She's...she's right. Admit it

She's...she's right. Admit it.

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Just because she's a loser doesn't mean everyone should be.

I mean, if your life goal is to accumulate as much fiat currency as possible, then she is not wrong.

>implying i own my car for any other reason than self enjoyment
Who cares


lifes too short to be rational and you cant take your money with you when you die

i'll teach that bitch a lesson

She's right.
You get a nice car because you want it for yourself.
You don't buy a car to impress people.
You buy or make it nice to treat yourself.

if i listened to her id have about 20 grand and nothing to spend it on

A non car person doesn’t understand, what else is new?

Ask her how many pairs of shoes she has, then ask her why

Nobody is trying to impress her fat ass.

This is how most women feel, unless the car has status or implies wealth, they don't care. Same with loud exhausts, no women that wasn't raised as a car enthusiast daddy's girl will be impressed by you revving the engine, no woman has ever been like "damn check out that badass revving his engine/popping wheelies on his motorcycle/doing a burnout/etc. I want to suck his dick so bad!"

Just realize women are a meme and do what makes you happy. Once they see you're happy they'll try to succubus that happiness from you (natural instinct). So just do what makes you happy and disregard datimg women because they're a meme.

But hey, have fun getting cheated on if you disagree, since women are literally wired to cheat and monkey branch.

Idk bro, my current gf likes to tell me that when she got in my sc300 the night we first got together that car was a huge factor in at least getting me laid. She still talks about how much she loves it. But she's terrified of driving, near death car accidents and high natural anxiety don't mix.

Also, the last girl I banged before her was super in love with my e34. I tried to tell her buying this car was a mistake for me(even though I love that bmr more than my own left nut), she kept telling me to keep my mouth shut cuz she loved it.

You don't have to believe me. If you don't, you're wrong though. These are real things that happened.

Bitch is mad she isnt a stacy that got rides in sports cars.

she looks like she eats her own farts

women don't know what they want until you show them. my gf didn't car about cars at all before we met. now she has supreme taste

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>She's...she's right
She's a consumerist drone who can't comprehend the simple concept of buying something just because you actually like it instead of to try and impress those around you.

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>Fun is bad
>Having goals is bad
>Having pride on ownership is bad
>Going fast is bad

One of my highschool friends had a 280zx that he got from his father for his 18th birthday and that car made his last year in highschool the best year of his life. Everyone loved that car.

This is just another salty landwhale.

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If you live your life only doing what is most "practical", you'll never have any notable experiences or interests.

who buys a sports car for other people's enjoyment?
What a dumb bitch

>implying she speaks for all women
>not enjoying a good drive and travelling around
>being a little bitch that's too scared to put the pedal to the metal
Another salty ugly that complains because she can't have a cool car

Just a raging dyke. Nothing to see here.

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>#dyke lives matter

If you buy a sports car to impress people then you are a massive faggot anyway. But this bitch can't seem to understand hobbies, and is probably the most boring basic bitch that sits on tumblr all day

t. lives in a poorfag town

k frist of """she""" looks like a he, and second off yes you're retarded if you buy a sports car because you're trying to impress people. Nobody fuck cares, you buy it to have fun.

No suprise here, they say that, and then they go and buy turbo'd vw diesels.
People say they want a car from a to b, but what they really want is something to show off, hence why in all car commercials the drivers are usually speeding.

I believe You, my vehicles have helped get me laid lots of times.

But I sure as fuck wouldn't gf or wife one that fucked me because they liked my car

>No one is impressed by a mansion dude; it's just a waste of money. A house need to have walls from point A to point B while keeping rain off our heads, preferably with nice material, never breaking, and with minimal impact to the neighborhood. Everything else is just burning money. Who cares what it looks like?
>No one is impressed by a wife dude; it's just a waste of money. A woman need to live from point A to point B while having kids, preferably with nice mileage, never cheating, and with minimal impact to the kitchen. Everything else is just burning money. Who cares what it looks like?
>No one is impressed by jewelry dude; it's just a waste of money. An accessory need to be able to be worn on point A and point B while reflecting light, preferably with nice material, never breaking, and with minimal impact to Africa. Everything else is just burning money. Who cares what it looks like?

You guys are just mad she has transcended desire and has become completely utilitarian.

spoken like a true commifornian cuck

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>chooses to engage in homosexual acts motivated by pleasure and not for purposes of procreation
>has transcended desire and is completely utilitarian


Why didn't the racetrack owners just buy up all the houses around it and either demolish them, rent them out to people who won't complain or turn them into facilities? I'd think they'd have enough money to do it and avoid lawsuits from dumbasses like this.

You could argue that would make sense for residents that lived there before the raceway was in place (if there even were any), but that retarded bitch literally just moved there.

They almost certainly did, out to the point where their lawyers told them to. If it's not harmful noise levels, they aren't required by law to give a fuck.
What they're talking about is suing because they can hear it at all, which speaks mainly to a lack of foresight on their part.

/r9k/ out in full force today


KYS retarded tripfag.

Who the fuck cares if people are impressed by their car? I don't give a shit if anyone likes mine. I just want to put down better lap times. I'll keep dumping money into it until there's no more room for improvement (read, never).

>no one is impressed by a sports car

Is this bitch retarded?

>sassy black woman gif
Opinion immediatly discarded

Also normies cant comprehend doing something for anything other than status and image. Doing something for no other reason than your own enjoyment is taboo

Good point. If you wanted to impress someone you wouldn't buy a sportscar to begin with. It'd be some kind of luxury car.

I think it's less that it's taboo and more that they're lifeless husks who genuinely can't have fun anymore and view everything in terms of career and social prospects.

sorry mommy didnt love you user

sorry that you can only regurgitate generic one-liners you see on facebook because you have a double digit iq.


>KYS retarded user

Based hedonistic posters.
T. Hobbyist

She's not.

A car is a multi-thousand dollar, usually $30,000 piece of equipment your life depends on. YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for operating it, cleaning it, and ensuring that it is maintained and used correctly. You MUST use it every single fucking day, day in and day out, any time you want to travel faster than one mile every ten-fifteen minutes

>get from point A to point B
They all do this
>keep us safe in accidents
Modern sportscars are up to modern safety standards.
>Nice mileage
25, 30mpg, 35mpg, the difference isn't huge as you get up there. mpg is a lie, gpm is more accurate due to not being logarithmic.
>never breaking
A porsche 911 > a jetta. Fyi.
>minimal impact to the environment
Ever since catalytic converters were invented, passenger cars account for

no, you're are legitimately a fucking moron.

who are you quoting?

if America wasnt such a shithole country you wouldnt have to be a slave forced to waste money on cars

shes still right just because you have issues and feel the need to turn the road into a race track on your commute doesnt mean the rest of the world does

more projection


I'm happier cruising in a sportscar than I am in an economy crossover. If you aren't, that's your problem.


sounds more like your problem tbqh having to spend more money to get the same results

>stop liking what i don't like

that doesnt even apply here

shes still right no one is impressed

kinda obvious thats why you get them seeing as the responses this thread got stay insecure

Nope, that's ridiculous.
You can't duplicate the looks or performance of a good sports car, so you can't deny that there are people who buy them for reasons other than the ones you assume.
Your argument is invalid, qed

keep trying to rationalize it

its good to buy what you want to say you dont care about the attention is plain wrong

this thread proves that with all the anger


>say you dont care about the attention
I never said that, and the two things are not mutually exclusive.
If you want to argue "shitboxes are the same as sports cars" meme, try a little harder.

Why are you on Veeky Forums?

just a guess

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good thing Im not trying to argue that

most people who get sports cars are attention whores bud

I like cars

He's trolling and drives a Probe GT thinking it's an enthusiast's car. Ignore him. It won't be long before his trip is banned and you can just start reporting him when he becomes a namefag or starts using an avatar.

>most people
See? That wasn't so hard.
Have a nice day.

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I dont drive shit anymore lol
fact you discredit a car with good performance of a time just proves your ignorance and lack of knowledge of cars

the most reaccuring theme on here is that people who dont like me dont know anything about cars

still not bait just because you dont like it

poor babby needs his echo chamber

most of Veeky Forums is part of that too


Laguna Seca was built in 1957, i doubt there is a single yuppie or hipster within earshot of the place that lived there before the track was built, meaning they all bought their homes knowing they were nearby one of the most popular racetracks in the world.

Yeah I figured that was probably the case.

No one cares what a fat SJW says, either.

>shitty liberal opinion followed by digital blackface

like pottery

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so is that a dude?

>implying I bought a sports car to impress
I got it to go fast and overtake slow pieces of shit

Wow a shallow bitch that would dump you when a newer younger model shows her the time of day

Her baby replacement dogs are also a waste of money and a public hazard that also tends to shit everywhere. Someone should tell her to stop posting their pictures on reddit because just like with cars, nobody cares.

But you can pass it down to your children, and their children. It's one way to build a legacy.

You don't have to care what you look like as a woman, do you Diana? Anything other than what God gave you is a waste of money.

all you have to do is laugh at them then they get all flustered and fuck off

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Fucken lmao

You’ll take over the world
And you can have it now
But you can’t take it with you
Everything you cling to will rot
And everything you do will be forgot


>You don't NEED a _______

>gib me dats

I don't care for taking over the world, or being influential. I just care for my family's quality of life, and want my descendants not to struggle.

>never breaking

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thats fine
its still all going to rot and be forgotten eventually

ok sweetie

I don't mind being forgotten at all. Selflessness is a virtue.

me neither nothing matters
thats why you may as well burn your money

Generally when you think people buy things to impress people its because you are the exact type of person to buy things to impress people and you cannot see any other reason.

Some people love the looks of cars, some love the performance, some love the way they mechanically work, and some just simply love the way it makes them feel.

The confidence that comes with people being impressed by your nice car (which people are in fact impressed by nice cars) is just an added bonus.

The thing people could literally not give a shit less about is stuff like dogs, expensive coffee, or art. Probably like 70% of this woman's day to day life.

Family matters, at least for some of us.
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to hoard all my money just so it means a greater inheritance for my kids, but I don't want to blow it either.

Well I reddit spaced the shit out of that one now didn't I

la creatura...

>never breaking
>who cares what it looks like
She probably has someone to drive her around. She probably doesn't even drive or pay for a vehicle in any way.


>Generally when you think people buy things to impress people its because you are the exact type of person to buy things to impress people and you cannot see any other reason.
this is spot on, though.

Absolutely harpooned

She's ugly idc about her opinion

la abominacion

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i think she already follows that philosophy

>hobby x is a waste of money
>I don't need it, therefore it's a waste of money for everyone
>I don't have any hobbies, the only things I do are purely to exist

>posts on Veeky Forums
>admits that he doesn’t own a car
Literally every word you post is worthless

I own a car dumb nigger
I just dont drive on roads

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