1st to 2nd Gear WTF IS THE SECRET?

Why the fuck is 1st Gear to 2nd Gear so damn clunky and obnoxious...If your on the gas at all when you clutch in out of 1st the drive train lashes around like shit if u let go of the gas theres a surge of power loss and a clunk when you clutch in wtf is the trick...been driving stick fo 10 fuck years TELL ME THE SECRET WIZARDS

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OP here also winding out 1st gear like a dipshit sounds like shit im not gonna shift at 3k rpm in 1st gear at every stop light thats retarded...if I short shift its clunky and shitty, how DO i get that PERFECT shift every time without THINKING about it...All I do is WORRY about 1st to 2nd

Even if im quickly off the clutch in 1st its ready to be put into 2nd which basically lashes around the drive train

Take your meds op

it doesn't like the drastic rev drop when you push the clutch in from first. Have pressure on it towards second before pressing the clutch. When you press the clutch, it should be one swift motion into second.
This only works when the thing is warm tho

don't force it in btw. wait for the revs to settle into the spot where 2nd likes. If you would like this process to be faster, get a lighter flywheel or gear oil that your synchros like better

This is why automatics are superior.

trick is to let clutch in and gas out simultaneously and rev matching into second.

let the revs drop before releasing the clutch

More gas

I remember having this issue but somehow worked it out without ever noticing. Your thread just reminded me.

Take it easy on the clutch man and let the revs drop. Don't try to 0-60 in 3s every red light.

Americans can't be this retarded... can they?

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Manuels are supposed to be the excuse for driving faster, nature of manuel is not driving like a grannie... at least I would think no? Driving a manuel slow is some hipster shit to me.

OP, in all seriousness, are you retarded?

What car is it op? Second gear was always fucked in my Miata, partially because of the gearing and the transmission so it was hard to get right

Well you can't 0-60 every red light until you know how to shift without lurching the car

If your DD is a manual, you don't want to drop the clutch every time you get the chance. You are still putting a lot of wear and tear on the car. Just drive fast enough to keep up with pace of traffic. People who drive slow with manual are new drivers.

tfw even the americans that can drive manual cant drive manual

this is why Americans buy automatics:
because they don't like being jerked and shaken every time the car shifts

Wut? I just accelerate faster, I don't drop the clutch. Half the time some idiot thinks I'm racing though, because apparently no one thinks manuels exist outside of sporty cars here.

Thank you for this shitpost

Okay. Thanks for sharing.


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I have some more. Apparently going from a start in 3rd accidentally won't stall a Civic.


Must be a lightly used clutch

New car

That explains why, retard.

Figures a boiracer would own a brand new Civic

I drove a brand new ceed and it'd fucking stall out on accidental 3rd gear starts.

I've never had this problem but if you hold clutch halfway for a moment instead of swiftly letting it go it should engage much smoother
also it will wear your clutch much faster so learn to rev match your gears


What kind of car is this?

So am I supposed to take my FOOT completely OFF the gas before i clutch in and shift to second?

No you bury that pedal and make the engine scream

And dump the clutch

Yes. Otherwise you'd be doing what's called, "riding the clutch". And might lurch the car.

Sounds like you have a fucky ujoint, carrier bearing, or something. Put your car on a rack and do a shake test. Winding all the way up on 1st gear is retarded
I drive slow with a manual, nothing wrong with it

no, you're supposed to flat foot shift all the gears (including neutral), dummy

>he's never driven a dogleg gearbox

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You're supposed to smooth, simultaneous motions with both pedals. If you're still partly on the gas as you press on the clutch pedal, it shouldn't jerk. Just make sure you're completely off the gas by the time you're completely on the clutch. Once you're in 2nd and letting off the clutch, you shouldn't need to give it much gas, if any at all until you're completely off the clutch.

double clutch

Learn to drive dipshit

I think that is what he is trying to do here.

Killed in action

i rarely if ever use 1st gear, i just take off in 2nd. some vehicles ive owned with long gears like my old 1981 Hilux that had a 4spd or my 79 Supra i have to use 1st but others like my Subaru Sambar i just take off in 2nd gear because 1st is so short its useless

the main issue is people especially Americans will downshift into 1st gear while moving, that absolutely fucks your synchros. you should never go into 1st gear unless youre stopped

it means you have a sticky clutch
this usually happens due to corrosion, so what you need to do is pour about a can's worth of soda in your transmission fluid to get rid of the corrosion like you would pour soda on a battery

Just practice. I have been driving stick for a year and a half and figured out how to shift smoothly with a tranny that has trash syncros.

The best way for me to understand how to shift, was to sit on a slight incline, and with the car in first, learn to roll back and forth with varying amounts of clutch (obv. not for very long, cause you burn that fucker out otherwise), but no gas/throttle.

To learn that sweet spot where the clutch counteracts the rollback due to gravity and sit in place.
This very sweet spot is how it finally clicked in my head that "yes, this is how I incline start from a hill, say at a red light" and how to shift gears smoothly, especially from 1st to 2nd.

Did you know in europe practically every car is manual? So that’s retarded

Take off in 2nd on flat ground or negative grade.
Only use 1st uphill.

Just don't use 1st except in hill starts
Just dump the clutch in every start

>Tfw unsynchronized tranny
>Tfw don't use clutch other than to get going


Are you from the 20s?

Sounds like like a sure sign that you need to git gud

Not quite.

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seems dangerous and poorly designed desu

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How on earth would that be dangerous?

This guy is either delivering worthy bait or is just plain retarded. Tell me more how first gear is "useless."

I usually use 1st just to get moving. If I want to pull hard I usually short shift to 2nd.
I don't agree with , but I only every go into first when I stop or if I come up to stop and start traffic.

If you aren't rev matching you're doing it wrong.

if you fucking hold the clutch you wont stall in any gear. Has nothing to do with how new or old the car is.

I do it too except I have synchros. Learn to drive fagets, rev match all day

git gud. ur obviously new, it'll get smoother over time

I'm the same. I'll start in 1st, but I will never downshift into 1st. I thought it was common knowledge to never downshift into 1st.

It probably depends on your ratios, but I'm not in 1st long either.

I usually do the following

>start moving on 1st
>let it rev to about 2500 rpm
>clutch in, shift to second, give a tiny bit of gas if necessary

You'll learn how much you should let it rev and how much gas to give when shifting

And like the poster above said, downshifting to 1st gear is unnecessary, just put to neutral or press the clutch in. Downshifting to second is also often unneeded

Let RPMs drop so they're matched. Also, you need to start applying very light (basically just tapping it in the slightest perceivable amount) as you let the clutch out so the lash isn't felt from decel -> accel.


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What do you do to get into the "higher" gears? Is there a special button to press or do you just have a further "clunk" to push through before clutching out?

That will just engine brake.