>Volkswagen ready to take over the truck-game
Imao now the germans will lead every car class.

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looks fucking awful

>not lying about rated specs

>germans make a smol truck when every other amerishit manufacturer fails to see the demand and instead opts to create more ecopoop behemoths.

sounds good to me lad, and looks good too

Ford on suicide watch

marketing a truck for the murimorrons.
>Not including tow hitch.
>Not having some retarded dually version.
>Not giving the option to install a train sized engine.
It's like they want this to fail.

lights are cool i guess but its still gonna be garbage


wait are you serious?


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And the final nail in the coffin:
>"The 2018 Atlas received the IIHS "Top Safety Pick" rating after earning "Good" ratings in all five crashworthiness tests and a "Superior" rating on the front crash prevention test."

>ranger, canyon/Colorado from Murica
>taco/hilux, frontier from Japan
>ridgeline if you want a cuckover with a bed like the atlas is

it ain't selling for shit chief

can't into coal.

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To do that the Germans would first have to lead just one class..

all of those have massive cabs, this vag is at least a step closer to a two door truck.

you can literally but all of those in two door or access cab except the ridgeline

it's a fucking crew cab in the photos

In the next decade unibodies will replace BoF trucks in the same way crossovers have replaced traditional SUVs.
You'll see a lot of marketing wank about "rigididy" and pictures of BoF trucks bending in the middle.

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frame flex is a cheap way of getting more suspension travel

>”””Truck””” based on a Golf.
Yeah no thanks

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So this is for burgerland? Are we in bizarro world or something? VW never makes interesting cars for burgers.

More like Asslet lmao

Those rear lights don't look fragile at all
It's bloated pigfat

Actually it's based on Polo.

honestly this. and after hauling my project car with a 3/4 ton dodge diesel last week, i completely understand the need for excess in a truck. rated for 17000 lbs and it was max comfy. trucks arent the place you want compromise. unless they could fill the niche for mini trucks but thats never happening again. either make them small and practical or completely over the top.

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I think i would've shot at the truck if i was in that tent.
You try to poison me? I poison you. With lead.

No American would ever buy one of those

but you want that flex...

especially between a bed and a cab

>an american
>buying a german truck

everyone knows they will be unreliable pieces of shit

no I want that best in class stiffness and military grade™ unibody construction


pick one

the atlas is an SUV, the amarok is the truck.

why not both?

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Holy shit, this looks fucking sick. Would buy over any other Truck at the time.

these tires look godlike

That's a literal Golf blown up to extreme proportions though. It's a unibody piece of shit, a la Honda Ridgeline.

Pic related is VW's real trukk.

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I Love when amerifats activate damage control mode. They always sound like kids who fight about whos Pokémon is better.

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Looks like a fag's take on "modern trucks".

Ease up tuffy, it's his tent and did it for attention.

I totally want an Amarok,

stupid fucking chicken tax

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