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>Monster Hunter World
-MH:World is coming out for PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th, 2018, and eventually PC. pastebin.com/TRFRGFn1
↳MH:World's Proof of a Hero: capcom.co.jp/monsterhunter/world/audio/bgm/bgm001.mp3
↳TGS Trailer: youtube.com/watch?v=xtT5GIViSXo
↳Trailer 8/18: youtube.com/watch?v=ULqY6yXn2S4
↳Demo Gameplay 8/22: youtube.com/watch?v=WBg6KnkpaXU
↳Weapons: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_ALSpmx2A8sAdeuYKMnrCt0xCpwPyPbC

-Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. out now, region free. youtube.com/watch?v=Urb9cJcwAUA
↳3DS to Switch Save Data App: my.mixtape.moe/ezwmnj.png
-MHXX Update 1.2.0 w/ Eng Patch v4: my.mixtape.moe/glpowg.png
-Monster Hunter Stories released!

>I have a question!
Includes links to the FAQ, weapon guides, charm info, and more.

Database with weapon trees, item locations, drop rates, etc.

Same thing, in application form.

>Where does Veeky Forums play?
Create or find a Gathering Hall
Passcode: 7243
In XX, ターグット: Gathering フィールド採集 (page 1, middle right)
In Generations, Objective: Gathering
In 4U, Target: Fishing

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Latest video confirmed this is the Pukei Pukei set

>MHG Jacks itself off about then muh stars theme
>won't shut up about the flagship being a star based monster
>tgs comes in
>there is NO star monster or anything star related
How does it feel to be BTFO

Legiana has a star pattern on her, and also I'm positive they're keeping at least some cards close to their chest when it comes to monster themes and story themes.

That's kinda boring

That thing is clearly a rapist

Look at this slick mother fucker. Cool as ice and ready to burn. He knows he's going to get a mean blowjob soon. Gonna nut in a /mhg/ fag's throat after he was wrong about Nergigante turning into a butterfly.


Not true, the set is called the "vault set" or something like that, not the pukei pukei, which has a named set.
Side note, is pukei an onomatopoeia? Sounds like the noise you'd make when firing an imaginary gun or something.

>swoops in and eats one of the Bat's babies alive while not giving a shit

It's name is basically a joke about how it pukes and farts poison.

He's pulling on his fluffy ball mane noooooooooo

>Mmm, tastes like cotton candy

Fujioka already confirmed that the star in the logo is a big motif.

It's really weird but that's what it says in the latest video.

But at the same time, in this video the armor is called Vault

Man the texture work on the monsters is just phenomenal. The way the light shines through its skin and shows the skeletal structure underneath is just incredible

>well, off to visit your mother

Really makes me wonder the budget of this game. And whether or not this game will be able to make that money back.

It costs more money to hold yourself back from current technology really.

There is absolutely no reason for Capcom to make another major MH game for a few years after this, they can milk this engine and groundwork for years of DLC expansions.

>every weapon on the same branch of the tree is just the same basic model with some monster parts glued to them

All it is is a reworked MT Framework.

I reckon that once you make the tech that implements translucency in skin, it's not too much effort to make monsters that have it, it's mostly shown in wings anyway. But yeah, like says, I reckon this game's going to have a good DLC foundation, which is something I'm honestly perfectly fine with.

Get hyped for Worlds!

Me too, I'd rather have a g-rank dlc than another 60 dollarinos game right after this one

I'd rather have G-Rank DLC than spend another 60 bucks just to start from the beginning of the game again.

>What is save data transfer

I'd rather a 60 dollar G rank game with 2 new weapons, a new big map, a new flagship and another big boss dragon, a new story, a new town, etc. Because that's what Capcom have been doing.

>Anjanath weapons have very high raw and high fire element but negative affinity


You mean monster hunter:whom'st?

>buying worlds in january
>not waiting two years to get the complete version with full content

>bat flutters wings helplessly
>alpha as fuck wyvern even nods its head as it tosses bat away like "and don't come back"

>she even tries to defend herself but misses the shot cause the asshole is too fast
This is truly saddening

You mean monster hunter: whom'st'd've'ed?


Its confirmed that those flying things are her babies and she's the mother


>new weapons
after the clusterfuck of adding blast, SA, CB, and IG, I'm A-OK with monhun taking a break from weapon innovation for a bit, to get its shit figured out with what it already has.

Too woke for me

How do you feel about the "modular" weapon design in World, with different branches from a weapon using the same base but enhanced with monster materials?

I don't like it from an aesthetic standpoint because I feel like they're going cheap as fuck in order to pump out as many variants as possible. It'll make it feel weirdly same face syndrome but for weapons.

However from a thematic world design standpoint it probably makes more logical sense than anything we've gotten before. I'm at a crossroad of "that's boring" and "well that makes sense."

We just had MHXX which added 2 new styles. I'll say that is at least equivalent to 1 new weapon.

Saw it from a mile away with the materials they've shown.

Mind you, it's mostly just for lower tier monsters or monsters from similar families, any high level monsters get completely unique models, and anything on an entirely independent branch has a unique model as well obviously.

>different branches from a weapon using the same base but enhanced with monster materials?
Sounds pretty familiar, didn't FU do something like that before?

here are the new monsters for the recent generations with reused or similar content noted.

Tri: 15 (counting both Baggi & Jaggi)
P3rd: 8 (Wroggi & 3 Arzuros' tho)
3U: 2
4: 10 (Gore + Shagaru)
4U: 2
Cross: 7
XX: 2
World: 11 so far (Pukei-Pukei and balloon bat share a skeleton but behave completely differently)

Is that even true? The hunting horn from the weapon showcase looks like it could be Nergigante's.

Did we get any new big info today? there's a lot of video to check out, and sadly I dont speak jap

>tfw you just wanted to read your books

Not really. The bone GS branches to a Barroth GS which is just the same bone GS model with some Barroth part on top. But the name is not exactly the same (ドラグロバスター as compared to ドラグロソード)

would you hunt with ace cadet?

Just an exploration of the town, showing how the weapon tree works, armor sets, the tutortial test field, and mucking about in the Coral Highlands.

They announced some playable demo locations but that's only relevant if you live in Japan.

Time to wait and see if they're at New York Comic Con or if we have to wait until Paris Week or Playstation Experience for the next batch of info and a trailer.

I just realized his slinger is loaded with a harpoon.
I hope to god there's a safety on that thing.

I want that handler

Looks more like she wants to hunt Ace Cadet

No big news, but they did show off the coral highlands, the floofbat and that dragon that some user said he'd suck everyone's dick it wasn't the adult form of el gigant

>passive aggressive bookworm
mite b cool

Anjanath has unique weapon models, I don't think they're gonna skimp on them for their flagship

want some?

If their sales goal is 1.5 million I imagine that is enough to break even+make a profit.

Modular designs means you can see the visual evolution of weapons as you upgrade it.
Say, the Nergigante HH starts off as just a Bone Horn with spikes but as you upgrade it further, it adopts the demonic look that the source monster is known for. By the final form, it would look like a Frontier HH.

I sincerely hope that's the ace cadet
I miss the aces

>Why does the boss make me pose like this
>I have orders to fill
>My paws hurt
>They're all going to just get high on felvine after this anyway
>I miss Little Miss Cat

You can see that the Anjanath GS is totally different from the rest. But other GS looks like they all share the same handle.

Also look at this weapon. Same blade on one end with the team emblem but monster parts on the other end.

That felt quite epic.

I sure do love veggies (meat)
Also the cooking animation is so great, I love that fat chef cat

any tidbits of info we get from all that village gameplay? Like, we know now there's 6 maps, looking at the weapon screens, I see two tabs, high rank and low rank?

It'll be kind of funny if each monster only gets one fully unique weapon.

You can laugh at him all you want but I think it's endearing, and it shows the reason why people (myself included) got into the game in the first place. God only knows we need some of that pure passion in /mhg/.

>I luckily had a Seltas armor already
>I even did something I never do: I actually brought traps
>7 minutes away from time out
>Archdemon-Demon-Mode-Blood wind III

Nothing really of value. They showed the research area where captured monsters are studied. They showed the library where your monster-pedia can be read. They showed the smith.

They didn't show the kitchen, guild hall, or farm which probably means they want to do a video solely about those three areas later. but you can see their icons on the map.

People also have quest icons.

You can tell that cat doesn't fuck around when it comes to cooking

I'm mostly curious about the beached boat and the chair lifts that lead you to and from it. I really wanna know what's up there.

I say that one weapon can have many combinations. The head and handle can both change, but they will still be branch them in the weapon tree.

moderate kek

Scars are pretty cool even on cats huh?

Threadly reminder

>a cucked legend

The scar on the cat is cool because it makes him look like a veteran, and you can even kind of make up a backstory for him based on it. He was probably a palico of a veteran hunter, and when they both retired, he decided to become a chef in the new world.
When you have a tiny baby rathalos that gets a scar within the first day of its life, it doesn't really have the same level of impact on his character.

Ratha is no cuckold


From what it looks like the chairlifts are fast travel to any point in the town, these use it to head right to the forge in the video, dont know about that ship right at the top tho

Please, with the monster vs monster mechanic were gonna see full live cucking
Pray that seregios doesn't get in world

hello is it january yet?

123 days.

Which old monster fits the Coral Highlands best and why it is Plesioth?

>that detailed Palico creator
>those cute new Palico armor sets

I fucking love it.
Hopefully they still allow you to have 50+ cats like in the 3DS games.

>no water

Amatsu would fit right in

This could fit into the Coral Highlands like her cloaca haha

Good one, it even has a similar color scheme.
I honestly hope the fated 4 make it through. Glavenus would fit in great in the wildspire wastes, astalos in ancient forest and mizu in coral highlands. I'm assuming there's an ice zone for gammoth.

>amphibian monsters in a zone with no water
Are you being retarded on purpose

Ivory would think it's marvelous

I want to see man boy astalos punch the cuck in HD

Even the desert has an extensive water section

rip MHW and Crapcom

MHXX is fun

source on this?

Its too muddy and full of shit, both of them wouldn't be able to move

Not all of it, there's a fresh water section as well as a swamp section, i think