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[ ! ] For 1.10+ Use foamfix and Optifine with terrain animated turned off

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[24 sep 2017] Noodlor's World-o-Walls (redux version) is completed! Including a world-download (1.12).
> imgur.com/a/dQmq1

Twilight Forest is out for 1.12


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I found the previous thread on page 10, so I decided to make this one to shill my upgraded wall collection :^)

> imgur.com/a/dQmq1


>pam's fatcraft now changes vanilla food values
How shitty can this shit mod get?

What are some good tech mods for 1.12?

>no magic


What are some shitty tech mods for 1.12 that fit into above description?

Any ideas on what to make in computercraft lads

Automining shit, done already

Anything useful or just plain cool/neat in survival mode or on a small friends server where griefing etc is not a problem

random af pic unrelated for attention

That should be fixed in the world-file. I'll just make another chunky of it :-/

They are all the same you used to play on 1.7.10, except EIO isn't updated to 1.12 yet

How's a store? Where people can order from their computers in their homes, which will send out to a warehouse and it will get delivered by turtles.

that's stilll automation, but how about a mob farm with a kill counter and loot counters?
guess you could also add timers for how long you let it work and reset buttons

Both nice ideas, hell i could combine both where you could just order mob loot on your computer

do it, user
post progress screens

An 3d scanner/printer:
>turtle mines an area and records every block mined
>returns to the main computer, which can save to/read from floppy disks
>main computer supplies turtle with materials and data, which builds the blueprint

Could be easier if you had another mod to help manage the material supply.

>the CoFH guys created a page for the old documentation
Pretty based. lebbit BLOWN THE BTFO

Will do, but i suck at coding so ther's a realistic chance i'll say fuck it and give up. Let's hope not though

Here's the landing bay of the farm, all mobs will be attacked by the melee turtles. all loot will be collected in the chest where it's going to be transported to the warehouse form which you order. There's going to be a computer controlling every large piece of the farm and possibly a main computer governing it all. I've made sure to put a modem on every computer.

who cares

off to a great start!


TC6 is back boys

Spawner's finished, now we just have to see if it works. I have to go though, will post when I have more. Next will be the sorting center, given this works

last update for now: We have our first victim!

Thanks for upgrading the OP based Noodlor

>Toying around with new Minecraft set of mods for a local world
>Causes the first terminal GPU driver lockup I've had since early Windows 7 days


did you put lamps up there to disable the spawner?

kinda want to make a terrafirmacraft server but i doubt I'd be able to host with my measly 10mb upload speed

anyone here want to host a server with these addons/mods

>page 10


How fun is Terrafirma? Never played through it yet. Worth making a pack around for a change of pace?

>>Pic related. Zero implied depth. Zero shading. Just flat effing color.
>Maybe they want trains to look like toy trains?

I'm pretty sure that in that specific case the creator was actually copying a Lionel train. For the overall modpack, however, that isn't the intent nor the desire. I actually had a conversation with Traincraft's current head honcho about it, and he wasn't exactly happy with the fact that everything new looks flat compared to the older stuff. See pic related, the rear two trains are older, but have shading and implied depth that makes them genuinely pleasant to look at in relation to the world around them.

The front two, even though they are decent models, look flat AF and need some help.

It's super tedious without some changes, namely increasing the abundance of copper kaolonite and graphite along with some of the addons i listed

I need help with a setup. Im doing a typical steve's carts tree/charcoal farm. How do I setup the cart manager to unload everything but the saplings it needs and enough charcoal to keep the operation going? For some reason my current setup keeps leaving ghost blocks of wood in the cart manager's inventory and the cart runs out of charcoal. I will post pics later when on the comp if needed but if someone could just post their settings would be nice.

le suffer wėll mod xd

heh 1.12 > 1.7 ez

there's already a TFC server up with most of those mods. it's TechnodeFirmaCraft, so there's a tech end-game, but you have to progress through most of base TFC before you get to it. something to do with your metal besides make stacks of ingots.

Winter weather modpack is going okay. Localized weather mod looks cool but laggy.

I had a whole system which maintained the function of my bigreactor, what seemed like years ago. That and allowed me to program my body with nanobots.

looks like someone ran out of betabux

as much as i like TC, azanor really deserves to get reported for this paywall bullshit
hell, i'm sure he'll take his sweet ass time to release TC

I can't believe Azanor is being paid 1k per month and still does bs like that.

Not yet, thats a good idea

Holy shit I want it

Can I finally move past 1.7.10 without feeling too bad?

Do whatever you want

>when both your asthetics and egronomics are garbage

even elucent - who shilled 1.10+ hard - admits that 1.10+ is objectively worse than 1.7.10 in terms of gameplay.

Isn't someone asking on the reddit thread what prompted them to do it?

Sorting facility is partially made, next i have to think how i'm gonna make the turtle figure out what it's holding.


The post about Thaumcraft was just that he opened the project and clicked around during a lazy weekend. Nothing about continuing to work on it. I'll take the bullet for the team if his dropbox opens up again.

>There are /k/ommandos in this thread that won't use Vic's Modern Warfare
It's on 1.7.10 and in meme versions, the models are well done, you can customize the guns with attachments and (shitty) camos and it also adds more guns than Techguns, it even has an M1 which of course, does the ping sound.

Wait, azanor is already starting his "tc isn't dead but actually it is" bait posts that serve the purpose of generating a consistent flow of hype for when he makes his triumphant return?
He must not know how to jew very well, you're supposed to wait for the initial loss of the mod to die down and then bait people into remembering it.


I don't really like the front two models either, even if they had decent textures. The back two fit in with the world a lot more.

Guys, Ever played Minecraft RP? Either way, I would like to cut straight to the chase. This particular server is based on a fantasy/steampunk landscape with various lite plugins, such as Movecraft which allows you to construct ships, airships, elevators etc. The server is semi competitive, meaning RP is important but purpose is also crucial. I belong to an emerging Kingdom and we're actively looking for citizens. Our political system is an offshoot of Feudalism for now, with hopes of expanding into more centralized systems such as a Republic and hopefully Empire if we become numerous enough. I'd love to throw more details about us so ask away Discord: discord.gg/8paxupC Come talk to us


PUBG is a rip of Minecraft Hunger games.

>Join Discord
>Leave immediately

Literally the bot announcing me joining the discord was already annoying, ya'll need to get some PR sense if you want a successful server.

Dude I just added that bot and added AAAH to test it out. But if that's enough to make you leave, we really don't want you in to begin with

We're not a steampunk nation. We're Renaissance with a mix of late enlightenment, with heavy influence of HRE for look and feel.

Any good fantasy/sky worldgen mods(mainly for 1.7 but I'll look at anything)? I tried "Fun World Gen" but it didn't even try to make smooth biome borders so everything looked like garbage.

>heavy influence of HRE for look and feel
PLEASE LEAVE AND NEVER COME BACK. You can't just say you're

Don't know if the Aether mod is good but try it. Open terrain generator with Skyland preset might work.

where's the FLAOT guy when we need him?

add bibliocraft, bibliowoods and scales

no because those are all garbage

You dont need bibliowoods, since theres a framer in the main mod so you can use any block.

Only a part Biblio is garbage.
Dont know what the fuck scales is

If I wanted to put up a 1.7.10 server for some friends of mine with reasonably balanced recipes, but not with any Vanilla mechanics overhauled (sorry TFC&friends) what's the best option? Infinity Evolved still?

Scales lets you precisely divide food stacks in TFC.

TFC is fun, comfy and rewarding. It requires wiki for many basic aspects, but you'll see they make sense. I recommend applying a good seed from official forums for first playthrough.
Also I recommend TechnodeFirmaCraft for full tech stuff or TFC Reditus which has little tech but is much more lightweight and faithful to TFC aesthics.

I finally bite the bullet and purchased myself a second Minecraft account. I used my first username since I didn't like how it was freely available for the taking. I now own it again and the name that I initially wanted. There is now two of me.

OTG looks really nice. Shame it's not on 1.7.
I found that Jap modder's "Skyland" I'm going to try out too.

>Finally was able to come back to this place without my computer shitting itself
It's been months since I last did something here, I don't want to get rid of my bloat mods.

flaot when

Wow, thats a nice skin, where can i find it?

He bought it from Microjew. Pretty shameful desu


>decide to"beat" the game
>finally grinded to the point I can make potions
>losing interest in going to the end

send some help

it's time to install mods user

I know this may be asked frecuently. Can anyone recommend mods for 1.10.2 that can aproximate something like Thaumcraft or witchery? Or at least something related or any other mod recommendation.

Try embers or astral sorcery. Haven't used them but the presentation is nice at least.

Just quickly invade the end and kill the dragon, then you can do something else.

What's a replacement for singleplayer commands that works on newest release version?
The original SPC mod stopped a while back (back in beta even, if I remember right)

there isn't one because singeplayer commands have been a thing in vanilla since the integrated serb

Things have changed since I last paid attention

Surely it can be reproduced easily, or even purely ripped?

If he ever decides to doing so, but even if he wants to I think the W10 version is made so it can be ripped or something like that.

Hunger games ia a ripoff of Battle Royale

huh, interesting

Add this mod to it. It makes snowy biomes tedious to travel in.

Why is it always fucking Asian mods. Why are English modding sites such cancer.

Language barrier probably increases the difficulty for joining the community, weeding out more immature or shitty members.

That or just an outright better culture asians have, with all that respect shit and so on.

they seem to attentionwhore less and mostly just be in the mindset of "do this thing I thought would be cool". they also tend to go with "spirit of the game" rather than "muh balunse"; just look at some of the older mods they have that add guns that are like. five iron and a gunpowder or something, while "dude guns lmao!" mods from the west from the same times would be set up around two or three ore doubling/quarrying/etc mods with a mountain of microcrafting shit for the dinkiest pistol that would lose out to a vanilla bow, in the name of "balance".

and it probably helps a lot that curse isn't directly involved in their community.

Small community means you have a higher quality yield and less cancer/faggotry. Unfortunately a small community means less mods.

I think nips are just more autistic, most of their mods are not tech magic based progression content, most are random fun addittion on a style of Clay Soldiers which is fun but it doesn't lead you nowhere. Mods like Bamboo mod, Maple Tree, McHeli, Rollercoaster, Mineferriswheel, Maids are clear examples that they don't care about balance or game progress but about what would be fun to add to the game.

And I can assure you they do have some shitty part of their community, there are some youtube let's play where the guy plays with another character and the other rp as an anime/2hu girl and it's pretty fucking autistic but at the same time it's well done so it's really weird how much mental gymnastic they place on those shitty things.

>TFW you're toying with autism and another guy BTFO's your idea with a better one

I want to get a snowstacker mod. The only one that does stacking in a good way is for 1.9 and 1.10 which isn't what I want.

>RC water tank to feed the water dispenser
I would have never tought of that, pretty clever.

There are two Witchery "successors"/clones in the works. One is Covens, which is only on 1.12.2. The other is "Witchworks" which I believe has 1.10 releases.


I don't think Witchworks is nearly as complete as Covens, but it's all you'll get for that version I'm afraid.

I'm gonna get shit for this, but you could also try Botania if you haven't already. It's another 'magic' mod, but really it's a tech mod with flowers instead of machines and nifty "mana" powered gadgets instead of using "RF." Sort of like how you have Vis-powered Wands, and fancy Infusion crafting to make items and Baubles.

Now they just need to fix the terrible fucking water issues with stairs and slabs.

The fence/water issue was actually fixed in newer versions though, wasn't it?

Gotta have classic wood-sided water towers, you know?