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cat lyns #1


ofc, why wouldn't they

Best pet indeed!
portable cum after all

nth for help me i'm running out of screenshots to post

I'll just post another hug.
Have a good one.

I beat her ass though, this is bullshit. Why am I such a jobber?

I jerked off to you again

Dokdan's a jerk



Looking for the ERPs

this early in the morning?

What do i do with my true pirate dagger
salvage it ?

keep it, I think you can use it as a glamour

no one else can actually get that kind of look for their dagger while it also looks amazing, you should keep it and obtain another main wait at Grand Harvest Square

you will lose it forever if you salvage it

it say i get awakened ivorymoon dagger if i salavage it, will it allow me to skip some step for my final dagger or is the legendary one you get from story higher ?
all those evolve path are confusing

dont salvage it, use it until you get another one from the story or you reach GHS as mentioned and buy there an ivorymoon for some coins that arent hard to obtain

if you don't care about weapon skins too much, just salvage it and keep upgrading the weapon you get

is this MMO great if I enjoy exploration and scenery?

i understand that it's instanced but from what I've researched it's done pretty well


yeah, you'll have a bit to go through even if you'll just play it for the story and all the locations

there's at least a dozen spots where you can "parkour" to / climb for nice views

I don't have any good screenshots at hand.

does this screenshot help answer your question


Oh hey its yae
Oh hey its an onahole

Didn't help all I can tell from this screenshot is the person is gay.

You might find yourself spending too much time on taking screenshots while leveling if you're into that.
Oh hey its "Oh hey its yae" poster.


thanks, speaking of weapon how do i know which path i should chose between seraph and baleful ?

whats your class

what's wrong with all three of you

Been around since this game was in beta and even pre ordered it but when it finally came out shit hit the fan and i didnt get heavly invested in it so now i dont eveb have interest in it any more.

>Is the game any fun
>has it become another cash grab
>is it filled with premium fag


baleful is the only path for you

>Is the game fun
Subjective. It's f2p you lose nothing by trying so give it a shot. Very grindy though

>has it become another cash grab
Theres seasonal troves where you can pay to gear up fast. Content has slowed right down and the drop rates are rather low.

>is it filled with premium fag
Not really. Anything whales can do you can do as well just be ready to invest a lot of time into the game.

yeah thats what i thought seraph looked quite shitty, thanks

Well shit looks like steam wont be the only thing taking my mony cause time aint on my side but im glad to hear it still hasnt fallin off though
Maybe one day ill have a chance to really give it a shot.

Pick a class you like. Level it to 50 and run dungeons with us for a bit.
Then you'll have a decent grasp on if you wanna stick around.


should i play this or tera?


t. played each at least 1.5 year

Bns has way better polish.

Gimme some hope Maenne.

I want to duo nexus with you!

Does Tera even have new content coming out anymore? I haven't checked in on it in years but I do miss my High Elf from time to time.

Yes but very slowly. Bns is getting content very slowly now compared to how it used to be with content every month. Tera is just a terribly made game with some hot as fuck models and great action combat but that's about it.

Just ask me on that discord user...

Daily Challenges and Lockouts!

NA 789024

Ah I still need temptress for the same reason you use it


bns was getting content fast because the korean version was way ahead

And now we're nipping on Korea's heels, so our content flow has slown to a trickle.



Come for your free gold and bells

cool ice particles and effects to play with


And we're full! Thanks, everyone!

>bns clutching on to #9
we're gonna make it boys

You have a discord dude?

not us, the koreans

There are discords for NA and EU yes.
NA has the invite links in their guilds MotD so just join one

Alrighy then looks like i got plans next weekend, thanx dude

>Brood War still a top 10 online game in Korea land

>Diablo 3 not top 10

>Starcraft 2 not even top 20

Really makes you think.

Holy shit i cant believe MS is still ranking top 10

brood war just had a hd remake

page 10?

crimeless avatarposting

Yae a cuuuuute!

Yes, Yae sure is cute.

Daily challange anyone?
NA #804522
Departing in 20

post butt

request was rejected

post face

this is good too!


Anyone here miss Eristic?

i love henami

So ugly

Join the lobby and say that to my face

Thanks Soupy

>tfw joined Eri's gang
>tfw hugs are imminent

deported with 5

I heard they changed weapon evolution, is it better now?

Hi Uglier Vixen

it's the basic gather mats and get a breakthrough weapon that drops in a dungeon, pretty much each dungeon drops one breakthrough weapon for each stage of your wep

You just don't until max level and even then there has been a lot of reductions or easier paths.

are you all pedophiles like Tera generals?

All pedos get shitposted and treated like the degenerates they are.

A large portion of this general is.


There are some Jin players too.


Irontech Forge!

NA 813500 HM if people want to try it, otherwise NM is fine

Working on cheevos edition

Today is not a good morning

Are there any sluts who would like to help me fap?

Just out of curiosity since I see people wearing it once in a while-

The Hongmoon Duster DOES still drop, right? It wasn't a hardmode only drop they forgot to move to normal once the hard mode got dropped, was it? I've been running my daily runs of Mandate on a few characters, for over a month, and have literally never seen it drop. Like 70 or so runs all together.

I've seen other shit drop there, on occasion, that isn't even listed among the rewards for it, though. So the tooltip being wrong would not surprise me in the slightest.

This isn't /terag/ quite yet.

Yes it drops I just got it yesterday.

yes, there has only ever been normal mode mandate. it's reasonably rare afaik, only seen about 5 in hundreds of runs but maybe i'm unlucky.


If it's that rare, I should probably brace myself for sticker shock. Or do people not care since it's not slutwear?


#926 448 EU DC + legendary dungeons

Collectors will care regardless.