Hey Veeky Forums

Hey Veeky Forums

redpill me on Subarus, thinking of buying one.

pros? cons? do you own one?

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why not

I'm not gay or even bi. Therefore I don't own or know anything about them.

Working on the engine is a PITA

That said I would not buy a non-turbo forester.

Solid choice if you don’t mind looking like a tool

Ask yourself, if boxer engines were any good, wouldn't every manufacturer use them?

aren't subarus for gays

T. Someone who doesn’t understand manufacturing.
Subaru has an edge in producing tested and developped boxer engines that other manufacturers don’t have. Same with BMW and its inline 6.

If it were a desirable engine configuration, other manufacturers would've at least tried.

tons of non beamers come in inline 6...


Yes. Get something else.

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>look like a lesbian
>look like a lesbian

I test drove one thinking I would buy it.

Compared to a STi the Forrester XT just seemed too high/floaty for the power that it had, and the car didn't even feel especially fast after 5k.

I would save my money and buy a nonXT version or spend more on a STi


Currently? I doubt it. Last were Volvos but they dropped it in 2015. Mercedes is now launching its I6 after 24 years

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Boxers are a meme for the most part, but didn't Porsche collaborate with Subaru with their H6 engines? If so that's pretty neat

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I fucking love mine. It works amazingly well, has yet to give me any issues all the while I have driven the absolute piss out of it.

Toyota has a car with a boxer engine :^)

Bought a 2000 impreza RS 2 door in blue with 230,000 miles on the odo, blew a head gasket after 1000 miles of use (of course). Fun car and absolutely baller in the snow compared to my fiesta ST daily driver. I'm going to fix it up when I have the time.

My impression of Subarus I've driven is they are best enjoyed as rally cars rather than street racers. Being able to bomb over road peaks and climb snowy roads and do donuts in snowy parking lots in a stock ride hight suby is just as fun as grip corninering in say a Mazda.

Bonus for Subarus is they are dirt cheap to maintain and junkyard parts are super easy to get.
Big con: most Subarus are ugly (except my 2 door RS)

This guy is so fuckin unsure of his sexuality that he's mad at me that i jizzed all over his face

So what youre saying is i need to chat up people who drive subies.

You won't get a serious answer here. Subarus are memed as much as the gt86.




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Great cars. A lot of memes about them being bad but they’re reliable and awd. Nothing too flashy unless you get a wrx

When I met you, you were under the queensboro bridge
Jerking off punks
15 dollars a man

Haven't owned one, only driven in some. IMO worse, most uncomfortable suspension of any car. Cheap interior, uncomfortable seats. But these complaints apply to all Asian imports in this price point

I got one. I fucking love it, druves well and easy as shit to maintain also it triggers Veeky Forums which is good.

If they prioritized a proper AWD system instead of haldex and didn't want the packaging problems of a longitudinal i4 in front of the front axles then yes they would have.

Do you have an actual argument that you want to elaborate on or are you just triggered?

Are you looking for a particular generation? Particular model?

Subarus, like most cars, are two-sided. I've enjoyed my WRX throughout the time I've owned it, enjoyed an older legacy in the past. They're not entirely complicated to DIY, but because of the engine design, the space can be very tight in general which makes it slower to work on and complete.

An example is spark plug changes. Anyone could literally do this job, but it takes longer because of how you have to jingle the driver's side ignition coil to actually get to the spark plug and it's not like the IC is flexible. Valve cover gaskets are agitating and if you go for the 09-13 WRXs, the fuel rail set up is completely fuckin retarded and it's worth investing in an aftermarket fuel rail kit ASAP.

The gasket issues are limited to single cam non-turbo EJ25s between 1999 and 2008. Avoid these and you won't have issues.

The coil in the rear to specify driver side. Front one isn't that bad. I should have also mentioned the driver side injector shield plate that requires you to unplug the TGV to fully unbolt and remove it. I should have also mentioned that you'll always need to drain your coolant if you want to remove the intake manifold (it makes DIYs very lengthy).

It's been less than a decade since they fixed the headgaskets, and they were fucking glass for decades before that

shit engine layout, shit AWD, shit fan base.

2/10, will literally never consider buying in my life.

>shit AWD
Do you mind explaining?

he's just shitposting, there is no explaining

You'll get stereotyped for owning one, but they're overall great cars

they're unreliable trash at the worst and slow memecars at the best.

The former statement confirms you're a bus rider but the latter is true. At least in regards to the STI, Subaru has really relied on brand recognition more so than innovation. The 2018 WRX STI is considered to be pretty slow in its class.

head gaskets are known to blow
newer ones are known to burn oil
cvts are unreliable and make the car slower

awd is unnecessary and who gives a shit about center or gravity if all you make is econoboxes?

You'll miss your bus if you keep trying to type user.

>head gaskets are known to blow
On non-turbo ej25 sohc engines from 1999-2008
>newer ones are known to burn oil
Most boxers burn a bit of oil. It's only a problem if you're too stupid to check your oil regularly which is something you should be doing anyway.
>cvts are unreliable and make the car slower
The cvts are garbage but that's a given.
>awd is unnecessary
*overtakes you coming out of a corner*
>who gives a shit about center or gravity if all you make is econoboxes
Why wouldn't you want your car's COG to be lower? It makes the car more stable.

A bunch of idiots like to make up statements about how the AWD system works. Subaru is the most affordable true AWD system, meaning power is sent to all four wheels during normal conditions. 50/50 or 60/40 depending on transmission.

The thing about Subaru is that you are very generation dependent. Pretty much every FB series motor has a chance of fairly bad oil consumption. Any EJ turbo is going to eat oil. Some older ones have head gasket issues. Some newer ones have carbon buildup issues. If you get an used EJ engine, demand proof of timing belt replacement. With all Subaru's, the engine break in period is very important.

The CVTs from around 8-4 years ago are prone to fail, there is an extended warranty/lawsuit about it. The 5 speed manuals aren't great. BUT I think the Crosstrek and the Impreza might be the only non-sport car manual + AWD vehicles left, or will be once the 2019 Forester rolls out. Of those two, I'd get the Crosstrek since it has the 6 speed.

All the safety tech is locked behind the CVT. The CVT is also tricky on test drives because it has an aggressive throttle tip in, which makes you think it has a lot of power at city speeds. Additionally, it is supposed to adapt to your driving profile and free up more power after the break in period.

The engines have gained next to no power this century. In fact, some models lost power due to certain engine options being taken away.

Subaru has had a lot of image changes over the years. Ugly but cheap -> LGBT flag -> AWD performance -> a current bizarre split of safe dog carriers and douchebro vape machines. That safety includes handling and braking which has performance carryover.

At the end of the day, they make good safe, but slow, AWD cars. They also have 3 (BRZ/WRX/STI) solid entry level performance cars.

In terms of overall reliability, they aren't Toyota/Honda/Mazda but they certainly aren't FCA either. If you care for them, they will last.

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u can fix all that with a few simple mawdz

If you consider aftermarket suspension simple, yes.

I know some fucking loser that has the exhaust on his wrx wagon all cut up so it sounds like horseshit. And I'm pretty sure he is unemployed and drives it around aimlessly every day to arbys.