There was a post here a few months back that completely btfo 2JZ benchracers on all the flaws of the motor and I cant...

There was a post here a few months back that completely btfo 2JZ benchracers on all the flaws of the motor and I cant find it anymore.

He was rambling about the shit head, cams, studs, etc and I can't find it. Can someone help?

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dang someone rambling means the engine is bad
makes sense
soorry ur LS is slower

Wasn't in one of the countless trumpet blowing I6 fanboy threads was it?

I remember you being there licking your wounds while the dude got 15 other replies laughing their asses off watching the 2JZ get blown the fuck out

I think so or an LS thread
He was on about how the heads cant flow worth shit

Completely railed the motor. I need that post again

a bunch of lsfanboys circlejerking each other while being beat is kinda pathetic
I dont even know what thread your talking about

apparently hes retarded too since 2JZ heads flow similar to a LS

>He was on about how the heads cant flow worth shit

Non-vvti heads or the vvti ones? Because the vvti heads flow a lot better.

I dont remember.
Think they were circle jerking meme engines

So what we've discovered itt is that rabid fanboys who choose one example over another and try to rubbish the opposition, do so ignorantly without actually having any idea why they're opposed to it in the first place.

why would you want one when the Barra exists?

Depends if you want something that can actually breath under its own power, rev and have reasonable throttle response as opposed to a glorified truck engine.

the Barra is great but Toyota >>>> Ford

ford aus > toyota >= ford europe > ford america

Didn't you stop using a trip? Oh God the tripfags are back.

Ford America >>>>>>>>>> Chevy shit

Barra is a fucking god engine.

I'm waiting for some cunt to barra swap a gtr desu. someones already done it to a GTST, it's sick but you can't do awd skids.

Both correct

>ls fags are retarded and rely on other people to make arguments for them
2jz can make 1000hp on stock internals
An LS engine literally cannot do that. Not a single LS engine in the world can. LS1s explode at 400hp with forced induction

>1000HP on stock internals

Are you retarded. I couldn't even imagine the fucking explosion

It's more like 500-600 on stock but you're really pushing it at that, people have gotten GTEs to 1k stock but they don't last long.
Seems reliable to me


kill yourself contrarian faggot

400hp.. runs 7's @190

>5.7L supercharged ls
>lose to 2 litre rb20 from 1989

i dont think you can. the front diff in the GTR is in the RB26 sump


You're an idiot. Keep the Barra for the taxis and street/strip sleepers. GTRs are made for circuits

and? The barra onle weighs somethjing like 5 kg more than an rb26 and the barra comes in a 4wd version

source? because ive seen junkyard turbo LS builds reach 1000 HP on all stock bottom end

^me again, this time with some source material to prove to you that the LS is perfectly capable of reaching 1k hp on stock bottom end

miss me wit dat shit

Post an LS making 5s in the quarter mile.

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Plot twist
>Ford Aus restarts barra production
>Toyota-BMW partnership falls through
>Supra receives 4 liters of Australian boat amchory goodness
>can make 1200 HP on factory internals just to make LS fanboys mad
>GM winds up needing another bailout just because

Dream timeline right here.

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Why would Toyota want a boat anchor in their Supra?

yes, but holden > ford america > chebby

The engine is a fucking beast, you gotta drive one and hear it to understand. All the way back from the 4.1L 250 crossflow

Driven plenty of them. Slow revving and lack throttle resonse, but a great torquey effortless cruiser. Great at making big horsepower... if you completely rebuild the fucking thing. Only thing the barra has going for it is largish capacity and factory forced induction.
Hell, BMW's older N54 has the Barra pegged in most metrics let alone its modern successor.

This, I grew up in the US and after moving to Australia I was shocked at how good the Falcons are, I'd heard of them before I moved here yet I never realised how good they were compared to the shit we got back in the US

Is this... Australican?

Manual ones are anything but sluggish. That fuarkin torque delivery

Apart from the lag between gear changes on the earlier GT35/40 equipped models. It's a gutsy motor that's fit for a local Q-car sedan, but not a world class sports car.

I've never driven a turbo one, just the old carbied and efi crossflows, a few intechs and I personally have the vtec model in manual which is good fun. I still think if you made something light and chucked one in it could be a serious weapon. I drove a cortina with a manual 3.3, it was quick but yeah not sports car tier.

>The barra onle weighs somethjing like 5 kg more than an rb26 and the barra comes in a 4wd version
And it's a slow revving long stroke slug that has an AWD configuration completely irrelevant to the GTR.