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feeding on yasuo edition


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>Letting a one trick get his champ in a do or die match
Sasuga, OCE.

two of the most insufferable player bases in online gaming barring eu in general. who we got?


thats alirght, they dont call her lulose for nothing

Treadly reminder to fap to Elementalist Lux

So is NA LCS
don't kid yourself

Hate Karmafags, but go with the Conquest skin.

>subhuman russians and low skill
name a more iconic duo

Worlds 2017

Jinx is cuddly and cute!

friendly reminder to ignore subhuman tripfags

dire wolves about to make my region look even worse

still living in the past. still listening to analysts who predict gambit (who rekkles was literally afraid to play against) to be good and rekkles to be a top adc in the west. you’re going to see tomorrow. eu is shit.

unironically want these BRs to beat the chinks

>NA's 2 top teams have EU mids
>not a single american playing in EU
>NA still claim to be the better region
Remember season 3 and before? NA got stomped at every event ever, after that they started to import our best players, SAD

>asol locked in
>suddenly huhi in twitch chat

Here comes the bugs.
Brace yourselves.

are gigabyte marines at worlds?

Best couple!

Tell me lolg, will chippy redeem himself?

So, whats your pathetic excuse?
its already D5 just didn't update yet
Didn't play since the calibration matches besides a game or two in between to not decay too much but still fell to P5



This would actually make me pissed

shit couple

one of the largest player base in league
cant produce players better than american europeans and in some cases americans themselves. just sad.


Eve skills when?


hey kid
EU is shit
NA is shit
get over it little baby
I'm just waiting for the chinks and gooks to rape your heroes dead bodies

shut the fuck up internet tough guy

>No shieldshipping


>posting the shit version without best OTP

The amount of hate pm's I get from salty EU shitters is hilarious

the edge


the stream streaming masters/challenger korean solo q games
is higher quality
than the "world championships"
bravo riot

>main panth top
>main leona as support
never realized i have a shield fetish

>ywn be a poor little support main

No Janna mains in this general.

NA babbs BTFO
>E-EU is bad that means we're so good
get skullfucked by asians again

>shaco illaoi

This chart is pure shit desu

There unfortunately are.
As far as human Janna players you might be right.

a jewish person wrote this post

Continue maining them, user.

>nobody expects shit from anx not even themselves
>they beat na and eu, take a win from favorites, make it out of group

>people are hyped for gamibt, they themselves are aiming to reclaim their old glory
>lose to fucking mexicans or whatever
Really makes you

>muh jew
when the burger has no response to the situation, they fall back to "muh jew"

>be lvl 5 honor
>get as much fragments as lvl 2
what did riot mean by this?

salty brazilian detected

Direwolves went from looking like upsetting C9 to the worst team to ever attend worlds in the space of 40 minutes of game time.

you know what a big problem is with league
your opponents
if you play against better players you yourself learn more and become better
look at EU
group 1 had all the best teams and they did far better then group B
Asia gets rift rivals vs korea and picks up much more than na and EU can learn from each other

rift rivals was a joke tournament though
no one took it seriously



you're right, but sadly people take worlds seriously and that's not gonna hold out when none of your teams make it out of groups and fnatic becomes the first major region to drop a game in play ins.

whats that

>two infernal drakes when you locked in kalista

>mention that eu won 1st worlds
>lul phreak basement 8 years ago doesnt matter
>meanwhile rr nearly half year ago with different meta matters

I'm a fucking korean fanboy
I don't watch NA or EU LCS
because they are both hot garbage
just letting the chinafucks know they don't stand a chance despite winning an exhibition match where the koreans took the whole thing as a vacation (SKT didn't practice to the point where they went on a 8 game losing streak because of it)
you guys are even below chinafucks, so please stop acting like you matter to me

NA's score against EU at rift rivals
quality bait



Post worlds bets

>he posted it again

this fucking smite kek

>normal games

is their a LoL champ with this aesthetic

ah yes your representative we is looking really good in the wildcard tourney. if you think they aren't going to get utterly shitstomped by the american overlords TSM you're completely deluded. your only good team is RNG. you're fucked

Kalista Kindred maybe?

hex is 4 mana
if it was 1/1 it would already be too strong
but you gave it 2/7
this should be 9 mana at least


Clearlove will make you eat your words

you're fucking stupid in the head
as expected from a burger
no response? that's what I thought. sit down NA piggy

you can't compare it too hex
by your logic dr boom shouldve been a ~11 cost card

Althoug she does have too much HP I agree, 3-4 should be better

Pick a champion to go home and become a suburban family man.

>going home already because fucking brazil beat you

NA and EU know this feeling too

OCE might actually be the worst region in the world
convince me not to play on KR through a vpn

What champions would be the most fun to spend a poker night with, /lolg/?

no korean ssn

dr boom was basically 9/9 deal 2-8 damage to 2 random enemy minions and it was op as shit

And why wouldn't i compare it to hex? 90% of the time you hex the biggest stuff anyway and with that + 7 hp you should EASILY be able to keep it alive until next turn, its basically "have a hard removal or lose the game" card

what the fuck OCE?

Xth for the uncontested crown of the Cowtit queen!

>OCE remains undefeated at the main worlds tournament
Truly beasts.

lulu only poly's the highest mana cost minio
so you cant compare it to a targetted spell
there are plenty of times where you want to poly something thats a lower cost because its buffed or just more of threat

>OCE is actually shittier than us


korean accounts are like $5


Rich Piana?

i hate theu heu's teams but your crowds at MSI this year were truly amazing, very sportsmanshiplike and an example to other countries


>letting 4Lan get Seju or Olaff

OCE Coach is a shithead, this shit player only knows how to play this two champs.

Best girl.
Best smile.
Best wife.

getting my GROOVE back

And it's over.

I wonder who's going to win, SKTT1 or T1