Tesla downgraded by moodys

>you will see the end of this vaporwave shit company within the year
how does this make you feel

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B3 is the lowest you can go before dropping into the Cs and once a company hits the Cs it's almost always game over.

B3 is also equivalent to the Democratic Republic of Congo or Zambia.

wasnt moodys part of reason the 2008 crash happend?

Q1 figures are going to be in soon too, I'm hoping for a catastrophic disaster.
Providing they don't cook the books

doesn't matter bro. once they're on the side of what you think is right, they're great, perfect, beautiful. people are dumb like that.

I don't really give a shit about moodys
I just want to see musk burn

thanks for proving my point.

I don't think moody's is great, it's all part of the same corrupt system
Let me have my schadenfreude you mong

you should be able to solve this on your own, provided you can go beyond your two-bit understanding of the situation. do some thinking, son.

Its only corrupt because you suck and you're poor.

>a-a-any day now
said increasingly nervous user for the 1769th time

t. Veeky Forums cocksucker

How does me being glad Tesla is going down the drain imply that I think moody's is
>great, perfect, beautiful.
Bit of a leap of logic there

don't stop with the first answer you come up with.

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I'm guessing a lot of Veeky Forumsbizz/ts know dead certain how bad this company is.
My question is, would you bet money on it?
Would you go invest in negative stock options? You could make a bundle. Off the demise of this company.

All automotive companies seem to be on the cusp of insolvency at all times, to be fair

>wasnt moodys part of reason the 2008 crash happend?
Yes because they were OVERGRADING. Banks like Bear Sterns and Lehman Bros were still rated AA months before they collapsed. So if even fucking Moody's is rating Tesla Motors as junk, then yeah it's pretty much confirmed things are turning sour.

I for one absolutely would if America's cancer capitalism was fair in the slightest. But you people seem to love bailing out failing businesses.

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Teslas ship with shitty pads?

>vaporwave shit company

What did he mean by this

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Can't wait to see all my Teslafag friends crying when Musk burns.

I'm sure he meant vaporware.

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Has Tesla done anything at all to actually increase output since the model S? Last I saw they were making 70k~ vehicles per year, and it had been around that range for a while.
Also didn't they switch interior materials on the Model 3 interior to make them cheaper?