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>How does the collage work?
See pic related.

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Shell update.

>One fender came in, and the rear bumper
>pulled the side molding off, I have a brand new set coming
>still dirty af inside

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Also sprayed down the bay with Fantastik and cleaned it up. Definitely need to spruce up the paint in here just a little. Not show car status, though.

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Buddy also pulled the radiator support. It was beat to shit (probably from being dirt nasty low) so it's worth buying a new one.

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Looks nice.

Probably won't be digging into it again until Friday, and we'll be pulling the red car's drivetrain at that point. So hype.

Thanks. Aside from the H O R R I B L E paintjob, it's in great shape aside from some minor damage here and there. I'll try to make it great.

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It'll clean up well. You seem passionate enough to get it there.

In regards to the last thread, I looked into that suspension setup you suggested and they end up coming to around $2000 for a brand that has no presence here. My husband has the final say of our finances, and he'd prefer I get something else, even if it costs more.
Will see how it goes.

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What other brands are available? It's honestly hard to go wrong as long as you don't get some no name thing from China. Stuff like this off the top of my head.

>Megan Racing
>BC Racing
>Function and Form

good luck

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I don't really know. He's a lot better with car stuff than I am and will find what's best for me.

Pic related.

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Thanks m8

>tfw wanna Honda Primo banner when I make it somewhat nice (for a 30k mi a year daily)

I also wanna re badge it as a Civic Si using the period correct logo. SOHC VTEC is tempting too.


That's badass. I'm sure whatever he picks will be more than enough.

I'm sure whatever he picks will be good. I got my licence late, and we bought the Civic as something that I could modify after I learnt to drive properly.
The fact it's so practical is even better.

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That's a nice color for the seats + door inserts.

Expected the R34 to win this just by reading the title kek

Thanks, they're stock for the Japanese Vti and SiR models. I like them too, but I wouldn't pay for them.

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Thoughts on a 2018 civic coupe?

Anyone know solution to shitty 8th gen Accord and Civic paint?

My Accord with 30k miles is chipping paint off completely by the rear windshield, it's blue painted and chipped off to white.

Im looking to buy a new car. Im a poor college student and have been looking at used cars under 10k.

Was wondering if it would be wise to be pic related with 150k miles on it.

Also i dont know much about cars and what makes a used car good.

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As long as you know how to drive standard and you're aware it will always need premium fuel it's a good car

lots of wax

Well how do i know if a used car us a good car?

More specifically, what are the red flags to look for in a used car?

ES poly bushing kit came in.

Is it true I shouldn't install it in areas with torsional loads? Which places should I steer clear of? I bought rubber RTAs since I figured those would not handle polyurethane well.

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Search "how to buy a used car" on youtube. Scotty Kilmer and Chrisfix made good videos on it. You can spend as little as $3000 for a used beater car that's reliable.

walk around the car. look for mismatched paint, uneven panel gaps, missing trim, big dents, chips in the paint, etc. check the brake pads for wear, check the tires

get in the car. make sure everything works from the mirrors to the radio to the sunroof to the lights to the power seats

start up the car. make sure it starts up immediately. no hesitation, no squealing, no weird vibration, nothing

drive the car. does the clutch engage perfectly, do the brakes feel good, is there minimal hesitation from the throttle, does the gear linkage feel direct. is there wheel shake at 60+ mph, when you brake does the steering wheel shudder, etc.

open the hood. is the air filter clean, is the oil clean, are the belts worn, are the motor mounts fucked, etc.

you can't tell a 'bad' car from a 'good' car without a lot of investigation.

Thank you

This is all really good advice.

In addition to is the oil clean, just check the level. If it isn't where it should be, the seller is retarded. Someone with some intelligence would top off oil before trying to sell it

Also to get less specific, examine overall car symmetry

But in general follow this post, it's good if you aren't technical.

finally pulled the trigger and got me a set of sweet RPF01's in 15" for my EK4.now i need to buy me some sticky Yokohama AD08R rubber wich will run me almost 500 bucks..lel switzerland

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