Is this an actual thing or does the guy just have 200 IQ?

Is this an actual thing or does the guy just have 200 IQ?

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Other pumps might be full or taken, and there may not be any room to turn the car properly. With that small a car and that long a hose you might aswell just do that

I hate my truck's middle of the body filler hole for not being able to do just this for stated reasons


There was room to the right of my pump. Im just wondering if anybody else here does this aswell.

What truck would this be? Sounds interesting

Why do you think they make the hose so long dummy?

Works well over a pick up box too.

A half ton 91 Chebby. Right at the front of the box on the driver's side. I have given thought to just pulling the hose over the bed but it hasn't gotten to that point... yet

I do it with my Civic when the other pumps are taken.

i know this sounds incredible insane but why not just pump sitting the corect orientation to the pump?

sometimes u just forget, ive done it once or twice if i go to a different gas station

Because in my country the side of the road that the petrol station is located on dictates which direction cars face while filling up.

If I turned around I'd be facing the wrong direction and make things difficult for other motorists.

>extra long hoses fill both sides

No self respecting alpha car guy would fill his tank on the wrong side a risk scratching and scuffing his car

Effort, safety. The last thing I want to do in a crowded gas station is back up into a pump for fear some retard is going to move and not see me

>censoring a long, thin, rectangular plate with an American flag

When will the obsession end?

canada just got some Mobil stations with a retarded rule, you can only enter the pumps from one direction. This leads to half of the 8 pumps being unusable unless they do this bullshit like OPs pic.

I learned this after trying to pull in the other way to use an empty pump and being told off.

>American flag
>speedo in kmh
>canopy is 4.2m high

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glad someone else realized that this is just yuropoor coping

Hate single direction stations, you end up with cars queuing for one side of the pumps and the other empty, except for guys like OPs pic which is what I end up doing, it's a hassle though you usually end up bleeding fuel everywhere when you straighten the hose.