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Started with threaded cane >information. If you're new to Bloodborne and /bbg/ READ THIS FIRST BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS

>Accessing the DLC
Note: If the eye isn't showing up, go to: Settings > Playstation Network/Account Management > Restore Licenses

>/bbg/ Fight Club:
Pthumeru - n6rc9jh8
Loran - jjpkdcgd
Isz - 9v8qndas
(every Saturday 6pm EST, general rules:imgur.com/1RjNbF4)

>/bbg/ Spelunking Club
Password = /bbg/
Create a new S/FRC chalice dungeon and beckon anons to join
Use the Short Root Chalice with the password /bbg/ to be summoned or invade
(every Friday 6pm EST, anything goes)

>Resources Pastebin - Planners, Calculators, Spreadsheets, Stats Info, Where to go next in BB, Guide Scans & Wikis

>Chalice Pastebin - General Info, Glyphs for Gems, Best Gems Setups, Multiplayer & Speedrunning

>Media Pastebin - OSTs, Concept Art & Screenshots

>Beasthood & Claws Info

>Wheel, Fight Club, Arc 101 & other Misc. Info

>Bloodborne AR Calculator

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Id have linked also the previous thread but was on phone so i couldnt do it

I think your problem is you're trying to use a hyper armor weapon with bad rings. Dont complain about your weak build if you're wasting ring slots as well

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Bloodborne. The story is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical lovecraft most of the ideas will go over a typical player's head. There's also Micolash's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from his literature; Definitive Proof Its Pronounced Kosm, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these ideas, to realise that they're not just ideas- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Bloodborne truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in the Yharnamite's existential catchphrase "I’ll mess up your brain," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Miyazaki’s genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

I'm phone too my man, I've made most of the threads lately

Did you kill him?

Yeah but i have a special kind of retardation
I use the mimi app to browse Veeky Forums and with it it's fucking impossible to copy the op and paste it
And if i try to access vg via internet browser it automatically opens it with mimi
Im too lazy to install clover's apk

My PC is broken currently, so I've had to browse on a very old iPad with a cracked screen.
Copying shit is annoying as FUCK because the moment you try and copy something it starts scrolling down and doesn't stop until you refresh.
So it's a 50/50 of you can click copy before it starts scrolling.

Seriously give me pointers on Pthumerian Descendant because I can't kill he fucker

make the gun go pew pew

Are you having problems with the FRC version or.....?


>not killing the one responsible for everything that is wrong with yharnam

Only for the rune
Same with djura and his set
If there was any other way even if it's bullshit and hard as fuck i'd do it
I hate killing non hostile npcs apart from yurt,beast boy etc

I bought a new mic so when I stream on Twitch I will come across more professional. I have decided I will be doing a speedrun through the base game as my first content. I have the following ideas:

- I will put a timer in the right corner
- I will not show my face in stream
- I will use banter and jokes
- I will engage my viewers

Furthermore I will use a saw cleaver (right hand) and a pistol (left hand). I will name my character "Sawnic" because a) I will use a saw cleaver and b) I will go fast (it is a speedrun).

Thoughts? Tips on which origin to choose for a speedrun? And when I do a speedrun what is this exit game trick people use to stop the timer?

Do you want a lotte gf

Anyone anyone up for coop? I got isz from my 1st frc

Yeah ok, pass and glyph?

Glyph: 8iis9n7e
Pass: qqqq

Nothing found, don't forget to set the chalice to open.

Let me check again. Should be ok now. Ringing again

It worked now, ringing.

B-booting up!

>first time trying chalice dungeons
>get to layer 2 lower Loran
>lose 200k echoes to the room with the bell sluts, wolves, and red spiders because I assumed that such a hard room was a prerequisite for the lever
>mfw it's completely optional and nothing in there dropped jack shit

T-thanks for warning me in the sticky /bbg/

Dude, thats nothing.

>hate playing blt builds, find it so boring
>never once used the bloodletter, only weapon in game I haven't used
>after being 2 shot more than once by Eden have a strong desire to try the bloodletter
I-is is as boring as the chikage?

Do it for the bowblade

I don't find the bow that fun either, it's just spamming shots over and over

No, it has explosions.

Also you can use guns for damage with high BLT.

After a while, yes, but that can also be said for most weapons.

I made a cosplay character for it. Or maybe it's an rp character?

Last time I shot my gun a lot in pvp someone blanked me out on me
I'm more of a pve person anyway
I use then whirligig exclusively on Str and the saws a lot, weapons don't get boring unless they start boring

Remember the early days, /bbg/?


I do.

Yeah but consider

>Get a lot of BLT

>Equip Reiterpallasch and Cannon

>BMA the Cannon

>Parry someone with Reiterpallasch


>succ doesnt stagger from a running r2 like it usually does
The layer is pretty fucking cool though, I love it when the main area doesn't have a lever and instead just loops around to the boss room.

Biggest L2 I've ever seem


Yeah, I think I'll just SRRC to L3 instead of trying to navigate to brainsucc myself because the dungeon was too massive and I'd just get lost in samey isz blue cheese textures.

I SRRC'd layer two, it's going quick todau

>falling for the oldest trick in Hibiki's book

Fucking vilecuck we gonna purge you filth.
Gonna get that shit

Jinxed it, dude.

Frick this, I'm restarting my console, feel free to ditch me and go finish the layer without me.

Why is Amygdalan Arm so fucking cool?

I'll wait. Afterwards i think i gonna need to start farming

Fuck you hibiki!

>keeping 4 million echoes instead of spending them on something
but why?
>inb4 having thousands of poison and throwing knives ISN'T goat

i wish hibiki would fuck me

@coop user, we gonna go to boss room @asap, won't make hibiki be a kill joy

We are all done, very good chalice.
Thanks for letting me come

>tfw no bell specifically for helping out lads who are being invaded

What the fuck am I supposed to use the Constable outfit for?

Spelunk or /deadhour/ loran impromptu anyone?

>hunter of hunter doesn't act like blades of the darkmoon in ds3

Thank you too user.
And No thanks to mr killjoy.

Reporting on layer3, holy fuck that 1 room of 3 wolf beast + 2 or 3 brainsucker... Not gonna go in there

You wanted to farm or soemthing, need me to host a watcher savescum?

Exactly. At least make it Covenant Rune-specific.
>can't fuck with the banter between Executioners and Vilebloods, but can protect innocent hunters from faggots who can't resist trying to murder their fellows and have to be put down for the greater good.

Sure. What glyph?

Well that's a good thing. Do you have any idea how shitty Darkmoons actually are in DS3 ?

I need a triangle or two so, I'll host first
A third is free to come
Pass: watcher
I will be ringing by the fog in 2 when I've set up the scum.

I'd join too


We'll wait up then.

What are the best weapons + attacks for meleeing Amygdala in the face? Burial blade L2 is a given.

I used to always just use the 2H Hunter Axe and press R2 -> R1 while standing under the head, but I have recently discovered that the jumping, running and charged attacks with the boom hammer do like 2000 damage and are pretty easy to make connect.

Does the L2 attack with Ludwig's Holy Blade reach all the way up there? Or the R1 / R2 attacks with the Kirkhammer?

Cane, Beast Cutter, and Amygdalan Arm.

Still coming my man?

Still ring im @layer1

If you haven't pulled the lever, do that and come to the fog, it won't summon you otherwise

I'm down for some deadhour sparring matches.

Im @ the door now. Re ringing it again

Go ahead user, I'll restart 1st

Anyone willing to join a BL:35 twink, to the 3rd Layer of exdy2m2t?

I want to test out the effectiveness of Top-Tier Best/Kinhunter Gems at low-levels, since they seem to be somewhat, unaffected by scaling.

>cramped caskets in chalices
God the game would've been so much better if vore monsters and different main game enemies appeared more often.


i'll come through srrc if ya want, pass?

Ringing again, im @fog

I tested a little a while ago
It seems to be more effective in elemental conversions, as for pure phys? Not sure
Tell me how it goes

Alright pass is: cramped

1st boss is Keeper of Old Lords
2nd is Merciless Watchers


ringing at Loran user, see ya there

Not sure what's up but you can't connect.
In others news I got an ok gem LV, wanna host?

Okay im hosting

Ringing my man


a-are you guys coming?

I think I saw your ghost and the fog wall appeared but nothing happens and I cant even access the lamp. I hate being alive.

Seems i really can't connect. You guys go ahead. Sorry about that. Pass is correct silly online

kys and ring again also DONT PRESS OK if you get the Lost connection bug anons

Keeper is gone
Time for L2 with Fatso and Company

I restarted my ps4 and reloaded the area and killed myself, it better fucking pick up.
>also DONT PRESS OK if you get the Lost connection bug anons
I know, dude.

restarted as well right now, see you soon hopefully

What's that smell...

It's Blúd.

Well, Eileen is in.
It's taking a while for you, Hibiki eh?

I am out anons, good luck with the gem hunt


Yeah, might as well go on without me, wasn't much help in the fight anyways.


same shit happens to me user, i'm getting quite mad.
are you the chunky lad wit amy arm and cannon?

Yes, toady.
Can someone else come and try to help us figure out whose fault is that? Because it might be me, since I couldn't finish the last spelunk.

depends on the offering really, they have locked encounters, sometimes i'd host a RC or a FC or a RF chalice since gempools and mobs would be different
We all have the best gems anyway and spelunking is about exploration so i guess it wouldnt hurt to see something new every now and then

Alright Watchers are down.
I'll be farming those Temperings now.

Might need some help getting to the 3rd Layer of Isz for those Triangles later on.