If the wrx is so bad, then what's the alternative for sporty, awd cars that aren't super expensive like the 911?

If the wrx is so bad, then what's the alternative for sporty, awd cars that aren't super expensive like the 911?

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It's not bad. You just managed to let a certain group of people convince you that it is.
You like it? Go drive it. You don't? Who cares.

Focus/Fiesta ST
Ecoboost Mustang

Look at all those AWD cars.

You don’t need an AWD car.

It's not so much that the WRX is "bad" it's just the ultimate tryhard wannabe car. It's literally the "i wanted an STI but couldn't afford one" car.

Focus RS, Evos?

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Yeah lol let me run down to the Mitsubishi dealer and buy a 2018 Evo


Why AWD?
Do you live in a country that's permanently snowed in?

You do if you want a good car. Anything over 200hp that isn't AWD is wasted power.

Maybe 500

>wanting awd

Most people don't need a sporty car either

Dodge Dart.

Neither AWD, sporty, or even in production.

>Ignoring the Focus RS

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Volvo polestar or old T5R/R cars and with AWD. Ez

its a piece of shit, not a real AWD system.

It's an AWD, turbo i4, 5 seater that's inexpensive, a legitimate comparison to the WRX/STI. The Evo isn't in production anymore though.

Except its not even close to the AWD system the WRX has, the WRX's AWD gives 50% to the front and rear at all times where the Ford RS is literally 100% power to the front except when you lose traction to the rear.

> the Ford RS is literally 100% power to the front except when you lose traction to the rear.
If you lack a fundamental understanding of how the drive train even works, why do you feel your opinion is valid on the subject? And even if the RS had a "fake" AWD system (whatever that means) it's still faster than the STI so maybe a "real" AWD system (whatever that means) isn't such a great thing after all.

>no SX4 mentioned.
I'm disappointed in you Veeky Forums

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>low energy “do what you want” damage control poster
not based

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Its literally a retrofitted Focus ST, the AWD system is the same as a CRV or any other reactive AWD system.

You don't need AWD, RWD is more fun. Most AWD cars are mostly 80% FWD anyway.

>B-But muh snow
Just don't be an idiot and keep your foot off of the throttle when it's skipp.

>you don't need
fuck off with what I do and don't need you flaming faggot.

its not a problem with the platform, it’s with the 2014 new generation they suck
>bad tune
>fa engine sucks
>shit yota esque styling
get a 2013 and previous rex, 2009 and previous legacy gt, or a 2008 and previous forester xt, and youre fucking golden

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It factually isn't. Again, you lack a basic understanding of the car's drive train, therefore your opinion is invalid sure to ignorance.

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>factually it isn't a reactive AWD system
boy are you fucking retarded. It is an on-demand system and even then if you turn the knob to be 70% RWD the differential will just overheat because its so small and shit.

No one gives a fuck about laptimes you retarded benchracer, they literally don't mean anything when you're bitching about cars you've never driven on tracks you've never driven on.

>mostly 80% FWD
the WRX is 50/50

>No one gives a fuck about laptimes
Oh dem grapes is sour huh. For the record I have driven the RS, the STI, and the Type R for what it's worth. The STI is demonstrably slower. That's all there is to it. Even the Type R is faster around a track, if slower in a straight line, the one thing the STI can actually do. If you want AWD but don't care about performance whatsoever, than why not get something more practical like an SUV or an Outback or anything else. Obviously you don't care about how fast the car is so why waste the money?

Literally no one gives a fuck about laptimes, numbers on a paper don't tell you anything about a car with no information about it at all.

Ok great, its slower on tracks the OP or you will never see let alone drive on. If OP never tracks the car then the speed literally doesn't fucking matter, ala you're just another bench racer citing shit no one could give a fuck less about. So thanks for proving my point.


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Don’t bother with trying to explain AWD to Veeky Forums

They are literally retarded.

They literally think every AWD system that isn’t from Subaru isn’t real, and the same thing as the CR-V. Even other crossovers in that segment don’t have the actually fake AWD system that the CR-V has.

Then some autist shows the Ford differential acting like it’s any smaller than the competition. Pic related, lan evo rear diff.

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Sporty doesn't mean anything but a design philosophy

Like I said, if speed doesn't matter, why get a fast car?

Except it isn't. Makers entered this dumb buzzword of "all wheel drive" as in "all the wheels can receive some sort of power even if they never do" Its why when you buy a CRV thats "AWD" its literally only powering the front wheels until it runs into a situation that warrants giving other wheels power hence an "on demand AWD system" Traditionally 4x4 and 4WD other systems powered all the wheels all the time, usually exclusive to specific systems like the original not haldex bullshit Quattros, Subaru and Mitsubishi's AWD systems did this.

maybe because people like the way it looks and the way it runs and the way it feels and sounds and goes when you drive it. By your logic if you aren't interested in some german track half way across the world and what stupid laptime some driver got on it in your car you shouldn't be driving anything "sporty". Millions of americans drive 5.0 Mustangs and never track them, hell I bet less than 0.001% of sports car enthusiasts ever bring their car to a track.

Wow. You’re either so retarded that yo couldn’t understand my post at all, or you didn’t read a single word.

I already mentioned that the Honda system is fake. They’re the only ones making an actually fake AWD system.

Trying to argue that the Ford system is anything the same just ours you as a giant fucking idiot.

In conclusion: the RS is the better car if you're a person who cares about performance, and the STI is a better car if you're a vape nation poser dudebro who only cares about a badge and doesn't actually know how to drive.

Did you really think the Focus had a Haldex system? Do you even know anything about the car at all?

He really does. Why else would he be arguing against reality?


>falling for marketing/peer pressure
Whats it like being a massive tool

>In conclusion: the RS is the better car if you're a person who cares about performance,
Lol except the focus overheats on a normal tracked day and is maxed from the factory. Even a small boost in power from stock will strain the car. The focus is fine if you don't want to modify it or take it to the track ever

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>They’re the only ones making an actually fake AWD system.
Actually everyone is making a fake AWD system, pretty much everyone who makes an SUV today uses it. They're all FF until you lose traction. Honda, Toyota, Ford, Chevy, all of them. If they make an AWD system its most likely an on demand system.

I never said it had a haldex system, I said it had an on demand system like everyone else makes.

I meant actually fake, like the honda system. Not pretend fake like you just randomly assign based on how much you dislike a car/manufacturer.

>fake like a honda system
if its an on-demand system its fucking fake. The CRV uses a similar AWD system as every other on demand system where its pretty much always FF until something happens that the computer sends some power to the drive shaft to the rear wheels

no longer in the Burgerland market. I don't even think they even sold the sporty one in North America

US model got the 2.0L I4, the largest gas engine the SX4 got worldwide, and AWD. Road Race Motorsports even offers a turbo kit for it. Suzuki sold it in America from 2007-2012.

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There's hundreds of owners who have tracked they're car with no issues but okay. If you wanted to modify it you can bolt on a diff cooler but okay. Despite all the flaws you claim it has its still faster than an STI. Oh and the engine doesn't have shitty ringland failure that makes it blow up for no reason. Can't replace that.

>There's hundreds of owners who have tracked they're car with no issues
hardly, Ford is getting sued again for having a "track car" that can't be tracked because the track mode bullshit doesn't work

>every single WRX thread
the saltiness is real

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Nope. You are actually factually wrong. Your opionions don’t change reality.


Dodge fart

>There's hundreds of owners who have tracked they're car with no issues but okay

The majority of those owners had to make aftermarket modifications to be able run their car on the track. You will be hard pressed to find stock RSs on the track.

>. If you wanted to modify it you can bolt on a diff cooler but okay

You shouldn't have to spend thousands more in aftermarket parts on a $35,000 focus

Golf R
Focus RS

It's not a very large market, at least in North America

I want dodge to make two cars
the fart - a riced out dart that comes with a fart can

And the diaper - basically a viper but with a 2.4L i4, no turbo

i'm not making money shilling you on a car, fuck off

both the sti and focus rs suck and if it was my money i'd just get a civic type r for msrp or a golf R with a reflash

>diff cooler
>thousands more
Not even a part of this argument, but come on dude, stop being retarded on purpose.

>turbo 4 cylinder
>rally heritage
>no vape nation

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I'm ashamed that I laughed at this post.


Pick one.
Full of misinformation, straight bullshit, weasel-words and marketing.

The RDU is small because it doesn't house a differential. Read that again. There is no fucking diff in there. Literally none. It's a ring and pinion on a spool, nothing fucking else. The drive and slip to each side is controlled by the clutch packs on either side, there's no reason for a diff.
The driveline is small because it's fucking overdriven. It doesn't need to be big.
A cooler is only required to control heat from the wet clutches, and doesn't need to be very big.

>They have calibrated scales to weight everything but they use the Tirerack™ weights for the fucking tires and "calculate" the wheel weights.
>They refer to the rdu as a "diff" because they're too stupid to pull it apart and realize there's no fucking differential in there.
>Literally every driveshaft necks down where it joins the CV joint, but they still point at it and whine.
>They whine about stamped steel control arms while failing to point out that the STI uses stamped arms and rubber bushings, along with many other modern production cars, yet they call it "1960's tech" because the owner is literally that out-of-date.
>This is the company that couldn't figure out how to engine swap a toyobaru and make the gauges work after 4 fucking years of struggling.

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This is actually a really good car desu

This is the obvious replacement.

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You don't "have" to spend anything on it. It's modded and tuned from the factory. If you're the kind of guy who needs to drive it at the limit for hours at a time without letting it cool down, then you can remedy that situation. But you're wrong if you think the Focus is the only modern car that will go into limp mode if it gets overheated.

>not made anymore
>VERY used
>outdated AWD system
I like celicas man, but let’s not pretend that they are competing with modern AWD hoon mobiles

>If it was my money I'd just spend even more on a even slower car

Wow, that’s a huge differential compared to the STi and the Lan Evo. Probably because of the clutch packs, but still. Yuuge

But it’s a Buick. And a disgusting wagon.

>outdated AWD system
You mean a reliable one that doesn't overheat and uses a proper atb diff for f/r torque distribution?
Yeah, that's real out of date.

Oh that's right. OP had specific guidelines, faggot.

Jesus dude, like I said, I like celicas. I dont care about your loyalty to complaining about nice new cars.

The AWD system doesn’t have modern torque vectoring capabilities. It’s either FWD most of the time, or all wheels with equal power when the transfer case is engaged.

If you think it’s seriously up to par with modern AWD systems, you’re delusional.

That was literally a firmware issue for the 2013-2014 CRV you stupid fuck. They fixed this, its literally an on-demand system

You are fucking wrong and all you did was google "honda crv fake awd" or some gay shit


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Well it was actual proof that the “”fake”” AWD system you’re on about actually exists somewhere. Sorry it makes your butt sore user.

>fake AWD
It was basically an issue where the firmware wouldn't send enough power to the rear to move, the clutches would basically slip like all hell, overheat then shutdown and the AWD wouldn't kick in. They fixed this with a firmware update and now any up to date 2013-2014 CRV and all modern CRV's aren't affected.

also it actually had nothing to do with the drivetrain

AWD is a crutch for retard boiracers who don’t actually know how to drive or any basic car control

Both RWD and FWD require more skill to control well and go fast in

Yes. That would be the fake AWD system you were talking about. How many times do you need this explained to you.

>It’s either FWD most of the time, or all wheels with equal power when the transfer case is engaged.

You're an idiot. It's 50/50 with a center viscous coupler. You do know how those work, right?

Too heavy. Ford Escape offers 240 hp on 3500 lbs and Subaru Forester offers 250 hp on 3600 lbs. the Buick is 4200 lbs.

But I’m glad GM can afford a Buick shill on top of the Corvette shill.

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With no torque vectoring between individual wheels. You know how that works, right? You realize that 80s tech isn’t state of the art anymore, right?

>Even slower car

yes because the only thing that matters are 0-60 times and lap times on a circuit across the world set by professional drivers with more talent than i'll have in a lifetime

buy a $5000 miata/civic/mr2 and learn how to drive first

I'm not arguing your fancy torque vectoring. I'm arguing your statement about the ST165 AWD system being front wheel biased. It's not.

>the fake AWD
ok we've established that, its called an on-demand system, every SUV with "AWD" does this.

You're literally agreeing with me and you're bitching that you have to explain it when really you're not listening

No, I’m saying that the on demand systems are not actually fake. Just that example of the CR-V failing to engage it is actually fake.

Idc about your opinions as to what is it is not fake. That doesn’t change reality.

>No, I’m saying that the on demand systems are not actually fake. Just that example of the CR-V failing to engage it is actually fake.
Jesus christ these are the same things, if a toyota rav4 has an on-demand system its literally the same type of system that the crv uses. In this case the firmware in the 2013-2014's were faulty and this was fixed. Toyota's on-demand system works the same way

>The AWD system doesn’t have modern torque vectoring capabilities. It’s either FWD most of the time, or all wheels with equal power when the transfer case is engaged.

See, these assumptions are what irritate the shit out of me. It's not fwd any of the time, for any reason, ever. The E151F found in the ST185 Celicas are full-time awd, with mechanical torque biasing via a torsen center diff. It can't be disengaged, there is no fwd-only mode.

It's not all wheels with equal power, because that's not how a torsen diff works. it will bias torque front to rear based on which axle has more traction, up to it's torque bias ratio, where it will start to slip and deliver torque to the slipping axle. The TBR is determined by the helix angle of the worm gears in the diff, and is approximately 3:1 in the ST185, meaning it can split power up to 25:75 F:R (or 75:25 F:R) mechanically, based on available traction.

>You're an idiot. It's 50/50 with a center viscous coupler
What the fuck? The CVC didn't come along until the st205 E154f. Stop making assumptions.

>With no torque vectoring between individual wheels
>What is ATB
>What is mechanical limited slip
Just because it's not electronic, doesn't mean it's not there.
Any real racecars throw away the electronic "vectoring" anyway and go to mechanical LSD's because they work better.
Electronic torque vectoring is a gimmick.

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>in most of the models, when the transfer case is not locked, the majority of the power is routed to the front wheels

Who cross-shops WRX and 911?

Where is everyone buying these race spec GT4s with torsens? I could only find them with open diffs.

>Techincal information from Weasel-fucking-pedia

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Silly, the center diff is torsen in all the 185's, the rear diff is open / optional torsen... And it's pretty easy to find desu

I like both of those things.

That's a good point... Why's it so heavy?

And no I'm not a shill, just autism.

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>proof of being wrong doesn’t count because I don’t like the source
>complains about poneposting
>posts anime reaction images