Is Doug DeMuro on the autism spectrum?

Is Doug DeMuro on the autism spectrum?

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Clearly, just look at his face.

>better looking quentin tarantino without the degeneracy

so basically, yes

No, but his fans like OP are.

Z8 makes me hard

>vanos v8

>opens door
>"no car owner will ever know this feature existed until they watched this video"

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possibly, but why does it matter?


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Literally the PewDiePie of car vloggers, OP, stop making these goddamn threads.

Amon, we all are on the autism spectrum

yes, him and tyler

I though autism was measured from 0 up to Doug DeMuro

>can talk without stuttering or pausing
>can drive manual without stalling
>can drive exotic sports cars without crashing
>can amass excess of 1 million subscribers without trying

Who are some Veeky Forums approved youtubers?


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Hillary Clinton

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Isn't that what the Doug score is?

>only films cars from the side
>only films his own face when he drives the car
>always the same reaction to driving the car
>always the same car

Nah Hoovie isn’t an autist, Doug is for sure though

hi hoovie you backstabbing bitch

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He's on the marketing spectrum

would have been better if he got open hand slapped like a bitch at the very end

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desu, high-functioning dudes with autism can do all these.

saabkyle04 is based btw.

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an autistic that hangs around white supremacists. interdasting.

this guy is on the edge of me liking him, but something just makes me want to punch him in the face.

What is Doug's favorite Jimmy Eat World song, Veeky Forums?

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Does this negro like any fucking cars? I watched a lot of his vids and I cant remember.

Sleep snug, street doug

Every car vlogger would want to be the PewDiePie of car vloggers you retard.

I can't tell if you're being ironic or not, after looking through his channel

saabkyle is the definition of a soyboy

his voice gives me a headache


I actually like doug and I fucking hate most car youtubers, probably BECAUSE he is autistic.

my neighbor at my childhood lake house had one. i was ALWAYS obsessed with it. for the rest of my life the z8 will remind me of childhood summers

explain this. Hoov seems like a cock.

yes and closeted

And Doug's shrill, nasaly voice doesn't?

In the bars around here where we get equal American and English tourists you can tell them apart at 50' away.

The Brits sound like how the parents are voiced in Charlie and the peanuts and the Americans tend to sound like Chucke2009 on YouTube unless they are f'r'm'rs in which they sound like your stereotypical pickup advertisement.

I'm not.

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Being able to find out every quirk and feature of a car probably requires some autistic levels of detailed inspection.

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more like you better find ever single shitty little detail or your kids won't eat that week

I looked through his stuff, I'm not much into stance though.

Fair enough.

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>german imported vehicle
>look here, the infotainment is in GERMAN what a q u i r k

I honestly like Doug's vids although the part where he's sleeping on the cover was kinda cringe. I'm sick to fucking death of other carvloggers like
>Stradman (prick)
>Vehicle virgins ( Virgin prick)
>Shmee (pompous prick with the ugliest fucking Aston I've ever seen)

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I hate how guy talks, how he looks, how he dress.

This annoys me the most about doug videos.

OH ya dont say, eh

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As someone on the spectrum, no

this desu

I actually like Doug. He's the only car YouTuber I've stayed subscribed to. He's a little cringe but nowhere near the other retards that grace that site.

Doug has terminal autism so bad the spectrum had to be readjusted just to have his severeness scaled in it. Dememeo is so cringeworthy it almost physically hurts me to watch him. He also lies about his height, is a jew, has a tongue way too big for his mouth due to jewish interbreeding and keeps shouting and sperging
I personally watch chrisfix, savagegeese, engineering explained, and a few others the drive and motortrend every once in a while for their interesting videos which are 1% or so. There are a few hidden gems for specific topics