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I love d.va edition!
>Season 6 changed a bunch of stuff that you might want to know about

>New Dev video


>What does Valkyrie's "abilities are enhanced" mean?
- full, directional flight
- resurrect cooldown resets on ult activation (like Genji's dash)
- resurrect cooldown is shortened to 10s for the duration of the ult (normally 30s)
- target allies for guardian angel and healing / damage boost from further away
- the healing / damage boost beam will chain to any allies who are near your beam target (10m range)
- pistol has unlimited ammo
- no delay between taking damage and self-healing starting

>Talk shit, get banned

>What did the devs say they're working on?
- SR calculation changes
- Map voting / rotation someday
- See-through objective markers
- Solo-only queues / search preferences? Nope.

>some heroes’ skins were reverting to their default skins in-game
>this was Blizzard’s temporary fix for a voiceline bug associated with the skins
>the bug has been patched, so this shouldn’t happen anymore

>Latest cinematic

>Latest comic

>Latest PC patch notes
PTR: playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20972920
Live: playoverwatch.com/en-us/game/patch-notes/pc

>Overwatch dev tracker

>Hero tips, tricks and basics

>Source / Quake mouse sensitivity converter

>Personal stats / leaderboards

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>one shit team after the next
>keep losing SR
I'm now at 1300 SR again. Yay.

>People complain about elo hell when stevo, ster etc have all proven that it doesn't exist

>GMs have proven they can climb out of elo hell.
Gee, why can't we all be the top 0.0001% of the plyaerbase user?

>Now sitting at 1250 SR because of leavers and throwers.
Fucking kill me. I was 1495 just a while ago. Unfuckingbelievable. It's like every time I start to get ahead the game just straight FUCKS ME. It seriously does not want me to climb back to 1800.

>Guys please group.
>Guys Genji behind.
>I need healing.
>Stop overextending.
>If you can't DPS please swap.
>Rein please hold shield up!
No one listens. Never. Not even once. It's just one throw after the next. Whoever said, "Just use teamwork to climb," is a fucking retard.

They're top 1%, actually, and it's a case of 'git gud', scrub.

>Just be better than literally one in a thousand people.
>hurr durr

Do you math? It's 1 in 100, first of all. Second of all, they can climb to GM. If a Master tried it, they'd climb to Master's, if a Diamond tried it they'd go to Diamond, etc.

Git gud.

>He thinks 1 in 100 players on OW are GM.

>He thinks 1% of players are GM.
*breathes in* boi

Here comes T.Racer!

Playing free weekend
I vaguely remember clickbait sites getting triggered that Mercy ultimate was antifun
So they changed it
But revives ever minute seems a lot more antifun
It is certainly more boring

her old ult promoted prrrrooobbbbllleeeemmmmaaaaatttttiicc backwards "die on point hide for rez" antithetical to the game's action-centered gameplay

nu-rez is much more active and requiring of participation and also isn't as dependent on your team being sacrificial lambs for slaughter

>tfw you finally figure out soldier's spray pattern

lol i don't even use his ultimate anymore

Stop making dva OPs you waifubaited faggot

Why is he so perfect?

Name my Sombra-only smurf account

Dva needs more voicelines then just fucking 'bang' every 6 seconds. Here are some of my reccomendations

>Gookery Activated!

>Activating Gook Missiles

>Gooking UP




>나는 한국 여성이다!

>Take this, Kim

>Gooking the battlefield

>Commencing South Korean Firepower!

>Missiles Incoming! Gooker

>Not quite a hydrogen bomb, but....

>나의 미사일 발사

and finally

>The ting goes Skrrrrwarh! Pop pop KAT KAT KAT! Skeebey dee KAT KAT


I love Angela!

I want to make her happy and help her achieve her goals in life!

Always protect your Mercy!

>only 90s kids will have this achievement

Stop pocketing me every time I get flankers off your ass and focus on the team then.

Justify playing this character in comp.

>you can't

>no reason to play a skill based character over a brainless m1 bot
What sad times we live in

yep you cant. She was overly nerfed not to mention her ult gives you 0 gratification because you have to play lucky dip to pick whichever least braindead retard person on your team will make the most use of it. Her grenades should have like a 2s cooldown while her ult is active, terrible design. She was good before her huge damage nerf. Reducing purple was fine but reducing her damage so that she needs to hit a pharra 4 times to kill her instead of 3 was retarded

Tanks have this problem, too- then again, the vast majority of the tanks other than Orisa and Zarya and occasionally Hog are brainless M1/M2 bots.

What does mercy Q do? In beta it ressed people but now it doesn't work

>There's no ELO hell, only 2 people have climbed out of it!!!!!!!!!
>haaaaha looser idious!

Not everyone is a GM, yes, but literally anyone can climb to their appropriate rank.
If you cant get out of *RankName* for months, it's not "le elo hell meme" - it's where you fucking belong.

t. started in s4 with gold, plat in s5, diamond in s6

Chu8 did it too. As did Beeftipsy. And Danatan. They all ended up back at the rank they deserved. Stevo did it multiple times, too.

Q now boosts her abilities.

>20 million players, but like 10 people made it, there's no elo hell HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

can we talk about how anti fun some of the ults are? With mercy's new changes we actually see that the devs understand this game is supposed to be fun, so how the fuck is 6 red outlines after two minutes of hard work a satisfying reward?

Widow needs to be the baller that we see in her v tracer cinematic at kings row.

My suggestion is that her grappling hook refreshes and has 3 charges to use during infrared, or that instead of the 1 second charge to 100% damage she can double that in 2 seconds and deal 200dmg with a body shot if charged or 400 with a headshot. Seriously, her ult is just not fun.


I remember being 14yo too.
Now fuck off and just lurk until you are at least 18.

1v1 loses it's appeal quickly.

90% of my deaths are one fucker focusing me despite the 3 other guys in the immediate area and both of us dying to someone else or winding up sandwiched between two people.

Start a fundme account, I'll give you money to get boosted out of the """elo hell""" only to see you derank back to silver where you belong.

how that better that multuress? what the fuck

>they said gg
>but it wasnt gg
>it was bg

>there are people IN THIS VERY THREAD that don't play at 120Hz ULMB or at the very least 240Hz

lol how the fuck do you expect to stay competitive?


multiheal is strong as fuck and you become pretty much immortal for 20 secs with the insane regen

>you become pretty much immortal for 20 secs
Until the enemy wises up. Then you're just dead.

My friend started playing during S1 and he got to Silver in S2. He continued to get close to Gold but never actually made it in. This went on until S5 where he bought an alt account during the previous free discount weekend. He leveled it up and did his placements, 3300 SR.

So happy he was he went back to his main account thinking he could get it to Gold, but he still hasn't made it to Gold and this season, once again, Silver.

His alt account however is currently at 3400 SR and he's reached over 3500 SR twice. He has yet to do placements for S6.

What's better - Riverboat or Mystery Man?

I would protect her with my life.

>anecdotal """evidence"""

Where the fuck is all this BENG memery coming from?


>me and few friends play overwatch together and alone for months
>some of us are in the mid-top 2000 SR
>1 in low - mid 3000 SR
>1 drops to around 1500 SR, complains teams are always shit when he solo and buys a new account to play with us and reset his rank
>stays at 2300-2500 for few weeks
>slowly starts to drop and is now below 1800
>friend who is mid 3k buys a new account because his SR getting too high
>his smurf is almost at 3000 SR now
>rest of us still mid - top 2000 SR

From what ive seen it seems to put people where they should be

>a few streamers ranking up is not anecdotal
>that user's friend's situation is

at least be consistent, bud




Tracer is a good person and a good friend

Does Winston still talk to his gorilla brothers who killed his dad?

I get that you fuckers, is it a voiceline that got included with the missile update?

It's the only voiceline she has for the missiles.


It briefly achieved meme status then got removed

Pretty sure he cut off any contact with Horizon after he escaped. That's probably part of the reason why he gets kinda lonely.

Why'd they remove it?

is this game actually good?
Like in terms of balancing and engaging gameplay?

I guess I could go through both of you

because it was triggered like every 5 seconds and it got kind of annoying

When you first start out it'll be really fun, but then you'll end up with 100 hours and confusion where it all went wrong

And her voice actor is super hot as well

How about stfu?

Alright so, I dropped dva some time in s4 because I was tired of being a DM bot for my team (and winston was just more my playstyle anyway) and now after a good 3 days of getting the ins and outs of the nu-dva figured out i can safely say that in the right hands so ill drop a few tips.
>dva can absolutely shred 200hp heroes if they are unprotected
>whereas old dva would just distract a dps or sniper now she can just outright deal with them, essentially rushing you down, denying any damage while doing a modest amount with missles and finishing off with a few good headshots
As much as I want to, you can't compare the playstyle to winston's
Winston plays a "sheep-herder" playstyle while nu-dva plays a very methodical, almost surgical playstyle where the engagement time must be in and out as soon as possible. This means you NEED to get good at landing missles from a short distance, getting in the much needed burst damage while closing the gap, and finishing off your target before disengaging with dm. On the topic of DM. Use it only when you need to, don't hold it up at the choke, or when youre trying to contest. It doesnt work like that anymore, remember it activates instantly so it must be used almost like a zarya bubble. Oh also, you can reliably 1v1 zarya now, remember, shoot your missles AFTER the bubble.


>be marsi
>enemy boop slut attacking from behind
>none of the retards bother to even turn around
>too lazy to switch from med gun to gun
every time

I wish Tracer was my friend.

she is only friends with cool people who aren't kissless handholdless virgins

>But revives ever minute seems a lot more antifun
Yup. This is why you don't listen to retards on reddit and /owg/ on how to balance a hero. Mercy could've used a change to make her less annoying, now she's insufferable..

Just bought Overwatch

How to get good with Genji

>you will never be drinking buddies with Tracer
>you will never go to a pub and play who would you do with all the qts there
>she will never be your wingman
>you will never tag team so slutty bichick with her

>Best character
>coolest design
>best voicelines
>works for team instead of selfish cancer DPS

Absolutely based. When will Chadhardt be meta again?

Oh and don't forget to complain when you die popping your ult in a 1v5 fight.

you dont even go to a pub now fgt

But she's friends with Winston...

What % of this general do you think are permavirign friendless losers?

be honest

it got spammed semi-randomly and with a dva on each team you'd hear it constantly. it was funnycute but still a bug I guess

beng! bang! beng! beng!

tracer is in a comitted relationship and not a porn addict like you

fucking lol
if any of the Overwatch heroes were virgins, Winston is

>start playing genji
>get used to him and his flanking and comboing ways
>cant play any other character now

An artist did some Overwatch concept art for a school project.




If D.Va is all about rushing in and blowing herself up why isn't she a arab

Seen it. no one cares

Now shooud mercy be nerfed or all other healers buffed?

what nerfs/buffs do you propose??

If you measure the diameter of the tracer's stretched out puss you would find out that only one ow hero has a pen big enough to do that, and it ain't roadhog

Not great design wise. The only thing interesting is the fishtail thing. Everything else is le generic sci fi costume

I literally only play this game blind drunk (because it's boring otherwise) and I still hover around 2500-3000

Play tracer instead

But gorillas actually have little wieners

biological fact: Winston has the smallest penis in OW

>implying Winston didn't get some sweet monkey pussy before he ditched Horizon

probably has some kids waiting for him there, that's why he never wants to go back.

>literally doesnt know what "anecdotal" means
Streamers doing it live for everyone to see - factual evidence.
You telling us about some friend of yours without being able to back it up - anecdotal evidence.
The more you know.

But she's a WOMAN