Don't know what real wheels are.

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Come, come Veeky Forums ... Join us in.... TWISTED METAL


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Such a horrible design for anyone dueling with vehicles. Would rather be on the bike then this

That's cute.

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This nigger used to be my favorite

post yfw rpcs3 announces that twisted metal 2012

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If a black person saw this they'd claim it's proof niggas created the wheel and were truly KANGZ

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Africans probably did invent the wheel first.
Hell, everyone but retarded Native Americans invented the wheel.

Still a worse game than TM Black.

As a kid I thought this was retarded, as an adult I find this down right asinine.
Where's the engine?
Where's the transmission?
Why doesn't he die from a single hit, he's literally exposed?

Australian Aborigines didn't do it either, in fact the ones living in Tasmania forgot how to make fire.

He turns the wheels by hand like in a wheelchair, also he had one of the lowest armor ratings

>the ones living in Tasmania forgot how to make fire.
>He turns the wheels by hand like in a wheelchair,
That's even more retarded

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To be fair, Africans probably did invent the wheel sometime when they migrated East began settling the Mesopotamian region.

>inferior game


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I always liked Astronaut Bob-O

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Its so dumb anyway. Who cares who 'invented' the wheel, who refined the wheel is all that matters.

>tfw left the car

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i only ever had Small Brawl as a kid and subsequently didnt understand why people thought Twisted Metal was so hardcore and edgy, i figured the entire series must have been as cartoony as Small Brawl

same happened with MGS, I never understood why people praised its story because I had only ever played the VR missions disc as rented from BlockBuster until like 2008, when I rented Twin Snakes, and it was zany as hell

abbos are subhuman, anyone who thinks the american nigger is bad needs to visit canada, australia, or new zealand some time and see what true niggardry is like

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How the fuck do you refine a wheel? Its a fucking circle with an axle in the center. Ball bearings?

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Aborigines aren't really humans though.

the lore is his dad trapped him in it.

pretty numbers.