Found a 1989 Firebird 5.7 L V8

Found a 1989 Firebird 5.7 L V8
Only got 57k miles
Guy wants 7000$ for it
What should I look out for? Is it a trap?

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is it a trans am


If it's manual go for it
If auto knock him down on price

>is it a trap

dumbass fucking hicks I swear...

I don’t think so
Says there’s a 383 supercharger in it

auto transmission

Well I see mint condition ones on collectors sites for like 10k+ so why not ask especially if I don’t know shit

Bring a gun.

I’ll bring 2

not original motor=worthless.

turn 360 and walk backwards

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Thanks for helping point the red flags

it's a good looking car for the year, but overpriced if it's not original.

don't listen to this retard. a supercharged 383 would be amazing in that car as long as it runs right. if it's in your price range I'd check it out, these are pretty fun cars

also 57k miles is pretty good for these cars, should be in decent shape unless it was trashed

1. the transmission is shit.
2. the rear end is shit and a 383's power, provided it doesn't immediately nuke the upper drum in the transmission, will turn the 8.5 inch rear end to metal slurry in no time, fast.
3. see 1. i've owned enough third gens' to know that, unless the rear end and transmission are built, they're on borrowed time, regardless of the mileage. also, good luck proving it's a 383... it's probably a 305.

there's a decent chance the guy had half a clue and put a th400 behind it

Ugliest firebird.

and, from experience, in my younger years, unless you pull the head, or the pan(likely head for a third gen as the k member is in the way for much everything else), you are getting a site-unseen motor. OP..find the block number on the motor.. it'll be up against the firewall, if i remember corrertly. if it's a 350, then it "could" be a 383.. ask for receipts.. don't just trust his word. if you can, offer to pay for head gaskets and pull the heads off, measure the distance from TDC to bottom of 1 piston(turn with a large adjustable on the crank nut).. then calculate the volume against the diameter of the bore. while you have the head off, measure the intake valve.. if it's a 1.87 or smaller, there is no way that's going to feed a 383 well enough to get any kind of power out of it.

Are you blind or something

It's ugly. Prove me wrong.

Here's some proof right fuckin here

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serious question, why not buy one for 2-3k and put 4-5k into building it out your way and having a much better car in the end?

hell with 5k you could pay a shop to build it for you instead of getting some piece of shit boomer project with muh 57k origenal mails

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I’ve never built a car before is my only issue
I just wanted to see how “””good””” of a deal this was from the mouths of people I trust only because anonymity brings harsh truths since most people here actually give a shit about cars
It’s looking like I am just gonna have to suck it up and project a car and hope I don’t turn into a ball of fire

Pics of engine? Supercharging a 350 is easy as piss my stupid ass did it in a day

They got no pics of the engine sadly lol

my advice is to get a car that runs but needs work, at least then you have something to start with instead of a rusted shell

if you’re still alive, would you recommend a 83 camaro with an old 350 for 2800 or 78 corvette with original motor and needs a new carburetor for 4800
These seem to be the two most promising project cars near me

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Firebirds are missing important things that trans ams have, it's not just the engine.

For starters, Firebirds have drum brakes on the back.

30 year old GM product

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why do people insist on getting f bodies when similar year c4s are the same cost and better in every way?

That's it? Wow. It's... ugly.
Awful design. Boring to look at.

Does the camaro run? What engines in the vette?

Camaro runs, 350 engine in it
Vette doesn’t say on the ad but the guy hasn’t responded since it was a little late
Here’s the pic for the vette

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C4 is literally the worst corvette ever made, enjoy your shitty missfire fuel injection. F bodies still run qjets and can be fitted with any aftermarket carb or a non CCqjet and tuned, Rejetted, hei timing re recurved etc etc. A hot rod in a GT chassis. Good look with a c4 and that giant Nintendo looking throttle body plus computer controlled spark and fuel. High trim 3rd gen F chassis are breddy God tier too. In terms of looks an IROC or transam shits all over a c4 too. Plus t tops

1992 has the LT1, not crossfire. I'm fairly certain they dropped the Crossfire in 1984 in favor of the L98. Either way, Fbody+ls swap+rear end swap makes for a god-tier car. I once did a bit of math, and a completely overhauled 3rd gen could could easily beat out any new car under $300,000 in the quarter mile would cost less than 20k.