British sports cars

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>coil voltic

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God I hate these people so much, the ones that go:
it's almost like you've never seen a car outside of your parents house

britdrivers will get the rope

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Lotus Elise*
>fuck off

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Yeah I don't think he has

american sub divisions are so ugly
why do we keep doing this shit

>said the legitimately triggered 19 year olds who just got their licenses

You faggots are pathetic, shut the fuck up.

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What's wrong with them? they seem like the kind of nice quiet suburban neighborhood you can leave a really nice car out and no one will touch it. also (assuming its upper class filled with uptight whites and white-behaving blacks) hardly any crime, violence or trash idly lying around.

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Endless suburban sprawl is soulless and ugly.

Cookie cutter McMansions doesn't make it less so.

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why are redcoats still allowed

Maybe i'm biased because I've lived in vastly uglier neighborhoods and houses but they actually look pretty lively IMO. its like a small patch of american Utopia of how america could and *should* look if all the social and political cogs were spinning together in unison, if there weren't so many culture clashes and we functioned more like ants in a neatly and orderly dug anthill similar to behavior found in Asia where everyone looks and behaves mostly the same instead of different animals in a chaotic jungle. The picture you posted certainly seems soulless but we've come a long way since then and each house could be styled a bit differently whilst remaining neat and lined.

What would you reckon is a good or more soulful looking neighborhood? pic related is China's "richest village".

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Modern ones are ugly. They just try to cram as many (of the same) houses in a little of an area as possible.

Growing up in a suburb from the 60's was the best. Big, private yards, lots of old trees, different houses.

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ah fug

This. Shit like is appealing because you get a fuck load of land to do what you want. AND the houses are so old that over time people have changed it up so much that its rare to see 2 remotely alike side by side.
Compare that to nu-suburbs like OP's pic which are all the same disgusting brown packed like fish in a tin can garbage.

OP here, entire city is jam packed with mexicans

The houses from the city in the picture you posted in full of mexicans? damn that changes everything and can make even the nicest most comfy looking houses feel gross.

Oh yeah, this is one of the newer neighborhoods. City's also retarded enough to build a roundabout in the shape of a local high school's mascot.

My daily life is pretty much nothing but British sports cars.

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Holy fuck

You lucky man.

it is about as british as the queen

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>tfw no Cerbera

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Saab is Swedish

why do these houses all look the same?
What is this? Some kind of commusinst neighborhood?

nice Opel

yeah Japan and Korea are fucking terrible places when it comes to self expression and individuality. If you stray too far from the norm you're shamed and shunned. Trust me, living in a society like that is terrible.

Good old HOA. The houses are actually somewhat diverse however I'm sure the HOA forces them to all have the same color scheme.

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Trigger warning for the 'muritards who didn't know the gt40 is English

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Aceleration that will rip ya tits off

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lmao ur the one who needs to leave ur parents house. people play these things called video games user they are about real life stuff but in a virtual world, check them out sometimes they are fun

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>Plexiglass panels
Stop, my boner can only get so hard

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