ITT Your car

ITT Your car

3 things you don't like about your car
3 things you do like about your car
1 thing you wish you could change right now

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Salvage title
Parts constantly need replacing
The design is bland and uninspired
It's a v6
One thing you could change:
My car

2018 Subaru Impreza


>Cheap speakers
>Premium wheels are ugly

>Roomy and comfy
>Very good visibility from Windows
>Isn't overloaded with needless bullshit

>Get a WRX

>Dash rattles
>Gauge hood cracked
>Frame rail dented to all shit
>Cheap and easy repairs
Wish I could
>Have a torsen differential or an actual highway gear

2012 Mazda 3
>Skyactiv = underpowered
>limited utility
>doesn't have much potential for fun upgrades
>manual trans makes it fun enough
>I find the color and design of the car endearing
>Either wish it was a speed3 or that it was just a truck instead

2004 Ford Focus SVT
Things I like:
>It’s a zippy hot hatch with respectable specs
>It’s cheaper than other zippy hot hatches with similar specs
>It’s a blast to redline and take around corners
Things I dislike:
>180k on the odo
>the leaking oil filter gasket has me concerned about what else may be wrong
>still smells like brake and transmission because I learned stick in this car
What I want changed
>Give me forced induction, because why not

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Clunky infotainment system
A little loud
Lots of cool tech (especially lane watch and proximity door docks)
Even driven hard it never gets under 30 miles per gallon
Comfy and great view of the road. It feels more expensive than it is.
>One thing to change
Summer tires

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>3 things you don't like about your car
1) Repairs are expensive
2) Bodywork is expensive
3) Insurance is expensive

>3 things you do like about your car
1) Unforgettable
2) Oh shit it's so fucking fast
3) Handles incredibly

>1 thing you wish you could change right now
That I hadn't just bashed the nose into a stupid culvert.

No "Oh shit" handles for the passengers.
No split folding rear seats
The TPMS system won't self-learn new sensors so it's a trip to the dealer when changing between summer and winter wheels.

The sound
The handling
The looks

2000 more RPMs and 15% more power.

I'll play

1989 e30 bmw 4 door
13b-rew engine.

Don't like
-open diff
-rust appearing behind the sunroof again
-it's pretty thirsty..

Do like
+fun as fuck to drive
+dropping it into third on the highway and letting the engine scream
+backfires when changing gear

One thing I would change
=Rebuilt engine+bridgeport


>can rub dick on asses if crowded
>get to laugh at cagers

>no cons

Don't like:
Complexity/cost of the rear suspension


What I would change:
I would make parts for the rear suspension more affordable

>steering wheel too big
>really needs bucket seats
>the previous owner did retarded wiring job and i downgraded speakers to stock so i have to unfuck his ricer ass job (and had to get new door panels), so far driving without speakers and id be bored to death if exaust didnt sound good


>most body panels replaced with carbon fibre

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1999 Impreza
>Rattling interior
>Starting to rust
>AWD a beast
Fix the bodywork

2013 Chrysler 300c

>Mi gustas
s'got a hemi

>No mi gustas
heavy (4300 lbs)
suspension slightly too soft
visibility is shit

>El change-o
I'd stiffen the suspension just a bit. Speed bumps make me bounce/scrape unless I'm going

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Honda Civic EK Sedan with B16a
Don't like:
AC Doesn't work
Has a big dent that I need to get repaired

It's a factory B16a
Handles Nice
Stock, so nice for shitty country roads

Wish I could either fix the dent, or find time to fit the S80 I have for it.

Don't like:
-It's length and width
-Its reputation on the streets
-It's length and width
-Its reputation on the streets
Wish I could change
The indicators are a bit hard to reach - I have small hands. Also putting them on on 3 clicks is hard, you need to be way too gentle. I always end up just turning them on.
Also the wheel doesn't come out very far. My arms are short. Ok there are a few things i"d change

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I still want one.
t. amerifag

Don't mind my car but....
>Be me
>Own 1996 suburban
>Bought for a whopping 800$
>Third row seating leather
>Top of the line model in 96
Would definitely fix the rot build the tired 350 and upgrade the transmission. Already makes out ok as an adventure/road trip vehicle. Bit would want more power and a less prone to destruction tranny for tow purposes. To be fair though it did tow a one ton dump truck on a trailer though.

That's pretty fair if I were to get back into subes I would definitely go WRX

Or in my case actually fit without needing the convertible top down at all times lol