WTF I love Toyota now

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Fuck off

Make it fun Toyota. We want fun cars again. I want to see at least 300hp and AWD.

>auto rev matching

I want Jalopnik faggots to leave

Please have turbo model. FWD is fine if the damned thing makes at least 250hp.

At least I won't have to worry about looking out the back window

It will be extremely slow and extremely fast looking

>the back looks like the front
>the front looks like the back
toyotafags will defend this

Can I have it without fucking rear doors too please

It's going to be faster than the 86 isn't it

Well it's impossible to make a car slower than the 86

It's like a Mazda 3 but uglier

My Ford explorer is faster than that sports car

The real question is how it holds up to the Civic Hatchback Sport which is probably the most direct competition/comparison.

It has a volume knob.


It does looks depressingly ugly. Why are all new cars so fucking ugly

Direct and port injection. Im interested.

bring back the matrix already

>It does looks depressingly ugly
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looks completely fine if you ask me

don't forget resin cylinderhead

I am not sure whether it will live up toyota reliability meme.

I have a 1982 one, things were built to be bulletproof back

Just give us a fucking sequential already

>Sports car

It's a corolla my retarded friend

Mazda managed with the MX5.