Get in here you pathetic faggots.
Its finally time.

>post pics of your rig
>talk about your rigs problems
>get shitty advice about how to fix them
>talk about going to utah again and try to convince your wife you should just move there and have her just ignore you about it

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heres some more cool cruisers

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Org is dead

>tfw join a facebook group for your vehicle
>learn a lot and finally do some work on my xj
>pretty damn proud by the time im done with it
>took a long time because im retarded but damn it i finally finished it last night
>post my xj on the enthusiast page for the first time because im proud
>someone immediately tells me my control arms are hooked up wrong
>need to disconnect all 4 and redo it

Life is hard but life is harder when youre stupid

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no u

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im a complete retard too. ive done many things like that and continue to do them
it gets better though friendo

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muh benis

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one day I'll take her off-road.

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Burger here. My K5 Blazer is long gone but I still want to do some mild offroading. Only car now is a 2012 f150 ecoboost. Already has a rear locker and skid plates from the factory, and recently got Falken wildpeak tires in the stock size. Ride height is stock. What else can I do to make it better off road, at least so it won't grenade the second it gets off pavement?
Was thinking rock sliders, 2" leveling kit in front, getting eid of the air dam, and some better/more protective skid plates. Am I missing anything? I would prefer to keep the stock tire size and rear ride height.
I know its too big to be great off road but I want it to be able to have fun at least. Pic is like mine but not actually mine.

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I hauled home a 1973 Land Rover Series 3 this weekend. Needs lots of work but it is going to be well worth it.

I have also taken my Silverado offroad but it's really too big and too new for anything crazy.

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This has not run sense 2006. But I have almost a complete 2nd series 3 for parts. I am going to use the drive train out of that to fix this one. The body from the parts Rover will be used on a different project.

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The Parts Rover body is going on this. A 1995 Discovery. It has had a ton of suspension mods done and it is great offroad. The body was so bad it started to break free from the frame and could not be driven anymore. Hope to have this does in a few months.

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Oh, and when you buy a Series Rover it is a good idea to also buy a car trailer.

So I picked this up yesterday

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My Silverado in the woods up by my camp. Can't wait to get the Series up there.

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but user that doesnt look like a road to me

meh you can accomplish plenty with it basically as is.
i would definitely dump the front air damn as that is free and drastically increases approach angle.
personally i dont like leveling kits but rock sliders are definitely a good idea and depends on how intense you are getting if its worth it to upgrade the factory skids.

beautiful. they all need work.
i just got my 40 running again.
all it needed was a starter. i was shocked.
hopefully will have some new pics once it finally gets warm outside

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Still has stock hubcaps

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>that snorkel

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nice tyres, too

Thanks bro. The lowest spots on the truck are the air dam and the factory running boards. I would ditch the boards completely but the wife would complain, she likes the truck because it is huge and super comfy. I think some decent lookong sliders might be an ok compromise.
My only other worry is that taking out the air dam is gonna suck rocks and shit into the gap between intercooler and radiator and engine front. Some engine accessories are mounted pretty low. I thought about just cutting a thin aluminum plate and wingnutting it in that space to prevent this. Worth it?

Can't wait to take the top off again this year. Just waiting for some good weather, maybe late spring

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Post them on the rocks br/o/s

>pic related. My LJ

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who doesnt like the stock wheels are you gay?

>not liking dorkels
jk i think they look kind of tryhard. then again i guess people have an actual use for them

air damn is an easy toss. thats a no brainer.
sliders would be a great compromise, running boards are the biggest hinderance of all time on the trail and if you are stock height or close to it you will absolutely want sliders.
meh i wouldnt worry too much about that happening. just keep an eye on it and you should be fine. unless you are high speed desert running this shouldnt be that common of an occurence. if you are that worried about it though i dont see anything wrong with your solution.
best solution would be a full on aftermarket steel replacement bumper but those are not cheap.

my dick more pics bls

>tfw you dont live in utah
i need to kill myself my man

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I wish. That's a Texas pic.

as do i my man
as do i

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it's just my friends front yard

damn man yours is in way better shape than mine lol
what year is it? is it US spec?

>still not a road though fucking rekt

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I'm from Europe, so i'm guessing its not US spec.

didnt appear to be.
where in europe? im guess its diesel?

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Got to do what was probably the last snowrolling of the season last night


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thats a great pic user
nice tundy
i like snowrolling but looking forward to nicer weather

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thanks buddy! i recently decided to start building up muh old tundy instead of jumping to a cruiser or taco. it's going to be more work in the end but i love this trugg.
is that your 40??

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looks like a nice truck they are reliable as fuck so not a bad decision.
what are you plans for the bed? camper? cap?

that actually is not my 40. this is my 40 which i just got running again. now that it is finally starting to get warmer out i am hoping to hit some trails with it again

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i got it for a good deal because it was in rough shape but i've grown attached to it over the last couple years. i'm not sure about the bed yet; a cap is easy and there's tons of used ones around but part of me wants to go full boomer with a bedslide and RTT.

that is one clean 40! how long did it take you to find a suitable one? any plans for it besides popping the bikini top off?

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mr landie has arrived :DDDDDDDD

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So is tayfag still posting in these threads? Or is he busy hating Europeans and Australians in global threads?

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great platform for some plasti dip and led light bars :DDD

i didnt know boomers like bedslides and rtt's. i thought that was a young mans game.
that would be amazing you should do it if you can swing the cash.
most ideal situation though would be something like a 4 wheel camper slide in or something like an adventure trailer habitat but both of those are

man i love that the gx is becoming a popular choice as they get cheaper.
those things are spectacular.

pls no

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yeah, basically a premium 4Runner with a more spacious upright cab, much better value than the 4Runner to boot. No wonder the Aussies love Prados.
gl hf m8

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Turned out a good $120 cheaper than I thought. Kind salesman

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wew. I almost want to lift my Passport and fall for the BFG meme now.

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>lifted honda

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Soon my own Landie will be back from the dead.

It's just an Isuzu with Honda badging, so it doesn't count.

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I know this is off road general and I'm asking about a RWD car but can I get your thoughts on this?

It would be my first car, the downsides are
>low end dealer
>no carfax
rwd isnt a big deal too me


what are your goals with this truck? im honestly curious what about it would make it even part of a consideration. it doesnt appear to have anything at all going for it. what is your thought process user i am trying to udnerstand it

>lifted isuzu

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This. If not for the 4x4 capabilities of an Xterra, I don't really see the point.

Whats the matter with Isuzu?

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This thread needs some real off road trucks

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fuck it mang
you learn from screwing up
nice jerp

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>wasting money on an XJ
I know that life. I won't trigger anyone by posting mine though.

Post away my mang

>no Bronco 2s

Time for a B2

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I don't have anything new to post anyway, I don't wheel in the winter. Got a trip planned late May though. Winch bumper is supposed to ship tomorrow, it's diy so I'll be working on that for a week or so. I'll contribute that if anyone wants.

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Now featuring front mounted spare so I can toss a mattress on the roof.

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i’d like to see it

Why would you toss a mattress on the roof?

Make America great again

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Up there wrapped in a tarp for moving

>tfw local trails are almost ready

So because a construction site burnt down I don't have enough money to replace it so my 2WD S10 is getting a 3in spindle/shackle lift and eventually different springs since I cracked one of the original leafs at some point and only just now noticed. Gonna get a 3.42 lsd 8.5 disk brake axle from a blazer at some point but if I can find a shop that can do it cheap enough I'll try to find an exploder eddie baurer 8.8. My friend is gonna sell me some good condition 235/75/15 KO2's which is good enough for me.

Anyone in south Ontario have any Land Cruiser parts?

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Just purchased pic related, not mine but same color/model. Hoping to put an OME lift and some sliders. I'm very pleased with it for 3k

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Did they not have the off-road trim available for you when you got it?

But it looks like dog shit