I bought a car b/o/is

I bought a car b/o/is.

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look closer, that's no f*rd


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you bought the wrong car faggot

i bet it can't beat the z06 around the nurburgring LOL, you're a fucking loser GTR fancuck

if you can't get a sub 9 second quarter mile why did you even fucking bother

gas yourself

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even worse, he bought a fucking KIA

Assblasted gm fangirl detected
There's no shame in it user. Fords are better than gmshit


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seriously though like what the fuck were you thinking

literally the worst car brand in existence, well known to be complete pieces of shit
I bet you could have had a Lexus LS for whatever you paid for that heap of shite

Killed In Action

it was too good of a deal to pass up, $2,500

I like Fiesta STs and Mustangs too.

good job retard

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Thank you Anti-Gook

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u are fuckn joking right??
u didnt buy this huge piece of shit...

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Oh my god man, my dad had an Amanti when I was growing up

what a hunk of shit, needed a replacement motor at 90k miles
then some other major thing went wrong and we sold it for parts to some mexican for $600

LMAOing at your life

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Come on, it can't be THAT bad guys?

It's so comfy and quiet inside, and Doug Demuro would like it.

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burning $2,500 is objectively a better decision

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>Doug Demuro
Okay, friend.

Holy fuck why did this image make me laugh so hard

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You bought this hunk of shit for TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED US DOLLARS?
Have fun selling it in a few months for less than a quarter of that, retard


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congrats on your purchase! if youre happy with it, then thats all that matters


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I am! Thank you!

Just changed the alternator, the car runs pretty good and it has only 21k miles reinforcing how much of a steal it was at $2.5k!

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rip user scammed by some armenian car dealer

>armenian car dealer

user... how did you know?

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>tfw bought a new car today too
2018 Honda Civic LX

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Congrats! Manual or auto?

Auto. If I want my manual fix, I'll just hoon on the bike.

Oh dear. I thought this was an elantra or something passable but what the fuck did you just do. This is not going to be $2500 after 10k miles.

>spending tens of thousands of dollars on a FWD slushbox

I just don't understand it

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Kia you blind morons

>Long commute to regrettable IT job
>30 miles of bumper to bumper traffic that will inch along for nearly an hour at times
>Have to climb a fairly tall bridge at one point that regularly gets congested

Your clutch will get hotter than a motherfucker, even with proper use.