Why doesn't Cadillac make big barges anymore?

Why doesn't Cadillac make big barges anymore?

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They're busy making cars that people would actually buy

FWD (i.e. Jews) + appealing to niggers

Because people who want comfy barges want them with awd and enough ride height to see traffic over your shitbox. Hence the current crossover heavy lineup.
They may not look as good as the sedans but they do just about everything the sedans do but better, luxury driver vehicles are the crossovers one strong point.

Basketball SUVs are bigger.

not enough profit

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There's literally no reason why they couldn't make a GT

the CT6 is a big barge though.

Because shitty GM management has fumbled with this brand for decades.
Hardly. They still only sell one SUV and only one crossover in 2018 despite almost every other brand having at least 3 or 4. Only GM could engineer a platform like Alpha and make impossible to develop crossovers off of.

I wish this would've gotten the ls2 engine instead of the shitty northstar.

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>Only GM could engineer a platform like Alpha and make impossible to develop crossovers off of.
Seriously, just how fucking stupid GM's administration was to allow this. Meanwhile Ford is coming up with a RWD platform that's going to underpin everything from the Explorer to the Fusion. Ford is going to murder GM in the coming years, and I would't be surprised if they need another bailout to survive.

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I have to say I admire Ford's stealth approach with Lincoln. Slow incremental steps carefully planned with each new product starting with the current MKZ. This Aviator looks to be like the first truly world class luxury car they've made in a long time.

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I would unironically buy a ferd and support murica if they continue this trajectory into something I'd like for my next car, if cars aren't b& by then.

The news about the new Explorer platform coupled with the Explorer ST rumors is really exciting. Ford might finally create the first actually good performance suv.

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There is something extremely sexy about this car

I like the quad exhaust on an electric car chic

I don't need to fucking say it, do I?

Handles much better than your civic though

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Crossovers exist for mothers, the largest demographic of new car buyers. They are great for when you have young children.

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America just doesn't make luxury grand tourers for some reason, or V12s.

That mom-mobile can't compete with a type R

Cadillac's only FWD cars are the XT5 for women and the XTS for 80 year olds and rental fleets, and most are sold with AWD anyways. ATS, CTS, CT6, and Escalade are all RWD chassis.

Also this

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Ferd marrying itself to those unintentionally hilarious displacelet engines and horrid styling is sad. The explorer's a minivan, the mustang is now a BMW with downs-syndrome, the Superduty's grille is silly.
And those ridiculous little engines in big trucks is just fucking dumb.

"Ferd's progress!"
After the ranger shows up, the F-series sales will fall. After years of the dealers trying to convince people they don't want midsize trucks because
>But for the price of a loaded up nice Midsize truck, you can get a stripped down fullsize truck with a joke of an engine in it
As if that's logical.

Fuck ford, they've been lost since 2014, and cucked to the EPA.

I like this, would buy this rather than tesla

>ATS, CTS, CT6, and Escalade are all RWD chassis

And all best-selling rental fleet vehicles.

oh yeah let's go back to the fucking terrible 4.6L days when that awful engine was in everything. don't like that engine? get the equally shitty 5.4L. well if you hate the engine then you obviously haven't experienced the terrible chassis' that we produce, like the twisty and soft mustang, or the flubber that is the f-150, or the awful explorer.

ford produced SHIT cars for a long fucking time, and it's only very recent that they've produced cars that sell not on nostalgia, but on quality

Don't know if want this.

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>go to pick up some friends
>hop in the back seat
oh wait we have to open the front door before you hop in the back

car looks great, but ergonomics are not its strong suit. and that chassis would be weak as fuck


man that new mustang is on par with everything produced today. parents bought a 4 pot ecoboost and everything is nice to the touch, car drives well, etc. it's easy to love

You can open one door at a time. I wouldn't be surprised if it's based off a silverado chassis or some shit.

The fuck rental company do you see buying CT6s and Escalades? Actually the fuck anyone do you see buying CT6s?

I've seen a few CT6's and lots of Escalades though most people just go for the Suburban because it's cheaper.

dude, NOBODY buys cadillac cars. outside of the xts they're massive money losers. the escalade and xt5 are all of the profit for cadillac

Nobody even buys cars anymore. It's all trucks, SUVs and crossovers.

Think they found a good medium with the CTS

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It is easier for SUVs to meet safety regulations than full sized sedans.


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