What is the appeal of 80s cars? They're cheap, under-powered, ugly shitboxes but there's real nostalgia for them

What is the appeal of 80s cars? They're cheap, under-powered, ugly shitboxes but there's real nostalgia for them.

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the turd gen is a common landing spot for ls swaps.
great aftermarket support
feel like you might die if you take it over 130.

I like the style, but I can see why others don't.

You don't buy an ild sports car for practicality though, that's dumb. You buy it because nothing like it could be made again, you can't make cars that are that thin, light, or smelly these days.

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>new knight rider bombed
>was ok though
>people would rather watch identical political or medical drama #900 or reality tv
It hurts brahs

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People like things. Why do you drive a 2019 Lexus Crossover, Sharon?

80's cars were developed during an optimistic time and a lot of the development was based around the butt dyno. The numbers might look disappointing in today's standards but get behind the wheel of one and you'll realize they're still fun as fuck to drive.

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Modern cars are like jokes, you laugh the first time really hard, second time is great too, the joke gets old really fast but they don't stop telling you that joke over and over again.

Ooo awesome, you get from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds in a grocery getter and every thing is sooo smooth and you totally not realize you're already over the speed limit because even higher speeds feel like crawling.

In old shitboxes you were constantly reminded how fast you go by the sheer noise, vibrations and overall drama which modern cars lack.

What do you mean by 80s cars? A car from 1981 will have a massively different design to one built in 1988.

It also depends on what sort of cars you're into. The 80s brought out some of the best barges you can buy.

Boomer hate thread?


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objectively untrue for people with functional eyes.

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for me its the blend of an analogue and digital components
plus comfy interiors
also having lived though the 80s makes me annoyed with newfags who don know the bad parts

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some people have bad taste and think they look good

the ugliest decade

what you mean ?
some just cant handle a box made of curves

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Really living up to your trip there, buddy.

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Literally nothing looks good on that car.
>but muh porsche

they ugly

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wow please provide me with an example of a car that qualifies as good looking in your eyes

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oh so you just want swoopy lines? k you must be 18 to post here.

Personally I think it’s mostly an extension of the appeal 70s cars have: basically, people like it because it’s a shitbox. You have an extremely cheap platform from which you can build anything you want and make people’s jaws drop for all the wrong reasons.

The styling is there too. This was the golden age of lift-up fastbacks and pop-up headlights. Designers and the cars they designed stayed a bit more traditional in some places, like in the Firebird, but some, like Ford’s Taurus and newly-facelifted Mustang, had space-age curves that would be a harbinger of all the goodies the 90s had in store.

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hey I like Fuchs just not on a bottom tier ugly ass shitbox

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damn got me

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Can you believe he does it for free?

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Not from me, couldn't agree more. I suspect a lot of people that pine for them have never driven them.

You posted a 70s car

I forget how old it is
suppose the 1980s restyle is barely noticeable

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I happen to really like 90s cars better desu senpai.

Nice Hotwheels

This honestly