Is there any car more overrated and gayer than the miata?

Is there any car more overrated and gayer than the miata?

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nice b8 its not original

brz desu senpai

Doesn't make it less true kek

Your mom.

>tfw OP get's BTFO in another thread so he makes his own thread since he is an attention seeking faggot.

SAGE hidden and reported you no car having nigger.

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>no car
I actually have two and a bike. Hairdresser pls go

post them so we can see your taste, faggot

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Z31 owner hahahahahahahahahahaha

this nigga is mad because he owns a genuinely shitty car with little to no aftermarket. pathetic.

Now let's see yours, busrider

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The Wrangler is by far. You can drive it without doors so you can just get the dudes right in there and start suckling. The crevasse bar and hi lift jack make great handholds when your getting your shit pushed in or vice versa.

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This guy gets it. Driven either by faggots or sorority girls.

frs/brz. owned by people who take their cars in for spark plug changes. probably slower than your average miat too

actually girls fucking love dudes who drive jeeps.
drive a jeep with the doors off and drive up beside any woman on street walking and offer her a ride, 9/10 will take you up on it, the 1 is a dyke

>implying you wouldn't tenderly love a Miata in the tailpipe

>actually girls fucking love dudes who drive jeeps.
this is only true near military bases, and smashing girls near military bases is just asking for trouble

The WRX, it is inferior to the Lan Evo most of the time other than the fact that it won't be shredded to pieces after a couple of runs. You also can't cry
>LAN EVO is over hyped, fanboy
Because there are no more Mitsubishi fanboys after they ran all the evos into the ground after Mitsu ran the series into it as well

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damn, it's in SF too. Mini cooper is the right answer though


Op is right

Toyota MR 2

And not just the 3rd Gen. ALL OF THEM.

Millenial-tier toy with all the same drawbacks of the Miata only with less storage space and dangerous AF. Useless for anything other than talking about them on the internet.

T. cantdrive

Seriously, how the fuck do you make an MR2 dangerous? It's just a corolla with the engine in the back so you won't get stuck in the snow as easily.

its gayer than aids but i wouldn't call it over rated
by all accounts its legitimately a fun and decent handling little roadster

the 2nd gen at least look cool, 1st and 3rd look like dogshit rolled in glitter

that's why the 2nd gen is now a classic that can't be had for less than $10k despite being a 25 year old car

>I'm insecure with my masculinity so I have to say how manly I am all the time


sexy body, top 5 nip designed bodies ever
gay engine

Those popup headlights look pretty slutty desu

I would unironically want to own that miata its fucking cool