Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2018

Any thoughts or information on the new Alfa model?

There's increasing rumors over Alfa Romeo launching a new sedan to compete with cars like 5 Series BWM

>production to begin late 2018, supposedly
>same/similar base as Giulia
>RWD, will feature at least the same engine options as the Giulia (possibly hybrid option as well) (German)

>The Alfa Romeo Alfetta returns in 2018 over 30 years after the last generation (1972 to 1984) on the floor of the upper class.

>Top gasoline engine is developed together with Ferrari 2.9-liter V6 with 510 hp.
>The most powerful diesel in the Alfa Romeo Alfetta (2018) is known by its sister company Maserati: a 275-hp 3-liter V6 turbo diesel.
>Inside, the Italian may use at Maserati, receives among other things, the touchscreen navigation system from the Ghibli

AFAIK these are not confirmed, but rumors have been around since early 2017 and the article is from this month.

I did not expect them to come up with this since they just launched Stelvio and Giulia, but I feel Alfa in general is heading to a better direction, reviving the old model names and releasing new models more often and having a continuum and getting into motor sports

If the production model will look like the pictures it'd be great. There's a distinctive lack of angery, fake vents, shitty grills, etc. which is more than welcome in my opinion at least

Also, let's have a general Alfa thread

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literally who

Well, Alfa did have lack a succesor to the 159 and 166. They sorta filled the gap for the 159 with the Giulia, but they didnt have an 5 Series/E Klasse/A6 competitor since 2007 when the 166 was sacked.

Now that the german cars have thrown away their relability, Ford having great reliability issues, Alfa Romeo will fit just right in with the modern garbage.

>literally who

>distinctive a lack of angery, fake vents, shitty grills

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The company that thinks driving can still be pleasurable and not just a burden

The gaps definitely were and are a major problem, but it seems like they're trying to fix that. I wasn't sure about the SUV model, but SUVs are so common that it's like almost every company has to have one

They might even make a positive surprise, 159 improved greatly in quality and the latest models seem to be doing good too. My 159 TBI hasn't had any issues so far either

I hope for the sake of the brand that they get up to speed and succeed with their plans

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Maybe a little, but it's a lot less angry than current models from the other manufacturers

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wow i didn't think it was possible to make that car look worse

From that angle, that Alfa just screams Ford Mondeo. Not that I complain about it, the Mondeo is a handsome looking brute.

Yes I know that the 159 is pretty sturdy, a friend of mine has a 1.9 JTD and is pretty pleased with it. I do have my doubts regarding the Maseratti parts that will inevitably explode and break down.

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I hope you haven't seen the recent Lexuses

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Alfa is fucking sexy and for real driving enthusiasts.

I haven't driven a JTD but I'm a bit doubtful since it's part GM. TBI has been great so far though

Part GM? FIAT supplied GM with most of it's current direct injection tech, including diesel.

Its decent. I have 2 friends, one with a 2007 159 1.9 JTD and one with a 2003 147 1.9 JTD 115 bhp and so far they are pretty good engines. Mechanically sound, but they have some electric gremlins

Also, mom has an 1.3 CDTI on her 2005 Corsa C, what a pig of an engine. Reliable tho.

It looks nice. That front bonnet looks ever so slightly narrow and tilted is refreshing compared to how fat and bloated so many modern cars are. Glad to hear it'd be rdw rather then yet another front or awd boresmobile.

Being a FIAT platform it's probably rear gearbox like the Maser so they can stuff the engine further back and drop the front, wouldnt want to work on it though.

Alfa both invented the angry meme with the 159 and then made a shitty adaption everyone elses copies of the angry meme with the giulia.

It's a shame really. this specimen looks like a 2011 1 series BMW - the worst they ever made