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I expect FE Warriors 2 in 2 years, focus on FE Switch + two other games and Heroes

Little sis!




Post unusual arena (You)'s

Nini's fat ass

>we might actually avoid Saiyan-kun and Blonde Noire getting into Heroes
It's a Christmas miracle.

all your waifus are sluts and you all have shit taste


>not in Heroes
>not in Warriors

Husbandos > Waifus

Which banner?

I swear I am gonna fucking do it

Tell me about pic related, /feg/

He enjoys listening to music

user stop bullying

You don't have the guts

Reminder that anal sex with Ninian would be slimy and tight, but cold. Not enough for it to be unpleasant, but rather a cool, gentle sensation. It's as much as you'd expect from an ice dragon girl. She'd do her best to please, and would let you stick it in raw, even if she finds it rather embarrassing for someone to be so far inside the place she poops from. Ninian is inexperienced with butt stuff, though, so sometimes her anal muscles tense up when you move too vigorously and clench down on your dick, leaving you with a deliciously pleasant sensation and the rising desire to empty your balls extremely hard inside her shit hole, filling it with so much semen that it begins to hurt. Either way, the urge to orgasm is never too far off during sex with Ninian, especially when you bury your face into her beautiful blue hair and listen to the cute yelps she makes when you thrust against a particularly sensitive spot. Before meeting her, you'd never known a rawr could sound so adorable. After the session, she'd allow you to leave your dick in her butt and cuddle up against you while you slowly drift off to sleep together, blushing at how much of a pervert you are but allowing it just this once because it felt kinda good.

What do i do /feg/? After a 5% pity rate i got a -atk +def elincia that still performs amazingly so far and is a complete godmode unit with flier buffs. Do i stop and just wait for the next banner or try to roll a better one + the neph i am missing ?

Raul was a filthy Hoshidan all this time??

I can't because I haven't gotten a defense in 2 weeks


What did you say you lil bitch

IV are a luxury if you're not a dolpin/whale


>*feeds his QR to someone else*

Now use him instead of sacrificing him to give someone else Quick Riposte 3!


I am neither, it's just that my autism is racing towards me for good iv's

How okay would you be if you got OSCAR'D?

I would like to see Subaki's reaction to Chrom.

It's time for Severa! On Sunday! SevSev Sunday!

very happy


>KT was going to cut Lucina until Nintendo and IS forced her in.

I guess being the Lightning of your fracnhise gives you many benefits.

Sad that he is +Atk but he is my second subaki since launch
Just need to level him up for confession

I hope this is not a stubid idea

Does auto battle get smarter the more you use it?
>they get further every time

One positive to take from Warriors is that it will introduce a lot of people to Gaiden with Celica in it.
Gaiden needs some representation to the people I feel.

What C-Skill to run on BK on a non-armor team? Threaten Spd/Atk?

I like her as Selena more.

>Awkening DLC
>will probably be Raulshit
>but you gotta get it if you want the Cutecina costume
God damn, and we were on such a good track record too. Can we at least get Alm & Berkut DLC to complete Celica's inclusion?

Don't give up hope, user!
I got my first def win in about a month just today.


You're going to buy more Fates DLC and you're going to like it, mister!

That face looks terrible.

I am purchasing Warriors and the Season Pass!

Congratulations! You are a retard!

a lot of FEW looks terrible my dood

So is Navarre DLC or something? SD has just 3 reps in the base game?

What the hell is this? How is it supposed to work?

Smell the tiki!

So is Black Knight actually good?

>horse team fails
>flier team fails
>bulky DC team fails
>all blue fails
>all green fails

My units aren't even bad but nothing works. It feels like not having a good Reinhardt curses me to the defenseless zone. I do have one but he's -atk and worse than my Olwen

I wont allow niggerketes or gorilla laguz in this thread

Only with armor march otherwise
>lol 1 move

>have 110 feathers right now
>gonna spent 20k to make burger king +1
>not sure how to spend the other 20k

Really hoping the coins do something good so I can spend the rest of the 80k feathers on interesting shit like merging my cute chicken.

Also chicken banner when? I need to +10 my chicken or +10 Neph.

>free DC unit
>red neutral Hector
>80% def/res reduction
>Steady Stance
idk user

Hell yes, I'm having fun with him on TT. The best part is that I don't have to luckshit and roll for Hector anymore

guys........ /fgog/ is laughing at us again.........

Imagine Hector but red and with DC instead of QR2. Of course he'll be good.

>TA + CA

i don't get it

>only have 2 of him
>only 34 speed
>only can move 1 space
give his WoM to someone dude.

>le epic thread warsxd
grow up son

so I recently got myself a 3ds and I was wondering which Fire Emblem would be the best to purchase ?
I played a bit of the gamecube Path of Radiance way back when it came out and that's it.

I heard Awakening is a bit old now with its mechanics and that it's better to pick up either Fates or Echoes so I don't know. What's your favorite, if for example I should only get one, which would it be ?

something about the bride lucina seems wrong here. I can't put my finger on it. help me out.

>tfw I'm gonna buy warriors and all the DLC and you can't stop me

A 5 letter word used to describe a person who is actively opposed or hostile to another

>tfw I'm gonna masturbate to lucina and all the fe girls and you can't stop me

Congratulations, you're a moron.

>tfw most piratefags will get rekt because Warriors is a N3DS exclusive
haw haw haw

>tfw I'm gonna pirate warriors and all the DLC
I thought the HW roster was shit and I still enjoyed it a fuckton, but I would've never paid all that money for those jews even if it was fun, I've saved like 130 bucks which I could've used to buy two FULL games. The N3DS version ran perfectly, so I'm sure it will be the same for FEW

Is a +HP -ATK Nephenee viable? I got really lucky sniping her after getting Oscar

neck is too thick, facial features looking bad in a still image thanks to warrior's shit graphics (they don't look that great in motion either, but stills look awful of them)


my condolences

thicker eyebrows and manface?

>this angry that I choose to spend my money on things I'll enjoy
Sweetie, the only moron here is (you)

It's the neck I think

Relatively well off morons spending money on dumb sit doesn't make them less of a moron

No one actually gives wins to reinhardts, at this point arena defense teams with rein are just to be obnoxious. They don't actually give arena defenses anymore since people are actually so sick of horses they will complete the map and THEN surrender on the next map to some beginner map just out of spite.

I actually do this myself if I somehow fuck up against horses.

If you want to make a good arena defense team you need to make a mix of bulky threats and a bonus unit. Vantage units are best for forcing checkmates and thus causing surrenders. My current defense team is: Neph, Amelia, Kektor, and Effie. They give me tons of defenses.

The trick is to make a run killing team alongside not making people hate your guts and giving surrenders elsewhere.

>Moron for buying something I'll enjoy and supporting the series I love
You're this mad bro, and it's sad. lol

Did they release a video about FEW DLC or only something like a twitter post?

So Vantage or QR?

>FEW .cia could leak ANY DAY NOW

Awakening -> Fates -> Echoes

To be honest you could start with Echoes since it's mechanics are so much different from other FEs but you'll get spoiled by the graphics and think Awakening looks like shit. Also Awakening is the most like "classic" FE, the others are way different.

Neck too thick, and shoulders too low.

Also, she has a chest.

vantage if your poor

Only run qr if not running armor memes

Vantage if poor or if you run him with speed support.

Not like 44 speed with hone armor and a goad is going to get doubled by anything. And anything he doesn't double with 44 speed is probably being one shot by him.


>+spd -atk Amelia
What should I give her for skills?

i'm using a -spd with neutral atk and honestly even with her special and wrath her damage is very lackluster. if you want to use her i'd definitely go for bonfire instead of moonbow. you could just go all the way and use something like fortress def and make a lukas clone.


Stop posting this I'm trying to save orbs for Sigurd

name my band /feg/

>Spd +3
>Seal def
>Def smoke
>Moonbow or vengeance

And most importantly a killer axe+ instead of the slaying axe+, the 2 less damage allows her to lower her hp more to the point that she can kill some things otherwise she couldnt (like bravesword elincia)

I've been trying balanced bulky teams like that too, but I still keep coming up empty handed. I think I only got defenses at the start of the month thanks to the gauntlet quests pushing people to do more arena.

I used to get 1-3 wins a week with something like bonus + Ike/Hector/Cordelia, but that hasn't been working lately either. I've got a B Ike/Hector/Cherche/Anna(bonus) team I just switched to tonight after seeing the green Beruka team with defenses last thread, so I'll have to pray that might work.

I would agree Vantage seems like an obvious choice but it hasn't done work for me since CYL Lyn came out.

>Who are this dumb sluts

No tiara.