Cadillac just unveiled CT6 V-sport. They designed a brand new engine which is a twin-turbo 4.2-litre V8

Cadillac just unveiled CT6 V-sport. They designed a brand new engine which is a twin-turbo 4.2-litre V8


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Make it a diesel.

>pigfat dohc engine
No thanks

Cadillac better start subsidizing their leases for these vehicles because people aren’t buying the standard V6 models, let alone the high performance V8 models.

I had my father test drive a new 3.0tt CT6 and he loved the way it drove but they lease out like shit and the German competition leases better so he won’t get one. This is why Cadillacs sales are so fucking shit since most of their target population are white collar middle age men who can write their miles and gas off so they lease.

gm finally realizes pushrods are inferior to ohc.

i guess the GT raping their zr1 finally knocked some sense into those hoes

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Gm isn't new to ohc, please educate yourself before trying to troll a Philippine spam cuisine board

the ZR1 had DOHC before the GT even existed niggerlover.

Except that the Gt had dohc before the zr1 you moron

Those lucky bastards get the tocino flavored spam, I have to drive six hours to the spam museum twice a year to get any.

The first DOHC GT released in 2005, the first DOHC Corvette released in 1990.

Cadillac needs to stop trying to be European.
Tell me, why would anyone buy this crap over a V8 RS7, or a CLS 63? Cadillac should stick to making big SUVs. They keep trying to compete in this segment, but no one apart from a nigger would buy these.

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>being this fucking retarded

that u are
nope the gt was introduced in 1964 so it automatically wine

corvette had fuel injection before the gt existed.
1957. check and fucking mate.

They have the performance and initial cost locked down but they are missing a few crucial things, interior quality,technology and most important brand recognition. The majority of people that want these cars are badgewhores and want to show it and cadillac is irrelevant in that sector these days.

>Interior quality

This video is fake news. Plus do you seriously expect a fucking cadillac to fare better in this test??

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German brands are for old geriatric farts and 25 yo Turks and chinks. I'll gladly drive my caddy.

Maybe MB is better?

>Cadillac needs to stop trying to be European.

So how would you make someone buy a Cadillac over a BMW or Mercedes? What would you do to increase sales to rival those of its competitors?

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man Cadillac hasnt made a good looking car in decades

Someone post engine specs

Can't be bothered googling

Almost any modern car will have rattles, creaks its just the way they are built now. Granted this seems like and older car that will exacerbate the problem. My cadillac that is a few years old also squeaks and rattles but not even close or as horrible as this.

Is that a hot V?

550 HP 627 torqs (unusually high amount of torques for an engine like this?)
No, just a soft V similar to the V6 V-sports of the ATS and CTS.

I'm going back to the timeline where the Cien production car exists, at least they had the sense to kill Cadillac before the bailout

>no turbo 4 banger

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>wanting a luxury barge with a turbo 4

>implying cadillac is not also for old farts

But then where be the tarbo's? and the exhaust manifold? And why does the downpipe come from so high up?

Looks to me like a hot v setup

>hot v setup
oh shit are you talking about the engine itself? i thought you meant "V" as in the V series given to the top performance trim of a cadillac.

What the fuck is a soft V? It's a hot V, moron.

the position of the turbos being in between the v of the engine to reduce the distance the air travels.

i thought you meant the V series name marque at first

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Well glad we cleared that up, then. Interesting they went the same route as MB.

Maybe Cadillac doesn't want lease cucks

Euroniggers copied Cadillac not the reverse you nigger.

Well then they’re gonna be a giant money suck for GM then because that’s the market for luxury vehicles.

>within the luxury market, lease penetration is more than twice as high at 45%. Three premium makes: BMW, Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz, actually have national lease rates at or above 50%.
Furthermore, several popular compact premium cars have lease rates above 60%, with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class approaching 70%. Leasing is not limited to smaller vehicles, as all five of the leading large premium sedans have lease rates above 50%. Two of every three 7-Series are leased

Cadillac sales are also in the tank right now with Chrysler selling more 300s and Pacifica minivans than the entire Cadillac sedan line up

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