Alright Veeky Forums, I'm about to start my big boy job in the corps as an officer...

alright Veeky Forums, I'm about to start my big boy job in the corps as an officer. and recently my car got totaled when i hit a pothole in one of the endlessly quality jersey roads. what is a sporty car that you would recommend that can be your only car?
>im considering pic related

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buy a base Camaro/Mustang like all your subordinates then wrap it around a tree.

FoST Owner here (I know you pictured a FiST).

I absolutely love it. The interior is kind of dog shit and knowing Ford I cannot imagine this is any different for the FiST, so if that is important to you, you may want to look at a Golf R or something. Theres nothing wrong ergonomically, just the materials are kind of garbage.

Outside of the interior, however, it's fun and spirited. It's not the fastest thing in a straight line by any stretch of the word, but it's quick enough and is firmly planted when you're tossing it around.

I wouldn't get the ST just because it has an overdampened suspension that will just make those potholes worse

Hi guys, I also started a big job and I need a more spacious car.

What would you guys choose between the Mk4 Ford Mondeo and the Mk2 Skoda Superb?

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Skoda, easily

Well the Superb is like 1k-1,5k more expensive than the equivalent Mondeo...but atleast petrol powered Superbs are much more plentiful than petrol Mondeos. That 1.8 TSI is delicious.

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It also has horrible reliability issues and drives much worse than mondeo.

Just google 1.8 Tsi engine issues and have fun reading.

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Well I am familiar with the 1.8 TSI engine and its mostly an oil burner.
I know nothing about the Mondeo tho.

fiesta sts are fun but they're not sports cars

they're very practical hot hatches with a terrible interior

not sure how practical it would be

How is the interior dogshit? Looks snazzy to me.

its made entirely out of cheap feeling and looking materials

it also develops rattles quickly

t. 2015 fiesta st owner

Should have bought a Mercedes-Benz instead. What were you thinking?

it really depends on what car you've had before.

I've had nothing but old shitboxes before my fiesta and the interior is fine lol

Neither, get an octavia wagon like i did. The diesel vrs with a tune is brilliant

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Whatever the newest wrx you can afford

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I owned gm products before and even compared to gm quality the fiesta is bad

>Car got totalled
>One fucking pothole
This has to be hyperbole right?

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A fiesta is miles ahead of a cruze interior which is what it should be compared to.

The 2018 fiesta interior looks pretty good to me.

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focus st
fiesta st
mazda 3
civic si


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What’s the best sporty automatic hatch then?

there is not one
auto companies dont want to reveal to their gullible manual fags that modern automatics perform over manuals and are more fuel efficient

That is a non answer. I’ll make it really easy for you, name a go fast automatic hatch.

>my car got totaled when i hit a pothole
What did OP mean by this?

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How the hell do you total a car on a pothole?


Not OP but with great ease, depending on the size of the pot hole and the speed of the vehicle. Most city pot holes will just leave you with tire/suspension damage. I've seen highway potholes snap axles and result in damage to the underside of the engine.