Sunny conditions driving glasses

Any recommendations regarding which sunglasses to wear while doing autocross or shredding the twisties?

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just buy whatever glasses you find. functionality first.

what are you, a faggot? a girl? disgusting.

polarized ones, you faggot. Unless...

oh shit my bad, we *want* to give OP eye cancer.
My apologies, sir.

>Not wearing your autocross gear every time you drive
>Not running tinted visors for summer track days

>implying the dipshit asking about fucking sunglasses is smart enough to wear a helmet when he's "hooning with his broskis" in a shitty car

Theres only one right answer. These. But tortoise shell frames

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Since we're on the topic of summer driving, can anyone recommend driving gloves?
Asking for.....when its winter again. :/

Lmao, I just use my regular everyday glasses, you don't need sunglasses at night

for all you bmw drivers

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Autodromo but beware that you have to deal with looking like a fag for wearing
>daily driving

I CAN'T wear the same sunglasses that my mom used to.


it doesnt matter what sunglasses you wear for driving as long as you dont look retarded just go on a sunglasses thread on Veeky Forums, this board is full of unfashionable boomers who will just reccomend retarded shit,


Most drug store sunglasses will be fine, pretty much everything out there has properly polarized lenses. If you wanted to actually buy a pair of decent shades don't ever fall for the Oakley meme. Those faggots still owe me replacement gear that was supposed to be covered under warranty.
I use my ESS shooting glasses to deal with morning commutes while the sun is still rising. Makes the fucking miserable morning hours tolerable. Bonus points because the clear lenses double as protection for wrenching.

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Ty for an actual response. Everyone else seems to not care about their visibility or they're just idiots who have never experienced the joy of a nice day trip.

What about safety regarding airbag deployment? Safety glasses vs regular sunglasses?

Get polarized sunglasses that wrap around a bit to protect your peripherals. Oakley's are great if you can find a pair of M Frames used under $75ish, otherwise drugstore Oakley knockoffs are perfect.

>airbag deployment
Not sure, but I'd think that impact resistant sunglasses that fit you properly would be fine.

Typical sunglasses crack if hit hard enough by something which can cause little shards to fly into your eyes. If you were actually worried about crashing and eating your airbag while wearing sunglasses then safety/shooting glasses like the ones I posted are what you want.

Got these a few months ago when they were on sale. No complaints, but one of the screws is loose

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Me personally, I use anything that fits and meet happen to be EXACTLY:

>ray ban polarized brown tint, no gradient

Best visibility of any color. Can make out fine copper strand, silvers, just anything. The best shade lenses in existence imo.

Maui Jim

It was a gift and still my favorite to this day.
Thinking of getting a m3 this spring. E90(sedan) or e92(coupe)?

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