Australian Fords

How do Americans feel knowing the best Fords weren't even sold or made in their country?

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>turbo I6
>6 speed manual
>can easily get over 300kw (400hp) with just a tune, even more with some simple modifications
>affordable for the average man to buy and maintain

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commodores are better. fords r gay

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Why would we care? Even our diesel work trucks have more power standard than your toy sedan thingy has with a tune.

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>go round corner
>roll over

It's not like a Falcon ute's going around a corner either

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Top kek i didnt realise the fg still had solid rear. If you wanna go round corners in a ute you get a commodore

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The real hilarious thing is, the Commodore SS ute's sedan like rear end has a greater payload than the Falcon XR6's ox cart design.

>buy diesel
>sluggish engine
>cucked by emissions
>DPF issues

>still faster than a Barra with a snail

I doubt that, considering the US trucks we're talking about weigh twice as much

An 800hp F250 with a tune and EGR/DPF delete is still faster than an XR6 turbo ute with 400hp and bent conrods

You can easily get an XR6T to over 550HP with little effort, if we're comparing modified trucks here. Don't forget that the XR6T is a lot more fun to drive as you can actually drift it

>You can easily get an XR6T to over 550HP with little effort
About the upper limit of even the FPV sixes before you have to resort to an Atomik engine or the like for any meaningful longevity.
>Don't forget that the XR6T is a lot more fun to drive as you can actually drift it
With that rear end and half ladder-bar chassis you're going to be "drifting" as effectively as a Ranger with too much power. If you want a drift ute, go with an SS Commodore.

Utes are shit in a crash tho. Like real shit.
> Pic unrelated

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I beg to differ. You'll not find one 10 years old that doesn't have fucked diff bushes and rose joints. And you have to drop the entire rear cradle to get to any of them. 12+ hours labour for a mechanic with all the right equipment.

Lots fuckin longer for dumbass home mechanics who don't own bearing presses

>drift ute
Not the user you replied but what would you recommend for a drift ute that doesn't require modding?
I currently drive an MK Triton and it can drift a bit in the rain but thats about it
Which generation of the SS ute is the best value at this point in time?

Vs ute for $2k

>creator I heart God uwhore

A VE. Straight up balanced sedan like handling.
Or dump a compound turbo'd 4M41 in your MK and still have a better drift ute than a Falcon.

Hey mate atleast my ox cart doesn't need new diff bushes every month

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If it matters I've got the Triton with the 4G64, 2.4 inline 4 petrol engine, is there any kind of cheap mods I could do to get even a slight increase in power? It's pretty gutless

Build a 4G63 :)

Isn't that just a smaller version of what I've currently got?