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Girls are better than traps edition

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Find Suzuki riders to shit on

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Best edition in a while. Why does that Indian rider shit up everything?

This is a blue board that anyone can visit. As a Muslim man, this content is not acceptable and must be removed. I will allow you thirty minutes to delete your post before I report it myself and have you banned from this website.


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>Girls are better than traps edition

imagine a picture of a green z650 attached
>tfw not at home and I can't shitpost about my swingarm > your swingarm

Hello yuropeon

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Kawi has a very uninspired lineup.

what's Keanu's bike company again?

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Not as ugly as Yamaha at least

Google, faggot

No google is owned by alphabet

I am proud to be French and will inform you that your racism is also a bannable offense.

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To me they are very simular


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That blue and copper combo looks fucking gorgeous, and the girl's not bad either I guess.

Hardly. The R3 is the only thing that Yamaha offers to the beginner market in low cc bikes, that and some shitbag 250cc cruiser. Kawasaki offers a wide range of 125-1000cc standards with and without fairings, 600-1400cc sportsbikes, the vulcan lineup which is arguably the best japanese cruiser lineup currently in production, the versys (which offers 300 and 650cc low-midrange variants, something Yamaha doesn't offer and Honda can't compete in adventure bikes), and the KLX which closely competes with every other jap dual sport/dirtbike anyway.

The only thing Kawasaki really loses on right now is Yamaha beating it in the dual sport/dirtbike segments, Suzuki offering more decent options in those segments, and Honda beating it in the large cruisers/touring bikes with the Gold Wing.

What is the Africa twin.

Not a 300-650cc low-midrange adventure bike, that's for damn sure.

In that range you might as well just get a dirt bike

R3 and FZ07
Bolt, STAR stuff, Vmax
SFR900 or whatever it is
XT and tenere
Honda has the best of ADV with africa twin and the CB500X
The KLX is ok but its no XL or WR.

Do you even know how vast yamahas lineup is?

XR or crf rather

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>R3 and FZ07
Mentioned the R3, FZ07 competes with the Ninja 400, 650, Z650, and I guess the Versys 650 if you want to count it. Kawasaki offers much more in that powerband, Yamaha offers the kick start 400 and the R3/FZ07.
>Bolt, STAR stuff, Vmax
Vmax is based, but I wasn't really thinking of it as a typical cruiser, more like a musclebike. It does great, but it's an end game cruiser. The Bolt/Star stuff doesn't even come close to the Vulcan lineup, in fact everything in the Vulcan lineup beats out the equivalent Star bike in many ways.
>SFR900 or whatever it is
What about it?
>XT and tenere
The tenere isn't a mid-ranged adventure bike, it's actually very large. Kawasaki appeals to the smaller bike market while Yamaha appeals to the larger displacement market. The tenere is also 1200cc and I see nothing that places it over the Versys/Concours.
>Honda has the best ADV with africa twin and the CB500X
Agreed on Africa Twin, it's very appealing, but reviews seem to favor it to the offroad part of it, it doesn't seem to handle touring as well as adventuring. That said, it's based. The CB500X is Taiwanese built garbage that compares to the CB500F. The NC is also very boring and uninspiring, and I think it comes with an automatic transmission too.
>KLX is no XL or WR
I said that.

Lots of opinions here

My chain and bike got pretty dirty recently. Really only the chain but the tank and what not had a lot of pollen from being outside 24/7(apartment life but it stays covered ). Thought I was gonna need a new chain it was so shitty but kept spraying clean on and a bunch of elbow grease. Good as new! :D

>it's 70 and sunny out, first time since winter
About to tear it up.

and that's my blog post.

PAIR appendix removed
Butt Dyno reading much higher now that it's getting accurate AFR readings

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what baiku is this?

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kys wr

Definitely a cbr.
probably a cbr 250rr

Yeah buddy

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Arch Motorcycle Company, just like it says on his leathers.

Whats a nice bike for a skinny manlet?

ur moms dick faggot


Ok guys explain this to me

you faggots are all arguing about bikes and whats better and what not and this bike sucks because its 5 mph slower than this other bike

and yet I sit on my fucking 1992 650 shitbike and go out riding and like the nice guy I am let you guys on your new street motorcycles pass



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lol look at this faggot actually riding and enjoying his bike what a tool

Just ignore the bench racers.
Riding isn't about numbers.

Who the fuck actually rides?
I just mod 400s to pretend i can go almost as fast as a 650

Skinny Manlet here, didn't have much problems with any bike so far, not sure what my inseam is but I had no problens with 800mm seat height and 220kg weight


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its just one guy who doesnt get that HP mean jack shit.

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>every rider in the entire fucking world posts on /dbt/ and this thread perfectly represents all riders everywhere

That's sub-average leg length.


Heavy, expensive, no good on road, no good off road...

reading test-articles its supposed the best thing since sliced bread.

Not that expensive for a bike with brembo 4-pistons, quality adjustable suspension and a hydraulic clutch.

Seems to me just the n-th attempt at copying the success of the hyper/dorso
IMO that ship has sailed


Lowered DR 650

90% of dbt is equal to reddit riders

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Based - buy it now.

are you stupid or something? That thing is what made Ducati and Aprilia consider producing 2-cylinder sumos. Its the granddaddy of them all.

You wasn't here during the Reddit raids
Those faggots are so bad it's hilarious

I think you might have that backwards, the 950 is the original, the hyper and dorso were the copiers and always considered inferior.

And you have the fall of calling me stupid

yeah its weird, most people dont seem to even know there was a 950 LC8, they all think it started with the 990 super duke or something.

>Inferior to le Aussie forest starting special
Next thing you're gonna tell me that Duc and prilled have v2s because KTM did it first?

the 950SM is a year older than the first hyper and its got about 100hp.

I dont think anybody ever considered the Dorso or Hyper anything special anyways, as opposed to the 950 which is sort of a fan favorite.

Post your boxers.

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It's also 40 kilos heavier

3000 miles into the KLR and I'm finally completely comfortable on the highway with it.

If you own a KLR and want a better highway ride, get the parabellum rally shield it makes a world of difference. Wind still hits my helmet but it cuts through the wind much nicer with this.

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not really, Ducati cheats with its numbers, the Aprilia is actually heavier.

the 950 is 190 with empty tank, the Duc 796 is about 170 but its an air-cooled engine.

>2018 a.d.
>air-cooled engine

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the new Ducs are water-cooled of course but that makes them considerably heavier.

You can ride any bike as long as you aren't a total faggot.


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>tfw no 80's robot gf to ride with

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>Ducati cheats with its numbers

Every Italian company does this, from Ducati to Alfa Romeo. It's infuriating that you can't get correct specs from any of them.

Italy historically measures power at the crank, just take off ~15% of drivetrain losses
Also mainland Europe hp != Anglo hp, though the difference is risible

Stuffed pipes can go do gay stuff somewhere else

>reply if your bike is lit

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what car is that?
It's smol

You need at least 1 pipe per cylinder

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Post someone else's bike

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It's a microcar that I share a parking space with my bike. Underage can drive it, pretty popular in rural northern europe, keeps the rich kids warm in the winter.

I don't think the weight of four pipes would do benefit me in any way

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T. Unitalian defeatist gaybo
Clearly more pieps more better

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I've been stealing these pics off Facebook for 2 years by now

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What if there's only one pipe but it has a hole for each cylinder?

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What's even the point of that when they all come from a linkpipe anyway? That's all extra weight dudebro.

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>Dis grot

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So cylinder scavenging defeats the point of multiple pipes when you run more than two cylinders, so why would you have four pipes other than to shitpost? Boiii stop

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two pipes for 1 cylinder dude get on my level

Mine is that way
If I do end up redoing the subframe from scratch I'll make a 1in1 with one undertail and one underbelly

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>tfw no biker girlfriend

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>tfw no 6-cyl 6-pipe bike

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>tfw no 7-cyl 7-pipe 2-stroke bike

For some reason, this style of bike just gets me. Its a classic look that everyone likes, it isn't obnoxiously loud, and some of them are faster than most riders can handle.

I Think I'd like a Honda CB750

haven't you noticed that they are all obnoxious attention seeking bitches with bright red dyed hair and tattoos?
In reality they are not as cute as your 2D female biker
It's much better to have a gf that doesn't ride on her own, only as your passenger

Get a magna instead.

*overtakes u*

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>Isn't obnoxiously loud
Have you been in the same postcode as a cbx?
You can hear it coming from across the sea

*Hits boost and sails past*

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Anyone of you fellas got some tricks or tips for runstarting your bike?
My battery died during winter storage