The all-new 2019 Audi RS 5 Sportback is a five-door coupe with a 444-horsepower V6 engine and seating for five

>The all-new 2019 Audi RS 5 Sportback is a five-door coupe with a 444-horsepower V6 engine and seating for five.
What do words even mean anymore? We got coupes with 2,3,4, now 5 doors. Are pickups coupes too?

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The word comes from the French as the past tense of the word cut and refers to any fixed roof car where the roof is shorter than the standard saloon version. The term 4 door coupe dated back at least to the 60s. ISO 3833 states a minimum number of seats and doors but no maximum, Saab used to refer to the 5 door 99 as a coupe in the 70's.

So technically this is a coupe

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this is not a car so the definition doesn't apply

It is a car. It meets all of the qualifications for a car. It's essentially identical to a Miata.

it's a truck. it's not a car. to quote you:
>What do words even mean anymore?
you can't bemoan the loss of semantic precision and then proceed to throw everything together yourself. stay on topic, son.

a truck more closely fits the definition of a car than a wagon does a coupe.

It has a fixed roof, so no.
Also, it doesn't have a trunk.
Also, it's a truck.

cool, i guess you answered your own question then, OP. trucks are coupes too. feel free to delete this mental abortion of a thread.

Cars don’t have fixed roofs?

Do you think cars... don't have fixed roofs?

You can't delete threads, newfag.

>2 door sedan

Couldn't why afford to make it a v8?

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Why would they make it a V8 when a V6 makes as much power with less weight?

>makes as much power

>It's essentially identical to a Miata
Maybe i wasn't clear....
Calling the body-type of a truck identical to that of a miata is wrong because a miata is a convertible. (no fixed roof).
For the rest you morons need to look up what qualitative definitions are.
Hate to brake it to you, but they're mostly marketing terms. In this case a term describing the shape of a car. You could try to quantify it by making a Fourier transform of the cars silhouette but that would require sperging on a level far beyond the average Veeky Forumstist.

Wouldn't it then be cutting into the market of the A7/S7/RS7?

Check mate, Mr Pedantic

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>calling this (essentially equal to) a miata.
i'm cool with it.

VAG - whoring coupe nameplate since 1981

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So what this boils down to is that you did not actually know what a coupe was or meant.

Looks like a new civic, RS5 has always been the worst looking german coupe desu

sweet mustang bro.

That's one clean Mk2. Nice.

thats a sick Skoda bro

That's not a buick, Jimmy.

Isn't one of the definitions of coupes that they have less than 33 cubic feet of interior space, with 33+ being classed as a sedan?