Why does Honda need a luxury brand?

Why does Honda need a luxury brand?

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I just like to remind myself that exclusively North American car models are so shitty that global Honda Accords can be marketed as upscale in that place.

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Higher profit margins because Americans will pay for anything for 'luxury'.

They sell Acura's in China, Russia and the Middle East.

Leather seats instead of cloth, basically.

Funny enough the Acura counterpart to my Civic Si with the same engine/drivetrain had a way shittier interior for some reason.

ILX is dated.

Heard it's being refreshed after the MDX with the new grill.

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They've been making good handling AWD premium equipped cars and they also developed a very good DCT.
The north american accord was exported to Japan as the Honda Inspire and apparently was popular enough in Malaysia that production of that specific north american designed accord was shifted over there so Honda could keep selling it to them where it was used exclusively by Malaysian government officials.

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>That interior
LMAO looks like a 2012 Hyundai elantra interior. What the hell was Honda thinking?

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Do you drive a hunday?

No. But I find it funny how Honda is copying Hyundai old design now

You must have an awesome memory to know what that dash looked like. I can see similarities, but "copying" is a bit much.

Except that looks way shittier

>That weird touch mousepad

I dont see how anyone would want that over a touchscreen

>You must have an awesome memory
Thanks for the compliment :)

They need to make a type s and throw the civic R motor into it, maybe turn it into a 2 door as well. What the fuck happened to Acura being also a performance brand?

They announced they are bringing back the Type S marque so anything could happen.

Yeah the Type S TLX looks really promising. They aren't planning on making any cars with manual anymore though, which sucks cause Honda transmissions are awesome.

the TLX looks like straight ass my man, they fucked it up with the new grille.

t. 3rd gen acura tl owner

This was acura's last god machine. The only thing that held it back was that it wasn't RWD but if you're able to get your hands on one of these suckas with a stick, they're so much fun to drive.
I really wish they offered the first iteration of the TLX with a manual option.

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They don't, but Americans are stupid enough to buy marked a marked up Honda , Toyota or Nissan


because America is harsh on cars and hazardous to brand image

this doesn't look half bad, better than any Geneshits gook "luxury" in any case

what did they mean by this

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That's every country.
>see: Alfa Romeo/Maserati 's "Italion passion" (10+ brand marketing points for yurop)
>see: Jeep's outdoor lifestyle image (+30 brand marketing points for yurop outselling the entire Lexus Brand)
>see: Buick being historically driven by a Chinese leader (+1000 brand marketing for chinks BTFO all german brands with no hope of surpassing Buick in sales)

And then there's the twingo.

What's a good comfy Acura and 12k in the used market? Been looking at a tls type s but they're all beat to shit

The TL? Its not like they have many models?

Fully loaded accords are almost just as nice. A V6 6 speed accord coupe would be a nice ride

TL SH-AWD, get one with a manual, its a mid 13s car that will scoot to 60 in low 5s. Fun car.

Also OP, and everyone shitting on Acura, did you not just see the new RDX announced? It looks fucking awesome. 275 hp, 280 torque from the CTRs 2.0t(Meaning it should dyno close to its advertised hp), SH-AWD that can send 70% of the power to the rear, real leather and metal, exclusive platform, 19 speaker system, Acura fell off hard but theyre definitely making a comeback. Would rather have this over an SQ5

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