2019 Toyota RAV4 NYIAS DEBUT

I kinda like it guys...

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tall as fuck beltline and a gaping maw for a grille. looks like all the other shit on the roads these days

it looks better than the current one, and if the adventure one makes it to europe i'd consider it.

Definitely a step above the HIDEOUS previous gen and the shitty Scion abortion of CH-R.


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>tall beltline

man that's far from tall. a camaro has a tall beltline, this is pretty average. subaru tier actually

My Rav4 (2003) looks way better and cuter than that ugly monster.
>muh angry look

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Why do they take pictures of these cars otuside suburban streets?
People might get the thought in their heads that these cars can actually go off road.

>the chad4 vs the XVirgin crosstrek

Why do they force hybrid???
No diesel, what a shame.

i couldnt give a less of a shit about another cuckover. And I own a rav4

Toyota is done with diesels.

At least the fixed the front grille, now it looks like a respectable vehicle.

What happened to RAVs 1, 2 and 3?

Its a fucking corolla based crossover, quit creaming your pants you dumb soyboy pieces of shits.

Better looking than the previous one
But that wasnt a hard task to accomplish


Atleast the angery headlights look good this time.

Also, it's ironically better looking than the Lexus RX and NX lel.

>Its a fucking based crossover


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Looks a lot better than the new Forester. The thing will probably print money.

i'm thankful for every toyota that doesn't look like an unsuccessful abortion. baby steps.

shit looks like it came out of a minecraft mod

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looks too boxy and too much like the new subaru suv

I was gonna say, the grill on the non-adventure models is fugly.

Those fake skid plates... That hideous side cladding that doesn't even touch the wheel well cladding. And they made it BIGGER why?

2013-2015 rav4 will always be the sexiest rav.

Anyone else think it looks like a golden retriever?

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It's based on the Camry retard.

I've taken mine plenty of places I probably shouldn't have tried to go. Only issues it's ever given me are clearing rocks higher than it's ground clearance (obviously) and sand, but that's arguably a tire issue. Never had issues with lack of power or slipping other than once but I pretty much got caught in dry quicksand that instantly buried my tires.

Many companies are going to copy it since it's the best seller. The Ford Edge is pretty blatant.

At least truck cucks will see this looking like a truck and hopefully stop their truck cuckery. In fact I'd like to see an open bed version...

>In fact I'd like to see an open bed version...

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Fords competition with the rav 4 is the escape, friendo

>hurr durr
>why do people take these off road
>they can’t take it off road, my opinion says so
>why aren’t they buying shitty tahoes

That's an open bed 4runner...

Well everyone has a midsize, midmidsize, and """compact""" """SUV""" these days. Pardon the confusion.