Alright boys, I'm pulling the trigger and buying a c6 vette. Budget is 18-20k

Alright boys, I'm pulling the trigger and buying a c6 vette. Budget is 18-20k

What years/features should I look for?

What color looks good? (I like white and yellow, but black seems pretty slick if waxed)

Anything to stay away from?

Selling my hayabusa for this shit, show me the way bros

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Dude just finance a Model S, you gotta small dick or something?

blue with aftermarket wing

Black looks best imo, yellow is fugly

I'm love/hate with the black so far, on one hand sometimes it looks slick as fuck and like the batmobile but on the other hand why spend 20k on a sportscar in a stealth/slimming color?

I always think the brightly colored lambos and shit look way better than the black ones


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Buy a modded C5

Dont buy a 05 C6
Buy a LS3 or C6Z
Buy a FRC or Z06 C5

Do not buy an auto

I own a modded 2000 hardtop c5

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Don't know where you live but where I live in the desert it is absolutely impossible to keep a black car looking nice. To the point you wanna rip your hair out and regret your purchase. Blue and white vettes are nice.

I dont know how I can follow that advice for my budget. C6Zs are way more than 20k and I cant find any 2008+ c5s.

My budget is more like 15k but I'm willing to go up to 18k if its the right deal

Also, auto is the ONLY c6 out there for my budget

I really really like the light blue, but they're super rare. White as well.

What colors should I avoid? Something about the silver is gaudy to me, and the victory red turns me off

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>he's actually going to buy an auto Corvette
Is having an AARP membership nice?

buddy if i had to choose between an auto c6 and a manual c5 because of money i'm going with the c6. I live in a huge city.

>Buy a modded
yeah good plan, get someone else's project that's probably been rode hard and put away wet

Red looks tacky and super boomer tier. Silver just doesn't fit the C6 and makes it look boring (best C5 color tho). Like I said avoid the black if you live in a desert and/or aren't into extreme autistic meticulous detailing imo.Yellow is cool and different and I'm also a huge orange guy. Really hard to go wrong with white though honestly, especially with some nice black wheels and other black bits and bobs. Basic but looks nice. To me I'd just avoid the reds because they look too basic bitch "I want a cherry red sports car!" tier

Yeah I think you're right. I was feeling White > Blue > Yellow = Black = Orange > everything else

Am I really fucking up not getting the LS3? I have not had anything anywhere near this powerful so I'm not sure I'd really appreciate it.

If dubs get a red grand sport and do a Lightning Mcqueen wrap

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mm do want

lmao australia is a D I S A S T E R

Corvettes are the laziest manual you can get.

The car is light as fuck and engine full of torque so you have to be retarded to stall the engine clutching it, and first gear goes to 60mph. Stock these cars all have skip-shift where a light on your dash says (1 -> 4) signaling you to shift from 1st to 4th because 2nd and 3rd are locked out. Most boomers just lazily glide off in first gear then go to 4th, you can tell how the car sounds.

C6s are fucking awesome. I’d go with yellow

Thing is though there is a lot of torque and the gearboxes have to be built quite heavy duty. If it’s the newer t6060 like I have 1st and 2nd gears are triple synchronised and the rest double synchronised including reverse. It takes a fair bit of time and effort to get it into second, a bit less so for first for some reason.
You can’t just slam the thing in gear like it’s a Honda. You need to give it time. And once it’s in gear you can’t just slam down the throttle, you need to roll it on or else you’ll lose traction or the car will become unsettled.

Skipping gears is something you would be up soon anyway but being forced to al the time would be shitty

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