Find your car in a film or TV show and post it here

>go to internet movie car database (
>Find your make and model
>Post results

I've found some pretty obscure stuff on there. This was the most obvious.

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>autism the website
still hecka cool tho

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>tfw own crown vic

I feel like this is cheating.


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Oh wow my car was actually on there

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>59 pages of E30's
>Finally found a silver M-tec 2

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Did you know someone made a Megaman movie in 2010?

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Holy shit shit my old Calypso 4dr SE was in the same movie

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1994 Honda Accord wagon. Background car in many early 2000s movies and TV.

Most notable occurrence is that Bill Nye the Science Guy purchased one at the very beginning of filming his original show. He used it to carry film equipment and various props like scuba gear with the back seats folded down.

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OP here, that is neat.
It's like seeing my own car animated.

It's really a documentary.

Funny trivia - 10 sec later everyone on that truck dies.

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Well...Vampire car

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What the opposite of commercial, something that makes you not want what they're selling?

Used in down and derby?

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Ou M8 Midsomer murders

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It's all about expanding target demographics really, make it stacey's 16th car instead of the new trade in of the 60 year old geography professor.

used in 4 german movies
figures I guess but im still somewhat surprised
unless they state otherwise, im sure theyre all 2.0t I4s, I got a 2.8t V6

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right year and color but wrong wheels

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it's an ad but hey, pretty good one

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Nevermind that was a 9 not a 7

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There are too many to choose from as it's in practically every Italian TV show and movie in some way or another.
Plus loads of animes which is odd.

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>the most generic vw car
>background eurotrash movies
I can't say I'm surprised

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>Last on the list is a random civil war appearance

I remember my old Citroen got attacked by an Ultron bot in Avengers 2, got a smile out of me in the cinema

Surprised my car made it onto top gear. I get a lot of shit at work for driving a "glorified bogan car" because all the other smug engineers would rather drive their Audi's than be a true Australian and drive a RWD ute

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I guess Chrysler only started paying for ads with the second (inferior) gen of the 300C.

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fnf has everything
shit load of mrses in top gearu as well

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>there's an inferior one

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surprised its even in a movie

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yeah theres like 3 or 4 different gens and diesel and v6 models so