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You wouldn't understand, pussy boy.
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To achieve maximum velocity

Plenty of cars from this era were capable of high speeds without it, was this person just lazy or wanted to be unique?

He just wanted to wake turbulence with caution.

The amount of drag/turbulence caused by open wheels in F1 is drastic.

I remember hearing some tidbit about a NASCAR team during the "golden days" when a team showed up a monocoque that covered the entire wheel well. People laughed at them wondering how they were going to change tires. After qualifying they just took a saw and cut out the wheel well and replaced the tires.

Pretty /Akira/ if you ask me

If they managed high speeds without it, imagine even higher speeds with it.

>wheel well covers to reduce drag
>large wing to increase drag

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The wing isn't for creating drag, dummy.

t. aeroless brainlet

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downforce =/= drag

I thought that said "Wangan run with Chikun"

Not sure which golden days you're talking about (as if they had a custom body shell, it was clearly past the era of actual stock car racing), but the Hudson Hornet did have enclosed fender skirts and it basically dominated NASCAR the years it was entered.


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Shut up, POOSEY.

Wait the Hudson Hornet is real? I thought he was just a character from the cars movie

>he doesn't know

oh boy

You bet your arse it was, the Hornet was the car that dethroned the Olds 88's winning streak in stock car racing.

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cars is based off a real story

>is the Hudson Hornet real

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the front cut outs are like on Ferrari 250 TestaRossa
some other cars have it too
Speed Shop Shinohara S30z
autozam az 1 type c

its not too steeply angled
real issue with that kind of roof shape is to avoid lift
for lower drag a long tail is more effective but they are sort of banned at the moment

it also has a really low centre of gravity compared to other cars at the time
good engine too
I first learned of the Hudson hornet at burger king
they used to have all sorts of old posters

Cause Mazda Insight

what do you niggers actually like, seriously. anything slightly out of the ordinary or unconventional gets shitted on relentlessly on this board.

Admitting you like anything is frowned upon, newfag.

maybe ive been here too long

Well we are all different people with different likes and dislikes... Those who dislike something and are looking to start shit are more vocal than most others.

I don't care man, I just like cars.
Small cars, big cars, lots of cylinders, few cylinders, NA supercharged turbo I don't care... I just like em all

>He doesn't recognise Scoot Sports RX-7 from the legendary Option top speed run in 1999 in New Zealand
Newfags get off my lawn

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Always thought it looked hideous. Jaguar used them on their Camel GTP cars too.

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not the same car. when you compare the pictures

Do I look like a fuckin' weeb to you?

>A car must remain the same for 18 years.

looks like a simple cover that you can take off, i'm pretty sure it's rocking a feed widebody too

Rear wheel covers make me hard, user.

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Increased drag coefficient =/= drag
so long as it's useful of coarse.
downforce is a big player in cornering and even high speed driving in the straights.

>one drag just slows you down
>the other slows you down but also pushes you against the ground for more grippu

>what is downforce