Peugeot must not have sold very well. I have never seen one. Ever.

>tfw traded mine in for a gen 3 2.5l because the cel light wouldn't go away after thousands of dollars in repairs
it hurts

Priced too high and hard to find a dealership.

>*puts down 300whp/tq after ez bolt-ons and a tune*
>"pshhh. Nothin' personal, kid."

Its almost like you guys dont want to go fast.

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Rust doe

I like older Maximas (96-99 best gen), but they attract niggers for reasons I cannot fathom.

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EG civic

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and mk1 rabbit

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Only if youre a nigger who doesnt wash their car in the winter.
95-99's are indeed the sexiest maximas. Theyre a few hundred pounds lighter than the 5th gens too. Unfortunately the 5.5gens are where the power is at since they have the 3.5L while the 4th gens have the 3.0L - that motor is an absolute fucking tank though, probably one of the best motors ever to come out of Nissan.

The patrician choice, of course, is a 4th gen maxima with a 3.5 swapped in.

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This isn't a Swift thread yet?

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So the 3.0 is bulletproof but not that powefull and the 3.5 is more powerfull but a lot more unreliable or just a little bit?

They're fucking everywhere in the rest of the world but, the model other user mentioned the 405 sold ~2.5 million units.

Turbo FWD DSMs. Came w/ pop-ups for 3 years, too.

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VQ30 is still good for power but the 3.5 has more room for gains and makes more right out the box. The 3.5Ls are known to have an issue with minor oil burning (about a qt per 3000+ miles) and precats breaking apart and fucking the engine, so if you just get new ones or better yet bore them out or get headers its a perfectly good engine. Having driven both the 5.5gen maximas are overall nicer cars although i personally like the looks of the 4th gens more.

Mistibushi Eclipse third generation

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Which is the better car, the Prelude or Pic related?

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