Mfw my $3k shitbox is now worth more than any car on Veeky Forums

>mfw my $3k shitbox is now worth more than any car on Veeky Forums

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>thinking $20k is a lot

does your shitbox have 10k miles on it?

It will be chopped and stanced within a month, with so many Bolt ons the motor will blow every seal in it.


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There's also a $60,000 Automatic Supra TT on there.

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>people who stance cars are willing to pay $20k fora 10k mile 2000 Honda Civic Si

Are you retarded? Most likely the person buying it is a huge Honda nut and will keep it in it's original state.

Fucking retard.

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This is now a Bring a Trailer thread

this is ending in 1 min. Currently at $42k

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Suck my dick, for the price for my last car I could've got a fucking Viper

except you wouldn't be able to DD that and you wouldn't be able to afford the insurance, gas or maintenance either.

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except I would be able to DD that and I would be able to afford the insurance, gas and maintenance.

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No you wouldn't. Stop roleplaying.

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Yes I would, stop being salty because some people make more money than you. That's childish.

people making more money than me doesn't bother me, there are people that make more than you.

People pretending like they can afford stuff when they damn well they know they can't bother me.

Like you, now shut your lying ass up. and don't talk to me or my son ever again.

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It wouldn't even be that much in the first place, how fucking triggered can you be. Fuel and insurance combined is maybe $2000. Maintenance is a wild card, it's like new so it wouldn't need much for a while.

>that 2+2 Z turbo that went for less then 6k a few weeks back


>Maintenance is a wild card

>in 2004
>4k miles means it was BARELY driven since then
>8.3-Liter V-10

And you think you can DD it with ease LMAO. yeah ok. I'll give it to you, you're smart for whatever you ended up buying because its clearly better than a POS Dodge Viper. FCA garbage. Fucking fanook.

you mean this one that went fo $7k?

>Thinking it's not

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$20k is a lot to certain people and it's nothing to some.

Really genius?

oh i see you're one of those trolls i keep hearing about

nah this one, only 3550.

yeah, whats the point in you replying to that other person than genius.

Dodge is shit, as well as all Fiat Chrysler cars. this isn't a troll post. They never should've gotten bailed out by the government.

ah gotcha

My house is worth $350k

steb it up

I have a throbbing erection now.

Stancefags don't have that sort of money.

>2004 Dodge Viper
can you guess what these two things have in common? ill give you a hint. it's: nothing

Median income in the United States is 55k per household. It's a lot to a lot of people not just some.