So the only reason Veeky Forums doesn't like the stinger is because of its Kia badge...

So the only reason Veeky Forums doesn't like the stinger is because of its Kia badge? How stupid are you if you let other people's stigmas dictate what YOU like?

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it's also heavy, poorly built, and worst of all, perpetrated by BMW lackeys

It's not poorly built. Just because you saw a world-famous VAG shill shake its center console to death multiple times and then recording, doesn't mean it's poorly built.

>poorly built
I test drove one and the build quality is as good as my Lexus LS430

It really tries to look german, but
>Fake ass ricer vents all over
>No pedigree
>not as cool as a German car
>Not as tunable as an Audi
>Not as balanced as a BMW
>First gen so no aftermarket or support
>Kia so expect 7 recalls per month
There's nothing to this car beyond the price and you're still missing a ton of the features that make VAGshit top comfy

>Lexus is poorly built too
not a big news

I'm going to get one, but it will be in a few more years. Thankfully, because its KIA, the value of these cars will plummet in a few years. The Stinger is actually going to turn into a really nice car you can get for not a lot of money.

Someone plz post the webm
You know the one

Fuck off Min-Jun

I will always hate every "fast luxury" car. It's an absolutely retarded premise. You just can't be both. Spinning tires and loud exhausts and hard launches aren't luxurious. Conversely, 2000lbs of leather and electronics and sounds deadening isn't fast. If you're supposedly so rich that you can afford a S63 AMG or CTS V or cars off that caliber, you should be able to afford 2 cars, one that's properly nice and one that's properly fast. And any cheaper budget car that emulates the same mindset is also stupid.

>sounds like shit
>looks meh
>questionable long-term reliability

If you like modern German "luxery" "sports" sedans and aren't a badgewhore then it seems to match well with its competition.

Not for me though.


People just badgewhore.
I for one like the Mk 4 Mondeo alot, but because its not a B6 Passat it is about 2500 euros cheaper, comparable spec, year and kms.
Hell, you can buy a Titanium spec Mondeo 2.0 TDCi for the same money you get for a shitty Comfort Line B6 Passat with a shitty 2.0 TDI engine.

In fact, I might aswell just try out a Mondeo this year. I currently drive a B6 Passat and I sort of regret the choice. Atleast I didnt get one of those horrible 2.0 TDI units.

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I get your point, but it’s more of ‘Sporty Luxury cars are retarded’.
An S65 AMG is very fast. But it isn’t ‘Sporty’.

not liking a car because the manufacturer is at the bottom of the reliability table seems fair.

The Mk4 mondeo has, possibly, the best Large FWD chassis ever conceived for handling. It’s the EUCD platform a stretch of these C1 which underpins the Focus. It’s an extremely solid feeling platfrom and the reason why it lasted for so damn long. The mk4 is safe, solid, fun to drive and reliable. Can’t go wrong.

Hmmm, no sweety.

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>BMW at the bottom
that is shopped

Hmm, the worst two cars. all bar one Kia in the list is significantly below average.

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it´s real and modern bmw are absolute trash
t. brother had a 2009 320i and the motor didn´t last 120k km without any mistreat

I actually kind of like the stinger, but I'm sure that the uses prices will drop like a rock. I'll be sure to get one in 2021.

The 3 series is not great but still on par with a Mazda 5 (better when milage corrected)

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Being a Kia is a perfect reason to not like it. That dealer network is trash. Demanding credit applications for test drives and asking above MSRP is common for them.

They'll be nice when used but I'm not touching anything involving a Kia dealership.

well i couldn´t care less i drive a Hyundai i30 wagon and haven´t had a single problem in 180k km besides the sealing rubber on one door coming off