Work all the time

>work all the time
>no time for car
>no time for friends
>barely see gf
>even during college break I still have no time due to work
>work to pay for car parts
>never have time to install said car parts

How do you guys cope? I barely had time to pull my bumper to install a brush guard before work today. I enjoy work, I just wish I had more time. How do fellow anons with full time jobs and school do it?

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I can't say I've been as pressed for time as you, but I can day that you're gonna make it, brah. You're going to school, so coming out of it you should have more cash flow and more time. I wouldn't push yourself to try to work on cars too behind maintenance if you're stretched that thin.

I cope by being rich and not having to work

Loser detected.

Don't spend too much on cars and car parts while you're in college so you have maximum time to hang out with your gf and friends.

I don't have a gf or any kids nor am I in school, so I have lots of time to myself. Other than working full time, I pretty much spend the rest of it on cars. I enjoy everything about cars so to me its a type of therapy that calms me down and it also happen to be my hobby. I wish someone would kill me.

Go have a kid.

He asked for someone to kill him, not be financially fucked over for the next 30 years.

>30 years
Yeah, no.

>barely see gf
Seminal conservation makes you stronger and invigorates the brain. You should only have a GF if you intend to marry and produce children with. If you don't, then forget her. All she will do is drain you of your essence. If pleasure is what you are after, then just inject heroin.
Most people are losers in life because they cannot conserve. They either masturbate or have sex and it weakens them.

fuck off varg

Dude you responded to is right though,

Yeah, no shit. Casual relationships and sex fuck with your head and drive whites to extinction, what a surprise

Preaching to the choir with me bud. Only kissed one person, my spouse.

Same, we are each other's only partner we've ever had. Gonna marry her in a couple of years.

Increases prolactin, DHT, estrogen, for 14 days after doing it. Not to mention semen is the most nutrient dense fluid in the body.
There is nothing casual or harmless about it. If people planned their relationships instead of having casual ones, there would be less single mother epidemic. People before the sexual revolution knew that sex and procreation were inseparably linked. Sexual revolution fooled people into divorcing one from the other.

>Have the autism
>Live in country with generous NEETbux
>Spend a decent portion of your Autismbux on shitbox.

These ideas of hormones being elevated after masturbation or sex, or nutrients lost from semen are clinically irrelevant.

> He thinks his kid will magically go away and become financially independent in the age of robot everything

You're going to support your kid into his 30s or face a divorce from your wife because seeing babby be poor hurts her fee fees. Either way rip your wallet

I know how you feel my dude, just started a new job working from 8:30am to 6pm 5 days a week. It is taxing.

At the moment I can't do anything to my baby Skyline, but I'm honestly holding off on moving closer because the 45 minute drives to work and home every day are all the personal time I get with my car atm. Glad at least there's some really choice roads that just happen to cut down on a fair bit of time for me in the morning and evening. With everything closed over Easter it's hard because I need to get this new spoiler colour matched and resprayed, and then of course I'll have to fit it as well.

Keep going brother, you'll get there.

>elevated hormones is clinically irrelevant