Vintage American muscle cars in Japan > Vintage American muscle cars in America

Vintage American muscle cars in Japan > Vintage American muscle cars in America.

This is not an argument.

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>this is not an argument
Because nobody but you is retarded enough to even suggest it.

They look after them better.

t. butthurt boomer

exactly my nigga

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I don't disagree with him myself. i dream of driving a GNX through Japan's highways listening to

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>tfw no vintage weeb cars in america

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Why should the location matter? Bad taste and good taste exist everywhere.

umm try again sweaty

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That looks like something Early from Squidbillies would drive.
>if yew got a fo fiffy fo big block!

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Where are the muscle cars?

We need to go deeper into America

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This is all you get.

[also nice trips + tripcode]

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>butthurt boomer
You're literally praising boomer shit that happens to be in anime land. Are you fucking retarded?

agreed, I have a feeling OP is uneducated in the old ways.

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Yeah this is some weeb shit. Praising Japan just cuz it's Japan.

>butthurt boomer
yea you're a retard.

This meme needs to die out. You don't deserve a (You)


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He literally said why he did that in the next line you fucking attention-let.

The "At symbol" makes my dick so fucking hard id cum stains in my pants if a sexy lady had it tattoo'd on her tits or legs.

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not him, but its not.

american boomers overwhelmingly have fucking awful taste putting fucking stupid wheels and stupid mods on their cars.

"yeah i put the 22 inches on my 65 mustange, compliments the curves i think perfectly" - boomer

tldr: japs have taste, americunts have no taste

Explain these wheels then
Like I said in
, taste knows no borders.

% wise

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FOOSED holy shit that's bad
But somewhere, some nip sees that like some fuccboi here sees a bosuzoku car and thinks that's the coolest style ever.

Weaboo shit. Eventually you'll grow out of your early twenties and realize your infantile obsession with chinks is embarassing.
Need I post the tacky shit they do? Since they are so cultured.

i'm mainly going off those shitty tv shows, where they always get classic cars and 99.9% of the time, the boomer designer/garage owner fucking lolhuge dumb cunt wheels on them, EVERY FUCKING TIME. some nice period wheels occasionally would be nice.

yeah with american muscle, please do.

Pretty much everyone into cars here hates """""""reality""""""" tv garage shows here. Cabld jn general needs to die. Only good one was monster garage because it was so fucking stupid. Mud bog racer corvette, lawnmower mustang, swamp boat new beetle, etc.

I think the nigged wheels thing comes from boomers going fucking blind and thinking that's what a 15 or 16 looks like.

Yea. You're definitely 18, obssessed with "kanjo" "bosozoku" "middo naito" "shakotan" or other gook shit. Grow the fuck up bitch and buy your own car instead of drooling over tumblr photos. Dumb weaboo faggot weakling PUSSY. I will fucking kill you

last time I checked bbk's don't fit under 13 inch wheels lmao you're pretty dumb

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Good brakes can fit under 15s, though.

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Anybody have the picture of the 1968 ford mustang with the bolt on fenders in japan ?