To all those calling Infinity War 2018's most ambitious crossover

To all those calling Infinity War 2018's most ambitious crossover...

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Lift kit n twin turbod

Requesting the tall meme

I don't understand what market need all of these small SUVs are supposed to be filling. What's the actual reason for owning one other than signalling how much of a vapid roastie you are?

It's literally the best of both worlds. You get the practicality of an SUV with the ride and comfort of a sedan. You sit high up off the road giving you increased forwards visibility and a higher ride that allows you some offroad capabilities and lots of passenger and cargo space, but it doesn't weigh 5000lbs and ride like ass and get 7mpg. There is honestly no reason to own an old fashioned sedan unless you want a performance car.

The small ones don’t afford you passenger or cargo space


Or visibility, or offroad capability.

They're just hatchbacks with a higher seating position.

They do more than a comparable sized traditional car does.

would Veeky Forums drive this?

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>28in rims and tires so thick a humpback whale would get an erection looking at them
Yeah, that won't happen.

>corolla high rider
Once again, the real life rear is so awful my vocabulary lacks words ti describe my disgust. """"""""awd""""""" hybrid, retarded rear door handle placement, 0 vision, angery 2020 edgy meme look, , waste of what could have been trunk space

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After having to open the rear door yourself in order to have a kid climb in, they'll be nauseous as fuck due to zero sight. Enjoy having a child or short adult puke in your car.

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Top fucking kek

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>They do more than a comparable sized traditional car does.

Meanwhile the A6 allroad quattro is the first car-car to finish a land rover test circuit

>mfw people buy this shit

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supercar edition

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ive been inside armoured vehicles with better visibility, more cabin space, better looks, better fuel efficiency, better handling and a smaller exteriour than these retarded modern suvs

those tiniwiny fucking mirrors scare me, imagine being on the moterway next to one of these and the retarded boomer mum driving it cant even see the cars around her

>You get the practicality of an SUV with the ride and comfort of a sedan
You get the practicality of a hatch with the ride and comfort of an SUV.

Practicality of a hatch? Hatches are practical.
This has practicality of a coupe. Visibility of a mid-engined supercar. Ride quality of a delivery van. Best of all worlds!

What's the reason for the back handle placement? What's the reason for the back window styling? There must be a reason for this

Many people buy for looks and dont even test drive the car, only nerds do that

To reduce visibility to the rear of the car. They know the people that buy these things already don't look before changing lanes. To increase dependence on safety tech features. No reason to ever have to look if the automated driver denies your lane unsafe lane change. To look futuristic. To signal the need for oral consumption of semen. To improve crash safety ratings.
All of these reasons.

I'd honestly go for the rav4 over this
>twice the cargo capacity
>18% more horsepower
>off-road capabilities
>looks more normal
>costs just 10% more

No, you get the worst of both worlds
>Costs roughly the same as comparable SUV from the same company(RAV4) and costs more than a hatchback (Corolla iM)
>Gets less space than SUV, only slightly more or same as a hatchback
>Gets less gas milage than hatchback

Also compared to its rival from Honda, the HRV
>HRV is cheaper
>HRV has option for AWD
>HRV has better gas milage

THere is no reason to buy the CHR objectively
Subjectively speaking, it is REALLY ugly too.

I'm all for those last three.

id rather get a Hyundai Kona over that mess.

>cheaper starting price
>more standard features even on the base model
>AWD option
>slightly more powerful engine
>dual clutch transmission
>not CVT crap
>better gas millage
>more headroom
>more cargo capacity
>not a rolling abortion

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nice post OP

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Why are car wheels so fuckibg huge these days?

To make up for the fact that they've basically deleted dangerous murderous windows from new cars. They got extra space to fill I guess.


Thats no real feat, its pretty much impossible to break down more often than a Land Rover.

Did Hyundai really copy the Cactus fascia?

Yeah, modern cars all look so slabsided when they aren’t riddled with edges and ridges everywhere.

>To improve crash safety ratings
eewwww that's disgusting user.

>tfw i actually like it
too bad the only engine we got in AUS is fucking garbage.

It's not meant to compete against normal options like the RAV4 and HRV. It's meant to compete against other retarded looking cars like the Nissan Juke, which I don't think sold all that well.

It seems to be an experiment by Toyota, and I won't be surprised when it fails. This thing won't last more than two model years.

Also we need to start shilling Toyota to make a Corolla wagon in AWD with an off-road trim. Wagons can kill off ugly crossovers, they just need the right specs.

Burn more gas?
Rollover more easily?

Oh look A N O T H E R rav4 copy, only uglier.

Why the fuck would they give it Tony headlights and massive fog lights, with even bigger fog light bays? Fucking hideous and unnecessary. What happened to utilitarian simplicity?

>Toyota releases this ugly POS, making people think twice about rounded out crossover designs
>The RAV4 goes back to being more of a small truck-based ute, crippling the competition who will still be selling rounded out garbage for a few years to come

They did it. They killed the crossover. We're free!

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Imo the 2013-2015 ravs looked the best. Something about the design of those years made it look like a modern tank or BRDM. It's one of the few crossovers I respect.

They didn't last long with that design, I think it only lasted 3 years then they smoothed out the rear lights and made it look like a modified minivan like it is currently. They also made the front look like a fucking star wars mask. Toyota and Lexus seem to be doing that, it either vaguely resembles something from star wars or predator.

>The small ones don’t afford you passenger or cargo space

Compare to other compacts or even mid-size sedans, smaller crossovers have a shit ton of more space. Even the very smallest crossovers are usually around 17ft3 of cargo room -- about the same as a typical full-size sedan.

I never understood why they're so focused on having"""coupe like""" SUV's. If you want it to look like a coupe either make it a fucking 2 door or make it's rear doors hidden and only openable once the front door is open like a Honda Element or RX-8

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>All that plastic
Yeah no

All these obnoxious shapes just smashed together. How did they even come to this design, it looks like it was made by Feng Zhu. There is no purpose to any of this.

>kids can't even see out of window

That would happen if they weren't puking their guts out from sea sickness due to not being able to see shit