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1st for catte

So is botany really useless for gil now I just want my house...

Gathering raw mats can be pretty fruitless until you get into the specialized things, but very few people are going to divulge their secrets since that would fuck up their markets. Do research for what sells on your server. Check out the sale history, frequency, and what the average price of things is. When you list things, don't oversaturate the market or else you'll get someone undercutting you like a cunt.

Everything must be razed.

xth for Chaos was a mistake.

AST+WHM power play healer team. I need to get more of this.

Check old content materials. Flax, Rainbow/Star Cotton. If you have a weaver, get Ruby Cotton Boll and just macro that into the yarn/cloth, same with Kudzu. These aren't so good on my server anymore but may be different for you.

At worst you can try for Dark Matter Clusters and sell that.

Botany is fine, you just won't pull the same amount of gil someone with all three gathering professions can. You kinda missed all the big moneymaking windows though. It'll also cost you a bit to fully meld a crafted set, unless you've already done that.

Does this game have in game currency that you can buy subscription with? Pretty sure that's a popular thing in MMO's now a days. Would hate to pay for ps plus and the subscription fee.


Nope, best you can do is ask trusted sources to trade gil for a timecard, but those are only sold in 60 day increments. Trusted sources because you can get reported for RMT activities.

I think not requiring ps+ was a thing but I don't play on console so I can't be sure. And no to the currency.

Also i should mention Rosewood, Dark Chestnut, Birch, Spruce, Ebony, these are all still useful in some niche and might sell but again dependant on server.

Officially no, not unless you can find someone to RMT you a chunk of gil for buying your sub.

You don't need ps+ to play xiv. and no.


You aren't going to ever find a way to make money that people will willingly share with you (real life is this way too). Fortunately you can track sales in the marketboard, so what you should do is spend a good 30-60 mins going through the MB and seeing what sells for how much and how often. Get a list of 20 or so items that sell well and reliably. Then look at the way to obtain each, and rate them 1-5 stars depending on the difficulty of acquiring them.

You should have a nice list of what's easiest to get, then only take the top 5, and farm those. Tada, 31.5m gil! Congrats on your house!

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I was doing that exact thing but it seems that on Balmung most if not everything is already being farmed and what is worth anything isnt being bought frequently at all.

Everybody's purse strings are cinched up until 4.1 drops so they can try for housing. You'll have no luck making massive profits until then.

Someone's making the money bud, you just have to decide on it and do it. Find the middleground between profit per unit and frequency of purchase. If you think some kind of MB tyrant is controlling things, then just save a good week or two's worth of farming, then undercut the shit out of him at random times with only 1-2 units at a time until either A he's forced to buy your stuff or B it sells instantly and the market crashes after another couple of weeks


Just gotta nickel and dime your way up. I think Red said he made 80 mil off aethersands, but he's an acoustic fisher.


>someones making the money
That's not necessarily true

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What do they add for gathering/crafting during those patches? Completely new stuff to craft and gather or just some more shit to buy with scrips?

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buying bf

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look up guides by good players

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if you just tell someone you are new at it they will usually be pretty accepting. you can just mimic their paragraph and sentence structure and it's pretty easy to pick up.

If you like creative writing or RPGs you'll probably like it. But yeah I understand what it's like to be nervous, I'm nervous even just doing it with someone I've never done it with before. A great way to get into it is to play D&D or pathfinder with friends.

What have I missed out on if I stopped playing around the time Heavensward was released? Is DRG in a good state or should I switch mains?

DRG is no longer top tier, but it's still playable and fun. The problem is you rarely get to use your level 70 awesome skill because it has like 90 seconds of windup time and you lose all progress on it if you drop BotD/die/whatever. Also it's pretty mediocre in damage for the amount of buildup you need.

It's still my favorite DPS at the moment and i've got RDM/SAM/BRD/NIN at 70 too.