Tesla is kill

Tesla is kill.

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Who cares, fuck tesla anyway. Only ev car that has a place in my heart is the gm ev1.

elon musk

I can't be the only one tempted to buy Tesla stock since it'll inevitably recover.


It’s not inevitable at all. Tesla is viewed with heavy skepticism in the finance industry due to all the subsidization and inefficiency as a result. Not to mention the Tesla 3 horror stories are making investors more and more reluctant.

This seems to be related solely to that guy who died like two days ago.

Good. Fuck murderous socialists who want to purge the population of "lessors" in the name of environmentalism.

Only thing that would make my day better is hearing Musk got necklaced back in SA.

>itt: people who can barely afford to pay their rent talking about the future financial situation of tesla

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Why do you fucking spout so much bullshit? There aren't any socialist in the whole fucking country, you have no idea what it means.
Environmentalism has nothing to do with it, and Musk's Ponzi scheme being exposed say nothing about anything other than EV shills and redditors who sucked his dick.

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t. poorfag projecting hard af over his autonomous deathbox wet dream.

Only odd thing is people who hate cars and driving posting on an auto board desu. Hope that crackhead bankrupts Volvo, Uber, and the city government so that they never proceed with approving cars like that again.

>implying I don't live with me mum and put all my money into my multiple shitboxes

step up m8

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>N...NO! Elon Musk is a good goy!

>Environmentalism has nothing to do with Musk saying the globe is overpopulated and needs to be culled to a "sustainable" footprint

that you are

Autonomy is the future, loser. get over it lol

>Autonomy is the future
unlikely considering your nigger replacements arn't capable of maintaining the tech.

see literally any railroad or telegraph line ever put into Africa.

this post upsets the braindead republican

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Rest in piss

Their cars where garbage but at least some chink company or big automaker will swoop in and get the battery tech.

Will you fucking niggers go back to facebook?

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man I wish you could force google's graphs to zero out the y axis for any time period.

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muskfags btfo

teslas are shit

I wouldnt need it because i wasnt born addicted to crack.

okay? why are you telling me this, loser?

Fuck right off that's why.

What the fuck is this reddit spaced load of shit?
>>N...NO! Elon Musk is a good goy!
I fucking hate that cocksucking faggot and his redditor fanbase.
>>Environmentalism has nothing to do with Musk saying the globe is overpopulated and needs to be culled to a "sustainable" footprint
Yes environmentalism has nothing to say with the edgy ramblings of a man dumb and cucked enough to let a woman rip his arse twice over divorce.

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Fuck off Elon.

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Compared to this shitstain of a thread they where actually having a meaningful conversation not just insulting each other

Tesla is trash it's dead

>they where actually having a meaningful conversation
>first post is: "You realise the Musk hating is because you swallowed too much kike propaganda, right? (((Who))) else would want him to fail so desperately?"
At this point those mongrels are acting like parodies of their already pathetic former selves.

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go back to your cesspit and stop Linking to your shit boards

I think he meant the /pol/ thread is the one having a meaningful convo.

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I don't fucking care, they need to make their own Veeky Forums and gtfo.

There is record amount of short interest in Tesla shares. People short make money when the stock drops. There is a close to 35M shares short which is about $12B. There is another $5B short exposure people have via options (mostly March 29 and April 20 Put options). Majority of the vocal naysayers have piled in the options (seekingalpha.com/symbol/TSLA/analysis-and-news) which is the reason for the deluge of hit jobs.
Tesla itself isn't profitable yet. However the picture isn't as grim as pictured. If you look at their annual report (files.shareholder.com/downloads/ABEA-4CW8X0/5974689721x0xS1564590-18-2956/1318605/filing.pdf) page 67, the net cash used for operating the business was $60m. Tesla's business is incredibly capital intensive. In addition to investments in Gigafactory 1/2, Tesla has been expanding their supercharger, store and retail footprint. In total they spent $4B in capital investment in 2017. Tesla still has close to $5B in available liquidity. They might need to raise capital towards start of 2019 to keep expanding, which should not be hard to do if Model 3 production does ramp up. There is no imminent threat to the company like many would like you to believe.

>I think he meant the /pol/ thread is the one having a meaningful convo.
Yes and he's laughably wrong. I'm reading the thread in question and it's a hilarious clusterfuck of brainlets throwing conspiracy theories at each other, with a few sensible posts drowning in shit.

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I sold in 2017 when it was at $360 because the roller coaster ride was getting too much for my nerves. I got a lot of shit for in the comments on electrek.co (not that I cared), but there were tons of people fantasizing how it would soon be $500 or $600. Well, not really.

You honestly did pretty good.

Yup, twice actually. I bought in for $120 and sold at around $280 the first time, then the second time I bought in at around $235 and sold at $360.

>Tesla is kill.
No, it is fallout effect in any industry. When a major player stumbles in a tech industry, the other competitors sometimes also take a tumble in their stock prices as well.

Uber seems to be the situation driving Tesla down. Arizona Governor Doug Ducey suspended Uber “indefinitely” from testing in the state, after describing the dash cam footage released by the Tempe Police Department of the crash as “disturbing.” Uber has also grounded its self-driving vehicles in Pittsburgh and Toronto.

The story of Uber’s permit to test autonomous vehicles in California is a saga unto itself. The company infamously began testing its self-driving cars in San Francisco in December 2016 in defiance of the DMV’s order for the company to obtain the permit. Uber refused, and the DMV revoked the licenses of its self-driving fleet. That prompted the company to move its testing operation to Tempe, where almost a year later a pedestrian was killed while crossing in front of a self-driving Uber vehicle.

There's been a ripple effect from Uber. Toyota said it would pause its automated driverless car testing as it reviewed what made the arizona problem occur. nVidia also said that it would pause automated driverless car testing while still continuing to collect data using manually-driven cars.

Thank fuck.

Clearly the technology is there on a hardware level for autonomous Cara but the software isn't.

Opposite problem for the ev battery packs hardware is immature and flawed.

In 5-10 years everyone will try again.

God Tesla and autonomous vehicles where cancer

are you 12? Tesla AP, ever since 10.4, has been fantastic. Their re-write of the NN is excellent. Sure, we are still years from level 4, but hands-off highway autonomy is not too far from being perfected.

Oh yeah it's so perfect it kills people
Absolute fucking delusion if Tesla was a airline it would be permanently grounded but because it's California's obongo pet project it got a free pass.

Hope you get hit by a uber SUV

you seem to be angry.

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Doesn't the new gt3 have a turbo?
You seem like a robot
+1 Tesla points for you big boi


>air intakes per body panel


time was submitted before facelift

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is this loss

My favourite one is the limp mode one hahahaha

The Vette is garbage sadly I hope the Camaro ZL1 1le takes up the mantle

>Tesla is kill.
Nah, Elon Musk keeps on tweaking people's beards.

New Boring Company merch coming soon. Lifesize LEGO-like interlocking bricks made from tunneling rock that you can use to create sculptures & buildings. Rated for California seismic loads, so super strong, but bored in the middle, like an aircraft wing spar, so not heavy.
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 26, 2018

Let's see, the last time Boring sold stuff, it was the technically legal flamethrower which totally sold out. Everyone needs a flamethrower especially when driving by something flammable.

I like how The Boring Company releases interesting and not boring products. Maybe it will release some collaborative works to take advantage of the automation technology Tesla has. If Realdolls were automated, that would be interesting and not Boring.

There might be a dead cat bounce if you’re lucky

Is Tesla/munsk the new acme brand?

It's like an entire company made to pander to redditors.
>look i bought a FLAMETHROWER! i'm so quirky and ready for the zombie apocalypse!

How much are you short?

>a brand so influential is essential started the current EV race
>multiple other companies making self-described "tesla killers", recognizing them as the top of the ev space to beat
>the company has plenty of money to power through the current manufacturing woes
>haven't spent a dime of marketing and almost every normie knows about them
you'd be fucking insane not to try to get on the train while it's down

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>Tesla is kill.
Not if the other car companies can't get their own EV out there and with enough chargers to make sure they are drivable on trips. If Tesla can manage to sell to businesses instead of just the common consumer, then that might be a way to grow the brand.


Will Workhorse compete with Tesla? Electric van company Workhorse announced the sale of 50 custom-made all-electric vans with 100 miles of range to UPS for a price lower than that of comparable off-the-shelf diesel vans, without subsidies. That's amazing because EV's main problem is the large upfront price due to purchase of the battery pack. Since filling up with electricity is lower than filling up a tank of petrol, this means that the Workhorse EV vans should have a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

GM is already outselling Tesla in electric cars


Hey look, it’s the daily Tesla finance thread!

except the 5 year track is irrelevant. any financial statistic can be made to look great by looking at a long term graph. all that matters is the last year (which OPs graph shows is shit)

Good opportunity to buy the dip. Elon will think of some other bullshit to woo investors.

This. Did everybody miss the memethrower? I don't know if it's bottomed out yet but we haven't seen the last of Tesla

>production is ahead of independent projections, but behind Elon Overpromise Musk.
>model 3 early production is plagued by quality control. So were the S and X. Though they got better.
>German sedans with driving automation crash every day. Uber robot runs over pedestrian. Yet only Tesla crashes cause stock hiccups.
>tesla solar panels and batteries are selling well

Tesla just needs to pause expansion projects and focus on getting 3 production fixed. Then they can go back to new projects.


>Swerving on the haters like

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Yeah I did, as well as all the youtube videos on how to make your own that's cheaper and more powerful out of a Nerf gun

Still sold $10 million without even trying

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>on my way to fuck your bitch

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If what you say is true then it is a good time to buy some shares

I would, but I'm leveraged to the hilt on other shit.

It's been like that for years though, if anything they're better off than they were last October when they were getting like 2 Model 3's out the door a day.

Make that 43 billion market cap

Shouldn't be. I've talked to finance guys who see through it and they are bearish s hell. Elon is being soft propped right now by reluctance from major auto companies to join the ev market in full. They don't want to sink billions only to have the government come in later and start subsidizing the market hard.

They're waiting for policy to favor them jumping in, then they will start shifting their lines to electric hard as fuck. As elon never really learned volume production he is fucked.

Well that's true tho. Niggers need gassing. Gimme a billion whites and a hundred million nips. Keep around a few macacos on the reservation to play soccer with. All others (mongoloid slavic half breeds included) can die.

Damn, at this point Tesla's shares are even cheaper than bitcoin.
While they're probably struggling atm, its nice to know governments around the world are very interested in SpaceX, which might pavr the way for Tesla's survival if ol' Musky is willing to cannibalize funds from one to support the other.

Automated cars were never going to work. Electric is the future but automated is absolutely a lie. We will get over the Fallout from The Uber situation but I don't know if we can get over how bad you on musk is at actually building cars. And like I said earlier when the other is jump in because the time is right I do not think that anyone can match their expertise in the small amount of time that he has.


oof, what happened?

Do you even know what socialist means? Here's a hint: a guy who wants to turn space travel into a privatized luxury for the rich isn't one.

that's nothing new

The jews are upset musk dissed zuckerberg and deleted all Facebook accounts for all his brands.
Big hedge funds got together and divested from tesla to stick it to him for being a bad goy.

He's going to send the next spacex rocket straight to tel Aviv if they keep this up.