Is magnetic suspension a meme?

Is magnetic suspension a meme?

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Yes. The lower the tech on a car, the better. Except for maybe fuel injection.

Nope. Corvette vs GT-R posting is a meme. We hardly talk about magnetic suspension

>dub dubs
confirmed, it's the future

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its a really fucking good meme

>Friction disc dampers
>No power steering (to be fair, simply don't be a faggot, put some effort into it, and turn that wheel. Will concede that can be a bit hard to do in a 70's light pickup with 700+ pounds of Cummins 4BT gudness nigger-rigged up front tho)
>Manual wiper blades
>Spray nozzles for the windshield actuated through a pedal you repeatedly stomp like a rabid monkey in order to build up the pressure
>Crank start. Since less tech=more gud, then there's no sprag clutch to save you from forever fucking up your fapping hand/arm if you don't pull it out at the proper moment
>Total loss oiling system (assuming 4 stroke engine, of course)
>All electrical connections available for control (assume between 3 and 6 if we include some rudimentary fuel injection) are done by simply wrapping the stripped ends of the wires together, hopefully achieving a reliable connection

Ye, I'm not convinced m8

What fucks you over isn't the fact that there's technology in there. What fucks you over is the fact that it's proprietary and unique to the make and model of car, so you gotta go to the only source (at least that's their objective): the car's maker itself

If it were a bit more like computers, you could Lego-up your car parts. Sensor fucked over? K, just find what type/style/standard it is and off ya go.
Motor for your power window is done for? Bolt pattern is all you need to get a replacement

A man can dream

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Well I guess what I really mean is that if a backyard mechanic can't repair it because of how "high tech" it is, then it's too high tech. Cars should have stopped evolving in the late 90s

That's something really retarded.

That's a bit broad/unspecific, tho. I know a professional mechanic that literally doesn't know how to operate a 10 dollar digital multimeter (heck, he barely knew his way around the shitty analog multimeter he had)

Admittedly, he mostly deals with rebuilding simple fuel pumps for tractors and small trucks, but when we got something like a 90's/early 2000s pickup with an electrical/electronic issue, I had to do the poking around

Heck, I remember he struggled with a diesel Ford Ranger that was towed to the shop "with a faulty solenoid". We checked it and the solenoid itself was good, but he didn't know jack about wiring so I had to replace the blown fuse for him. Turned out to be a nigger-rigged wire that had it's insulation stripped by vibration+heat in the engine bay

I wouldn't trust that guy with what he is supposed to be good at, and he lives off that, some how. I'd say he's a fairly backyard mechanic who lives off it, but still couldn't trace a faulty fucking wire

And having/repairing a mid-90s diesel trucklet, I understand the appeal of simpler design, but more sophistication isn't inherently bad. Like I said, needing the six gorillion shekel Official Model-Specific BMW-Sound-System-Fault-Scan-Tool is what sucks, having a different everything for every manufacturer and model is what sucks

If it were like Open Source/standardized at least somewhat, we wouldn't have a problem with technology, but manufacturers put a technological barrier to prevent everyone from fixing their own shit and making their business basically irrelevant once a car rolls off the showroom, among other reasons

injection gives really good mpg.
can't do it without coil on plug. it's just superior.

not this fucking board too

Not a meme, not always worth the price though.

Retarded faggot hipsternigger kys

I get this and agree with it, but does it actually perform? Is it worth the high cost and difficult maintenance?

Not a meme at all. I've been in a newish (2016+) Camaro with the magnetic ride and holy shit a CAMARO rides better than a Cadillac.


It's also great for preformance and is one of the reasons the Camaro 1LE is basically a GT-R for $45k

This a f

>does it actually perform?
The "what" does actually perform? Vehicles? In general, yes: they're more fuel efficient, even though they're fatter every day, they're more comfortable, aren't death traps in case of a crash, have generally nice sound systems from factory, and are all-around more reliable
The price of all that is cost of purchase and (complexity/difficulty of) maintenance, and more complex systems that when they fail, require more extensive and/or specific knowledge and tools to unfuck

Whether it's worth it, it's up to each owner. You might be happy with a 70s Volvo, you might be happy with a 90s Honda, you might be happy with a 2010s Lexus

You might want only the bare bones basic shitbox that you can fix with an old zip tie and your hopes and dreams, something "flexible" that'll do everything (not necessarily greatly, but will do it) like a Suzuki Samurai or a Willys jeep or a Power Wagon

It all depends on what you value, and what the conditions you're working on are
Bumbling around the deserts of Africa? Won't be taking a modern, complicated vehicle to an area where there's little in the way of engine oil to do regular changes
Living a short 15 minutes from the Burgerking? Most likely a decently fast, fun-focused car to throw around the world's most famous toll road. Heck, if you're competent with electronics and mechanic work you could build yourself a nice track car out of a pretty modern vehicle without wanting to gouge your eyeballs out every other day

So, in the end, you, dear user, are the one who dictates "yes it's worth it" or "no, it isn't"

Sadly, normies and non-car people are just led by the nose by marketing wankers, so I understand your plight with ever-more-complex vehicles, that seem to have little in the way of substance

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I think the early magnetic suspension sucked balls.

My mechanic with his C4 ripped that shit all out. He said the car would fall on it's face every time he floored it

You do realize some cadillacs have the magnetic suspension ans an option or even standard? Same with almost any GM vehicle. Also mag suspension is awesome.