Tfw you just want a 3 litre rotary engine for year BMW A4

>Tfw you just want a 3 litre rotary engine for year BMW A4

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>4wd car on a dolly
doesn't that kill the gtr?

This kills the diff

>not knowing the difference between awd and 4wd
>thinking the diff is engaged while the car is in neutral
why are you on Veeky Forums

that's what I thought
Does gtr have a central diff? or is it some kind of clutch gizmo?

>disengageble diffs
that's a great idea. you should patent it.

>dyurr I've never heard of on demand awd

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Computer-controlled transfer case iirc
Not like it matters, since the rear wheels are always engaged anyway

on demand awd WITH a central diff?
nigga u crazy?

read all about them, retard

Because selectable diff locking is the same as selectable axle engagement.

>locking differential
>engaging/disengaging differential
what a moron

no, and a disengageable differential is not the same as selectable axle engagement either
>didn't read lol

if disengageable differential is a real thing, tell me what happens when you disengage differential? (not lock it, disengage it)

your threads are eternally shit
fuck off and die

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>hahaha and they said i need to have insurance and have my car registered to transport my "racecar" to the track.

Nissancucks will defend this

it's par for the course for most awd car.

This is a good thread

Oh cool