Underrated Cars

Sup Veeky Forumstists, lets post some underrated cars.
Starting with the best of them all.

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Here's another by the same manufacturer no less, Acura just churns out unsuspecting god machines.

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fite me irl

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hey bro ain't no mazda posting 'round these parts.

I know it'l fall apart once I hit 150k miles but goddamn is it nippy for a shitbox

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Best 90's shitbox coming through

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I had one and it was a great car. It’s most likely underrated because Mazda made like.. 65 of them

>Powered by R/C engines

Made me reply, 2/10

As a fanboy of acura, the new nsx looks nice, but i'd still take a 92 targa top red nsx.

Camaro V6 1LE

Heavily overshadowed by its V8 brother but it’s a great car for what you pay for as it’s got the base camaro SS suspension and tires along with a 335 hp V6. Can pick them up at dealerships for $33k brand new

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>senna niggers
>complaining about things that are actually positives and/or effected the original
gets me every time.


>rebadged Accord

80's early 90's dodge turbos

Pic related was nearly as fast as the corvette of the same year. I had a 92 spirit r/t that was ahead of it's time, and the fastest production sedan made up to that point. No one talks about these.

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Literally anything that has the Iron Duke engine.

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>those ancient iron poop engine'd mail trucks

why would you romanticize that engine? I had a fiero with a duke. Not a sexy engine. It got the job done though. Shit redline.

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>those ancient iron poop engine'd mail trucks that have been running since the 80s.

the newer accords are modeled after the 3rd gen TL, also i posted the type S with a stick shift you mong.

fight me

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>targa top
And you call yourself a fanboy


I'd buy one if it wasn't so shit to look at

Sounds good on paper but it drives like ass

Love the spirit R/T, that 2.2 turbo III engine was a killer and it looked sweet compared to most sedans at the time in the US

i think stock 0-60 times were below 6 seconds or something. Was incredibly fast at the time

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fucking penis windows

honestly i kind of like the bugish front
the back is sexy and the interior on the ultimate is fantastic

care to elaborate? ive driven current year stangs and challengers and i really could not tell the difference
it doesn't handle like a boat compared to the competition

holy fuck that's sexy

reminds me of those mercs

that car was fast as fuck. the problem was the head drain/frees plugs were made of a different material then the head. It cracked the head. Those heads only came on the R/T. So that leaves you basically fucked. I bought one that was getting oil into the antifreeze, and the previous owner already changed the head gasket. Really cool fucking car though. Stock it ran high 13's low 14's. You could easily put 3-4 more PSI's of boost on it. So solid 13's without doing shit. That's a car I'll regret selling one day. Bought and sold it for $1500 12 years ago.

The R32 is wayyy underrated, not enough people respect this car

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TL sucked dick. Just a lame V6 in a US made TSX.

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good cars these

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This x100

Was obsessed with them as its got a 350 hp 3.8 V6, brembo brakes, rear mechanical lsd, 6 speed manual, and staggered tires/wheels. However, after driving one I was pretty let down:
>lots of interior rattle
>super loud in a bad way on the freeway
>grainy V6 that didn't feel like it had 350 hp
>felt big

Steering and brakes were nice though, enjoyed that. Interior was also a lot better than the 370z. However, i would still get a Z before the genesis as its lighter and the chassis feels significantly better (less body roll and stiffer).

Also did you drive a mustang GT w/performance package? Its a much better car imo

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12 years ago damn....must be crazy seeing how cars have changed so much over your lifetime right?

I'm only 21 now and can remember when the dodge challenger SRT8 came out in 2008 thinking it was so powerful with 425 hp haha

that's a 900

Pretty much most Suzuki's in NA if your looking for a shitbox. They're light, have 4 wheel mac struts and most of their low compression engines like boost. Not as much rice tax as Honda's and Toyota's and easier to find not completely riced out.

That's why there's still brand new models that won't sell, right?

>the new GT runs 13s